Thursday, June 09, 2016

Now That Hillary Has Made History

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Yesterday, the Washington Post---and most other mainstream media news sources---spoke in hushed, almost reverent words, describing how Hillary beat Bernie after her stinging defeat by Barack Obama in 2008.

However, more conservative news sources caricatured Hillary crawling across the finish line on hands and knees---perspiration dripping from her forehead.

In any case, she is the "presumptive" first presidential candidate of either major political party in the history of our country.

Now that Hillary has roared, what should Christians and conservatives do?

In hushed tones---as you would expect at a funeral or wedding, The Washington Post remembers that in 2008, Hillary declared that she had put 18 million cracks---the number of votes she received in the primary election---in the "highest, hardest glass ceiling."

They quote Hillary as saying in 2008, "Life is short, time is too precious and the stakes are too high to dwell on what might have been. We have to work together for what still can be."

This is a time when Republicans, Christians, and conservatives are now tasked with asking themselves the same question.

There are many voices---loud voices, attempting to direct traffic among us Republicans, Christians and conservatives.

First, let's look at what the "people," the voters have said.

The Republican Party started with 17 bonafide candidates for president. This was more candidates than any other major political party in history.

Trump won more states than any other candidate with 36.

Trump received 13,406,108 votes as of yesterday, surpassing the previous primary record by 1.4 million votes. And this was with 17 candidates in the beginning.

By comparison, in the 2000 primary, George W. Bush received 12,089,564 and in the 2004 primary, he received 7,853,863. Romney and McCain both received considerably less in their first primary elections.

It's safe to say that among those who voted Republican, Trump has strong support.

But let's forget what the masses are saying. Masses can be wrong.

Secondly, let's look at what Christian conservatives are saying.

Conservative radio host with Salem Broadcasting, Hugh Hewitt, says the Republican Party should change the rules ahead of the GOP National Convention so presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump can be replaced.

He says, "It's like ignoring stage-four cancer. You can't do it, you gotta go attack it." He is telling America there needs to be a "personality transplant in Trump Tower."

He's not the only one who feels that way. There are many conservative and/or Christian leaders who share that view. And are expressing themselves publicly.

Television evangelist Frank Amedia, whom I do not know, is getting a lot of coverage in the Christian community---including from the largest Christian news website in the world Christian Post.

He says that he was told by God last year that Donald Trump would be the GOP presidential nominee and he believes God "raised up" the real estate mogul to help pave the way for the Second Coming.

Many of us who supported Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee or others because of their strong Christian faith---and we also thought they were qualified---now have to come to grips with what we should do.

The Christian Post reported in April that "Evangelical leader Michael Cromartie asserted Tuesday that it is 'inexcusable' that prominent evangelical leaders like mega church pastor Robert Jeffress and Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. have thrown the 'new branding' of the Christian Right' out the window by supporting Donald Trump for president."

Michael Cromartie is vice president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and director of its Evangelicals in Civic Life and Faith Angle Forum programs.

Cromartie says, "Leaders like Jim Daily, Tim Keller and Rick Warren have replaced leaders like James Dobson, D. James Kennedy, and Jerry Falwell Sr." He sees that as progress.

This transition, he says, has helped create a new "branding" for conservative Christians in America. "But this progress," he says, "has been undone because prominent evangelicals like Jeffress, Falwell and former 2016 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee have either endorsed Trump or are staunchly defending the real estate mogul."

Cromartie says when Falwell Jr, and Pastor Robert Jeffress support Trump they are selling their soul every week on Fox News encouraging the candidacy of Trump.

He also takes issue with Mike Huckabee, saying, "When somebody is smart and has a seminary degree and has been a politician all his life like Mike Huckabee and doesn't endorse [Huckabee has now endorsed him] Donald Trump but does everything but endorse Donald Trump, then we are moving around in an insane world. This is inexcusable."

Cromartie refers to an article by Matt Walsh in which Walsh calls out these and other Christian conservatives including Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Fox News, Sean Hannity and others as "Cowardly Conservative Leaders Who Betrayed Us For Trump."

Cromartie says, "We are going to remember you, Laura Ingraham. We are going to remember you, Ann Coulter. We are going to remember you, Sean Hannity. All of you people that elevated this man---shame on you. Shame on you Chris Christie. Shame on you Newt Gingrich and shame on you Mike Huckabee,"

So it's clear that some in the Christian/ conservative community are for Trump---and some are against Trump.

