Monday, May 16, 2016

Should Christians Vote For Trump?

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This presidential election is, by all accounts, the most important election in our lifetime---probably in the last century.

At least 3, maybe 5 Supreme Court Justices will be replaced in the next 4-6 years, our economy is stagnant at best, homeland security worrisome, particularly under Obama's globalistic open borders migration policies---policies that threaten the very sovereignty of this nation.

American exceptionalism has been trampled under the feet of far left professors, a generation of their students, and during the past 8 years, under feet of the President of the United States himself.

And religious freedom---our beliefs in the most fundamental aspects of life, liberty, family and marriage---are under sustained attack.

Should a Christian vote for Trump?

Should a Christian vote for Hillary?

Is it okay for a Christian to skip the vote altogether?

This is a watershed moment in America. Here is some straight talk to think about.

Todd Starnes, a Christian radio talk show host and correspondent for Fox News, has been brutally open about his feelings regarding this election, and in particular Donald Trump.

I respect Starnes, and know above all else he loves and serves the Lord, to the best of his ability.

After strongly and vocally supporting Ted Cruz, Starnes has written an article titled, "Should Christians Vote for Donald Trump?"

In it he quotes from several trusted leaders within the Christian community.

Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said on March 4, "Conservative Christians in America are going to be facing a 'fundamental re-thinking' about the government if the choice for president in November is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton."

He said, "We are going to have to be thinking through and praying through how Christian faithfulness, biblical fidelity, gospel faithfulness can be channeled into very real but finite political choices that are going to be presented..."

Mohler, who served on Marco Rubio's advisory board, said in March such head to head confrontation represented in a Hillary-Trump election "is going to raise a host of new worldview issues with incredible urgency for confessing Christians."

Starnes, also a Southern Baptist, says "a popular quote by the renowned pastor Charles Spurgeon has been trending on popular social networking sites: 'Of two evils, choose none'."

"But is that really our best and only option," Starnes says---"to throw in the towel? Do Christians claim the moral high ground by electing Hillary?"

Samuel Rodriquez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, says, "The idea of not voting---you're sacrificing your Christian worldview on the altar of political expediency"--- "It is silly to talk about not voting for either candidate. Every single Christian should vote."

Franklin Graham is saying Christians have got to take a stand.

He says, "You don't just stay home and not vote---you vote. Vote for candidates that best support Biblical truth and Biblical values."

But what if neither candidate represents those values in my mind?

Franklin Graham says, "You may have to hold your nose and choose of the two."

Four years ago, I recall hearing many evangelical Christians say with a degree of pride or conviction (not sure which), that they would not vote for Romney because he is a Mormon. I identified with that sentiment, but disagreed with sitting it out.

That thinking, along with a very weak candidate, gave us another 4 years of Barack Obama, a man who has single-handedly, as president, done more harm to Christian values in America than any president in the history of this nation.

Mike Huckabee, a well known successful politician, former pastor and solid Christian, told Starnes he supports Trump---now that he is personally out of the race---much like Ben Carson has chosen to do.

Huckabee told Starnes, "Christians should vote for Trump."

He says, "I'm not going to try and suggest that Donald Trump is in any way the reincarnation of the Apostle Paul. But he's been very open to not only dialog with---but listen to and understand where many people in the faith community are coming from."

Huckabee says, "Trump could well be a great president for those of us who are evangelicals---he could well have a very strong relationship with evangelicals."

And he reminded us that the Republicans have nominated people who are far more contemptuous of the evangelical community, noting John McCain who called pro-life, pro-marriage Christian activists "agents of intolerance," even telling the New York Times some of the religious right were "divisive and un-American."

He doesn't see that happening with Trump.

Mark Tooley, an evangelical leader and life long Methodist, says, "After 33 years, since age 18..." he has voted every year and voted Republican.

This year, he says "will be the exception if Donald Trump is the nominee."

Tooley makes a strong case against Trump, but says, "I will not support Clinton. But I think during her presidency opposition to her policies would be strong and mobilizing. A Trump presidency likely would be corrupt, enervate and discredit conservative Christian political witness, and therefore would ultimately be more socially destructive"---concluding, but "some conservative Christians disagree."

While Matt Barber and other respected evangelical voices agree with Tooley regarding Trump and the possibility of not voting in the presidential election--- Tooley's right---other respected evangelicals disagree with him as well.

