Friday, May 20, 2016

Adrift In A Moral Fog-- As WH Straightens Out Bathroom Controversy

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As the news continues to be dominated by Obama's bathroom policies---and America's strong dissent of those policies---the White House came out, so to speak, yesterday and straightened things out.

Obama's spokesman Josh Earnest, after embracing the notion that gender is as much mental as it is physical, he said, "This is a confrontation that Republicans have sought out rather cynically because they are seeking political advantage."

Translation: If you are unwilling to compromise common sense and the safety of women and young girls, you are irresponsible, cynical and politically motivated.

We are adrift in a moral fog.

Earnest said the comments he's seen from Republicans "makes it clear that they're not really interested in helping schools across the country confront what is a difficult policy change. They'd rather just cynically try to appeal to people's fears in order to try and gin up political support for their campaigns."

That statement in itself is the height of cynicism.

This is no defense of "Republicans" but in truth, it is President Obama who has foisted this "issue" on the American public.

On May 9 the Obama Justice Department sued North Carolina for allegedly discriminating against transgenders in violation of federal anti-discrimination laws.

Four days after suing NC, Obama's people issued new "guidance" to the nation's public schools, explaining how they must accommodate the small number of students whose gender identity---in their mind, does not correspond with their biological sex.

The president proclaimed boys who identify as girls may use the girls' bathrooms and changing rooms, and vice-versa.

Good and decent people were shocked and stunned by such a proclamation.

Following the "Stun" effect, people began to push back---from students walking out of class in schools across the nation, to thankfully, some Republicans taking leadership on the matter.

It is the president's obsession with pushing the most extreme homosexual agenda that is driving this issue.

In fact, some are asking what would cause a President of the United States to do what he is doing.

President Obama told Buzzfeed the only reason he is doing what he is doing is to protect the few kids that are transgender.

Matt Barber, a constitutional lawyer and founder of Barbwire isn't buying the president's line.

"No," he says, "we need to worry about the dignity and innocence and purity of young girls who are being placed in harm's way by this lawless edict...This president knows that what he is doing is lawless. He knows that at best it is disingenuous; at worst, completely dishonest."

Barber says, "Transgenders suffer from a mental disorder called 'gender dysphoria'."

He says, "With this president, it makes you wonder about his mental health. The fact that he is so delusional that he would push this through. He is either delusional, or it's pure evil. I think it's more sinister than just a president suffering from a mental illness and a delusion."

That may well be true.

However, the abandonment of the very principles and values upon which this nation was created, has created a moral fog or confusion.

Capt. John Cota was veteran bar-pilot with years of experience guiding giant ships in and out of San Francisco Bay.

On this November morning in 2007, in dense fog, he was on the bridge of the 65,000 ton, 902-foot long container ship Cosco Busan instructing the ship's captain and helmsmen so they could safely navigate under the Bay Bridge and out to sea.

Despite the fact that the ship was equipped with radar and global positioning technology, it drifted south off the intended course, a fact that no one on the bridge seemed to acknowledge.

Coast Guard traffic control radioed Cota that he was off course. Cota replied, "That's not how I see it from here."

Not long afterwards, the Cosco Busan made a dramatic turn to the left---but it was too late. It hit a support pier on the Bay Bridge, cutting a 160-foot long gash along the ship's waterline and spilling more than 58,000 gallons of fuel into San Francisco Bay.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported the pilot said that morning he had "touched the delta tower."

The Chronicle says, "That was the understatement of the year."

The paper reported, "The 'touch' caused a tear in the side of the ship---a gash 160 feet long and 4 feet deep, rupturing its fuel tanks."

They reported the event was historic in "that it was the first time a ship had ever hit the Bay Bridge since work began on the suspension almost 74 years ago."

Adm. Thad Allen, commandant of the US Coast Guard, reported the cause of the accident was---"Human error."

Moral compromise creates a moral fog, in which it is impossible to navigate the pitfalls.

America is sailing in a moral fog because we have abandoned the moral compass upon which this nation was founded. God's Word has been marginalized in favor of human reasoning and moral progressivism.

Francis Schaeffer, who embraced a "manifest destiny" that would be born out of faithfulness to God's moral compass---His Word, wrote in "The Shelter:

We must, furthermore, protest the notion of a manifest destiny that permits our nation to do anything it chooses. For if we insist on walking down this road, than at some point - as God is God, the God in whose eyes there is real good and real evil - we who have trampled so completely on all of God's amazing gifts to this country are going to wake up and find that He cares very much what we do. We must not suppose that we are playing only intellectual and political games. If God exists, and if He judges good and evil, then we must realize that those who trample on His great gifts will one day know His judgement. The scriptures bear solemn witness to this. Our nation is not immune.

Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Vigilant.


  1. Whenever anything is something else...then where is government? Lost...They are no longer fit to handle money or anything else. It seems with these people everything is always whatever it is not.

  2. This is what happens when the government decides it is the thought police. First, your MOTIVATION for hiring and firing is scrutinized even though hiring and firing is legal. Now govt. determines that you can THINK your way into a different gender. I still wonder who has the authority to catagorize male or female "thinking". What makes you female "inside" anyway? Liking fashion? Liking fishing? Everyone's personality is different. One size does not fit all women. Government is only able to paint with broad brush strokes so should not be micromanaging anything--especially individual's feelings and thoughts.

  3. I thought we had a Constitution and each elected official and court official is sworn to know it and uphold it. I do not find any mention of sex, gender, bathrooms, ANYWHERE. Is anyone in D.C. fit to be in their positions? Is it time for a revolution where we take back our government and put many in prison for destroying our country? I hesitate , but this is now beyond the scope of discussion. We are having terror brought us by our own government, from allowing illegal aliens into our country to anyone into the private actions of children and women who are defenseless. This is lawlessness. militia........

    1. amen to that.when you have a gay president this is what you get

  4. If we would have had a "Life at conception Act" (that also had a sex determined at that time also, clause) then presidents and anyone else in government would have had the needed help of interpreting things like Title 9......IF that was the problem.

  5. So how could we discuss the transgender issue?

    We are told in teaching materials such as The Genderbread Person that gender orientation is a continuum. So if we could accurately measure where a person is on the continuum, how should we advise a biological man who measures at 40% of a woman’s identity? Should we counsel him to accept the unending frustration caused by the discrepancy between his biological and gender identities? Or would it be better to help him fully embrace his biological reality?

    But we can’t accurately measure where a person is on this continuum. Obviously, a man can’t tell what it is really like to be a woman because he has never been one. He is even further at a loss to discern the difference between what it is like have female organs versus a woman’s artificially created organs that create no sexual sensation. Nor has anyone experienced the difference between these two to be able to explain what the difference feels like.

    When a man says he identifies as a woman he might really only be saying that he is not entirely comfortable being a man. The only way to find out is to mutilate his body with irreversible gender reassignment surgery. But if he wrongly gauged the intensity of his gender identity, the solitary remedy would be to teach him to accept his new biological identity ---when his inability to accept his original biological identity caused the whole problem in the first place.

    If someone recognizes that he has made a dreadful mistake by something like undergoing gender reassignment surgery one defense mechanism is to loudly proclaim that it was an overwhelmingly good decision, even recruiting others to undergo the same process. By doing so he can, perhaps, even convince himself.

    Someone with a Ph.D. in Thinkology is going to say it’s not that simple but the above is a great way to start the discussion.


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