The most important voice is God's voice. Here are some things to consider:

  • Human government is God's idea and God's creation (Romans 13 ). The notion that Christians should not be involved in politics is a deception.
  • God has defined the "purpose" of government. It is to protect and punish.
  • It is God's will that government protect the rights of citizens.  In America, those rights are defined as having been given by God, and to be protected by government. Our Declaration of Independence calls them "inalienable rights" which include the Right to Life, which includes the unborn, the Right to Liberty which includes freedoms of speech, religion, work and ownership of property. The Pursuit of Happiness includes the expectation of government (military) protecting citizens, working to establish peace and defend us from those who seek to violate our God-given rights, and/or to destroy us.
  • It is God's will that government punish wrong doers. This is clearly stated in at least 2 texts. Romans 13: 3,4 and I Peter 2: 13-14. Punishment has 2 functions. Vengeance (Romans 12:19) and Deterrent to potential wrong doers. Summed up, these 2 purposes---to protect and to punish--- is called Justice.
  • Look at both candidates in light of whose views are closest to these biblical truths.
  • And finally. It is a tragedy when neither candidate meets our biblical ideal. This is when we---you, and me, must obey James 1:5, "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him."

Verses 6,7,8 say we must ask in faith, expecting God to give us wisdom, otherwise, we will be double-minded, unstable---like a wave of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind.

There is a lot of political wind regarding this presidential election.

Be Faithful. Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be at Peace.


  1. Lots of people have been praying for the nation and this election, and this is what we get. God knows best. Let's make the best choice.

  2. It shouldn't surprise us in a divided nation, that the divisions themselves are also divided. When self proclaimed Christians leaders speak in such stark, good and evil terms, they'd do well - we'd do well - to remember that the Christian Church is one of the most divided institutions on the planet. That's reflective of human nature, I suppose, and God Himself, Jesus Himself will come back for His Bride, and in that day we will be spotless and undivided.

    Given that reality - the here and now and the soon and coming King, how should we approach politics, elections, and this election? I know that the Moral Majority seems a thing of the past - even if the not too distant past. But Trump for all his faults is rallying most of us on the moral side of this coin, believe it or not, and we need to consider all the ramifications. Yes, we must prayer and seek God's will. But, as you say Gary, God gives us what we asked for, and in this case what we deserve, like He did with the Israelites when they demanded a king. That turned out to not be such a good idea. I don't exactly know how Trump will turn out. He will not be a king. This country was born out of balanced institutions - but have you noticed how imbalanced they are becoming (e.g. Executive orders, and activist judges)?

    If people think that Trump is a bad idea, an unsupportable idea, have they thought about God's will in the matter? Have you considered that Trump may be used by God in a larger narrative, to bring judgment (not just to those overseas), but upon us as well.

    Finally, God may certainly use Trump for good - consider his Supreme Court list, and the general notion that we need to have better controls on immigration - wall or not. Consider that he is coming in from the outside, and evaluating a VERY broken political system. Other than Cruz or Carson, would have had this perspective. Our hopelessly broken politics needs all the new blood it can get.

    Let me speak for a moment about Trump's course dialogue. I think most of that is behind him. I think he used that as a course way of drawing attention and then saying - so what, to political correctness. Saying 'so what' to PC, is the right result - I disagree with his approach, and coarseness. Of course Christians also say 'so what' to PC, but are governed by Eph. 4:29, to "not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen."

    Well, prayerfully I submit these arguments for supporting Trump (especially due to his SCOTUS list).

  3. I'm a convert to Trump based primarily on a number of convincing prophetic voices that declare that he is God's choice to lead America out of the morass we're in (thanks in large part to a dormant Church). The most convincing, in my opinion, is the declaration of God's anointing of Donald Trump to be a modern day Cyrus. Cyrus was anything but a godly man, but he accomplished God's purposes for His people. If we fervently pray 2 Chron. 7:14 and fervently pray for God's purposes to be accomplished through this "Cyrus," I believe we will see America set free from bondage and fulfill our destiny to be a father of nations.

  4. I believe Trump may be a much greater blessing for America than any of us yet can realize. We tend to look too much on the outward appearances. God knows all. People have character traits all over the spectrum, and God knows what works with what, and what works against what. Trump is a real fighter, and he is a winner. I hear he is a strong constitutional conservative. He may be exactly what many have been praying for. No candidate is perfect. The only perfect man is Jesus. We may be in for a pleasant surprise. I'm optimistic about Donald Trump.

  5. America needs breakthrough and we may have a real breaker..Donald Trump. After we get some breakthrough, we may need some other characteristics that we might find to be somewhat more refined. Have you ever remodeled a house, or watched a full automobile restoration? What a mess it starts out to be. Later on comes the more..refined? work.

  6. I was going to vote for Trump because he's the Republican, but God spoke to me in my dream last night and wanted me to support Hillary. I'm not a fan of hers, but I have to follow His command.

    1. Can you tell us more about your dream? Please share with us all the details that you can. Was it in color, or black and white? When God spoke to you, was he using audible words, or was it by some other means? If by words, what were his exact words? Did he call you by name? Did you ask him why you should vote for her? Did he tell you why? What were the reasons? Did he give you any? Did you ask him why?

    2. Was Jesus glorified in this dream? The reason I ask, is because it seems the world over, that the Holy Spirit is always doing this. What did you learn or see more clearly about Christ through this..dream? Please tell us all you can about it.

  7. It wasn't so much a voice as an over all feeling. I could sense it was the Lord and He wanted me to know that there was real evil in Trump. Bad evil, it scared me.


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