Two of the strongest voices of disagreement to Tooley's beliefs are Jerry Falwell, Jr., President of Liberty University, founded by his father Jerry Falwell, and Southern Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress of the 12,000 member First Baptist Church in Dallas Texas.

Falwell has participated at some of Trump's rallies, along with Sarah Palin, and now Ben Carson.

However, many in his circle have spoken out against Falwell supporting Trump.

In March, Falwell's wife spoke out defending her husband's support of Trump. This linked story gives you insight into Fawell's thinking on the matter, and why, he says, his father would support Trump today if he were still living---noting that his father received the same kind of pushback for "supporting Ronald Reagan, a twice married Hollywood actor" over fellow Baptist Jimmy Carter.

Pastor Jeffress has been forceful in his support for Trump, and more forceful in opposing the idea of not voting at all.

He says, "It's absolutely foolish to do anything that would allow Hillary Clinton to be come the next president of the United least Donald Trump has voiced a belief in a pro-life movement, he has at least talked about religious liberty as he did last Friday, you don't hear either things coming from Hillary Clinton's lips."

Pastor Jeffress says, "I believe any Christian who would sit at home and not vote for the Republican nominee...that person is being motivated by pride rather than principle and I think it would be a shame for people to allow Hillary Clinton four to eight years in the White House."

Tony Perkins, head of Family Research Counsel, was initially a strong Ted Cruz supporter.

Last week, Perkins laid out the reasons he opposes a "third party" attempt, and why he is now "open" to voting for Trump.

His reasoning is built around Supreme Court nominees, the absolute opposition to a Clinton or Sander's presidency and the possibility that Trump will take counsel from evangelical leaders on social values.

Perkins says, "Trump could go a long picking a strong vice-presidential running mate who holds many of the same beliefs that staunch conservatives do."

He is now saying, "I am open to Donald Trump if he is open to working to gain the support of the evangelical community."

Trump said in March he would seek advice on his list of potential Supreme Court nominees from the Heritage Foundation.

Former Senator Jim DeMint, now President of Heritage, said last week, "We don't endorse candidates at Heritage but we endorse ideas and promote them. And so, his campaign has shown an openness to work with us, and hopefully we can fill his campaign with the right ideas."

So, what should a good Christian do about this?

"Pray," says Franklin Graham. "not voting is not an option for biblical Christians."

Dr. Richard Land, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, was asked, "Should Christians vote for Donald Trump?"

He said, "I would say, yes," but, "that's a decision each Christian must make on his or her own."

He says, "I'm perturbed---deeply perturbed that I'm pressed with such a lousy choice but that's who the American people have selected."

"I suspect I am not alone among my fellow Americans in saying that I will cast my vote with no joy," he said, "but that's the key---actually voting on election day."

Todd Starnes says, "And for all you folks quoting Spurgeon---I would offer this rebuttal: not to vote is to vote."

Be Prayerful. Be Discerning. Vote.


  1. I think you hold your nose and vote for Trunk and the pray, pray, pray for the man the the VP, and the nation. God will lift us up, if we humble ourselves and pray. And then we double our efforts to promote the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and defend our faith by reading our Bibles, and making disciples. How many Christians who are complaining about Trump are reading their Bibles and praying daily for the man, or for Obama for that matter (or against his influence too), and sharing their faith, and making disciples? That is how WE defend our faith. We cannot expect any President to defend our faith for us!

  2. The success or failure of any president can be attributed to the men and women that surround him, or her, as advisors. Think Nixon, Reagon, Bush and Obama. Hillary would certainly surround herself with people that think exactly like her. I would be more inclined to think that Trump, as a successful businessman, would be open to advisors that would be experts in the area of their field, and not just rewarding loyal friends or political allies.

    1. I don't like Donald Trump. As a man, he has some startlingly immature habits, and is breathtakingly self centered--not much humility before God there. His one good trait is to hire mature, able, decent employess, and that's encouraging. The President's main job is osuposed to be to manage the executive branch of government. There is little doubt he would be better at that than Clinton. His other main job is to be the face of this great nation. In that capacity, I just weep for America. Is he truly our face?

    2. And think about a First Lady with nude pictures floating around. How well does that represent America?

  3. The truth is that you have no idea what to expect from Trump because you cannot trust him to keep his word on anything. He's already backing off his promise to ban Muslims. I'm sure "the wall" will fall next once he has nomination secured.

    1. I think you are very mistaken. Why do you say "you cannot trust him to keep his word on anything?" On anything??? What makes you say that? Did you listen to his interview with Oprah of 25 years ago? He said then almost exactly what he is saying now. He is very consistent! I trust him to build that wall. I haven't heard him back off his promise to "ban Muslims," because I don't think he said he was going to ban Muslims! What he said was that he was going to stop immigration immediately so that the illegal immigrants here now can be vetted, and any new illegal immigration would be stopped temporarily until we can get a handle on what we are doing. Not to end up like Europe, which is going down in flames! We apparently have at least 5,000 jihadist Muslims here in this country already. This can't continue if we are to save our country. None of the other candidates have ever said they would build the wall, nor vet the immigrants. This is just plain common sense. Donald Trump is the only one not of the "establishment," and is not committed to anyone but himself and the citizens who are going to vote for him. Read his book, The Art of the Deal. The first pages seem somewhat narcissistic, but he has a lot to be proud of. The rest of the book's chapters are a complete retelling of most of his "deals," and he is very careful to be honest and not to mislead those he enters into business with. He does keep very aware of business possibilities and "bides his time," when necessary, which is all good business practice. But he speaks forthrightly and very honestly, else the people he speaks about in his book would be suing him if he were lying. It's a great read!

    2. On Dec 7th he called for “total and complete” ban on Muslims entering the United States. It was an absolute ban. "We have no choice" he said. He even doubled down on it days later as the controversy grew. Now, just a few days ago, he said "it hasn’t been called for yet, nobody’s done it, this is just a suggestion".

      Indeed, just a suggestion.

      It sure wasn't presented that way at the time. He reversed himself on raising the minimum wage. On whether or not women should be punished for abortions. About self financing his campaign. About using a pollster. And list goes on and on and on.

      As his Republican opponents observed, Trump is a pathological liar. Believe anything he says at your own peril.

  4. Thank you Gary, for that informative article.

  5. Are people praying for Trump, Melania, Hillary and Bill....and all who are in Congress and the future of the nation? That is our sacred duty - 2 Chronicles 7:14, Romans 13:1. God will do what He desires to draw this nation/world back to Himself, even subject us to poor leadership, so that we are humbled, seek Him more, pray more, are more desperate for revival power from on high.

    As to who to vote for, are Trump and Melania more or less vile than Bill and Hillary and all they've done and stand for?

    Finally, WE must be actively defending the Gospel ourselves by making disciples. We have not hungered and longed enough, been desperate enough for God's presence. Maybe now, maybe now.

    1. I so agree with you!! And pray we must!!! Remember David and Bathsheba? David, a "man of GOD," nevertheless committed adultery and murder for her! But when he was found out, and when he repented and mourned with his whole heart, God forgave him, but David was punished by God, even so, and as he should have been. What I am saying is that only God knows the heart of a person. I am not sure why some people are so "disgusted" with Trump. I felt his worst behavior was his remarks about Carly's face, in front of the millions of people watching/hearing on TV. It may be that she said something that annoyed him, so that he felt he had to strike back. But his remarks were really unforgivable. The only good thing about them was that they worked against Trump and not against her. It did make him seem like an incorrigible misogynist and I'll bet he's sorry he ever said them!

      But that aside (and I feel because of the terrible importance of this coming political battle we have to set that aside), Trump is actually no worse - and perhaps many times better - than, say, Presidents Johnson or Kennedy or Clinton - all of whom had many multiple "dalliances" right on the presidential grounds where their spouses could - and sometimes did - cause them to interrupt any particular dalliance on any given day, because their wives were unexpectedly coming to see them. To me, this is unconscionable, certainly not presidential, and just as bad - or worse - than any such past behavior by Trump. I don't excuse him, but think he is being given a worse judgment than these presidents actually deserve, for no reason that I can see except perhaps jealousy for his being a billionaire with a "model" wife (not as in the Bible, but as in magazine commercials, of course.)If you say that his encounters with women make him "unpresidential," then what can you say about the three presidents? All three have been revered by many, and in spite of his really criminal behavior with women, Clinton seems to still "smell like roses" to his admiring fans. So far as I understand, Trump never raped anyone, all his dalliances were consential, and the worst conclusion was that he probably hurt at least two women deeply with his adultery(Ivana his first wife, and Tiffany's mother, his second wife). I say this undoubtedly because my first husband left me for another woman after we'd been married nearly 25 years. So I've firsthand knowledge whereof I speak.

      After reading his Art of the Deal, I am very impressed. He deals in millions and millions of dollars as he goes about his business, and he certainly will have an understanding of how to fix our federal government's runaway spending. I'm for Trump. I think he's knowledgeable, capable, innovative and honest. Someone said if he wins the presidency, he will bring corruption to the office. Since we know the white House and Congress are already corrupt beyond measure with a known prostitution ring flourishing there, I doubt Donald Trump could bring any more. Read his book. He sounds really smart and honest at the same time. His honesty will be his talisman.THAT may really shake up the place!

  6. Good comment, Bruce.

    We have other options besides voting for Hillary or Trump. If neither reaches 59% of the electoral vote, it goes to the house. This is a possibility, as about 47% of Trump'ssupporters support him because they think Hillary is worse, and 46% of Hillary's supporters support her because they think Trump is worse. While it's very unlikely that a third party candidate could win, it is possible they could get enough electors to send the choice of President to the house.

    It's one thing to vote for someone e disagree with or who may not be the best, but is still qualified to uphold the law. It is quite another to deliberately vote for someone who will try to make his own law, not enforce law, and who you do not trust to lead the nation.

    Christians will all need to spend time in prayer to decide how they can best use their vote, but one argument that should be soundly rejected is that we 'must' vote even if we find both options opposed to justice and law.

  7. Good comment, Bruce.

    We have other options besides voting for Hillary or Trump. If neither reaches 59% of the electoral vote, it goes to the house. This is a possibility, as about 47% of Trump'ssupporters support him because they think Hillary is worse, and 46% of Hillary's supporters support her because they think Trump is worse. While it's very unlikely that a third party candidate could win, it is possible they could get enough electors to send the choice of President to the house.

    It's one thing to vote for someone e disagree with or who may not be the best, but is still qualified to uphold the law. It is quite another to deliberately vote for someone who will try to make his own law, not enforce law, and who you do not trust to lead the nation.

    Christians will all need to spend time in prayer to decide how they can best use their vote, but one argument that should be soundly rejected is that we 'must' vote even if we find both options opposed to justice and law.

  8. With Trump as the face of the GOP, the Republican Party is now the party of racists and liars - Glen Beck

    1. Well, that's really nasty! Beck is getting worse ad worse. Trump is not a racist nor a liar in my book. He promotes women, black as well as white, to executive positions. Well, Beck, you probably know it does take one to know one.

    2. Trumps lies throughout this campaign are well documented. If you are not aware of them, it's by choice.

  9. Well...Trump is no lunatic. Right now we have a president who against Title 9, is willing to keep many children out of their rest rooms, as he tries to justify putting something in there that doesn't belong, and he will even try to use Title 9 to do it. The plain reading of Title 9 has nothing to do with what our president is trying to do, but is clearly against it, according to it's plain and simple reading. This president should be impeached for not enforcing the laws, as well as for his constant subversive activity. He should be before a Subversive Activity Board answering questions about possible affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood.

  10. America is an exceptional nation founded on the principles that a loving and beneficent creator has endowed us with certain inalienable rights. Ultimately we get the leadership we deserve as a nation. I believe this is why we have the apparent choices that are being set before us. Our government continues to subvert what we know to be Truth with the blessing or acquiescence of the population. I will vote my conscience in accordance with my Christian beliefs. I pray that as Christians we are acting with a Kingdom perspective and not for the hear and now.

  11. Great points above about other, more aldulterous, vile presidents, who are somehow admired. Does the fact that they hid their misogyny, or that the media and left completely absolve them of it make the media and left righteous in their judgments of Trump? Those folks stand in horror in conversation with a Trump voter, yet refuse to acknowledge Bill Clinton's awful misogyny and probably criminal behavior with women. The Word for that is hypocrisy and this election is ripe with it. Now to their credit half the left really dislikes Hillary, but Sanders is not a valid choice.

    Amonite, related to the 3rd party/independent option, do you trust that group picking someone like Mark Cuban, more than the large number of Republican primary voters? All they've approached have said no, so we'll see soon enough whether that's a legit path you speak of. Likely there's not enough time for that to be legit.

    That leaves Trump and Clinton, and while I don't like Trump's dumb comments, I appreciate he's not dumb, and I think we can hold him accountable, if he wants to get anything of substance done.


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