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WA State Will Teach Transgenderism To Kindergartners

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By fall of 2017, Washington State public schools will begin teaching "gender expression" to kindergartners under newly approved health education learning standards that designate sexual health as a "core idea."

Nathan Olson from the Office of Superintendent of Public Education (OSPI) says the newly minted standards will be used to "support classroom instruction."

Why has the OSPI not informed the public of this shift?

The public deserves to know now.

Parents, grandparents and concerned citizens: Heads up.

Some aspects of sexual health will not be taught to K-12---example: HIV prevention begins in 4th grade---but "self identity" begins in kindergarten where students will be expected to "understand there are many ways to express gender."

The WA State health education glossary defines gender as, "A social construct based on emotional, behavioral, and cultural characteristics attached to a person's assigned biological sex."

However, this appears to already be in conflict with the State's definition of " biological sex."

The State's definition of sex says one's sex is, "Based on chromosomes, hormones and internal and external anatomy."

This new brave educational agenda is so "brave" that the OSPI has not even reported the plan to the public. As of today, there have been no press releases on the matter.

Last month, Todd Starnes with Fox News described a similar situation in Virginia's largest public school district. Starnes said the Viriginia schools believe gender learning is a "spectrum" and includes "the idea that there's no such thing as 100% boys or 100% girls."

Does Washington State believe that?

The Daily Caller, a conservative news source, asked WA State's Nathan Olson. He told the DC Washington's standards don't "define gender spectrum," but "self identity" is a key component.

Washington State defines "Gender Identity" as "Someone's inner sense of their gender."

I was born and raised in this state---first grade through college. I never thought I'd see the day.

This is stunning.

Here's a brief overview of some of what parents can expect in WA State public schools:

Kindergarten and up: Gender expression. Kindergartners will be expected to "Understand there are many ways to express gender."

By 3rd grade: Students will be expected to "Explain that gender roles can vary considerably" and "understand the importance of treating others with respect regarding gender identity" as part of the "self identity" component.

By 4th grade: WA students will learn how to "Identify friends and family can influence ideas regarding gender roles, identity and roles" as "Social expectations about how people should act, think, or feel based on their assigned biological sex."

By 5th grade: Students will learn to "Describe how media, society and culture can influence ideas regarding gender roles, identity and expression." And under the guidance of school employees, 5th graders will also "Identify trusted adults to ask questions about gender identity and sexual orientation." It's unclear whether parents are considered "trusted adults."

By the end of elementary school, age 11 to 12: Students will be expected to "Understand the range of gender roles, identity, and expression across cultures."

By 7th grade: Students will learn to "Distinguish between biological sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation."

By 8th grade: Students will be expected to "Recognize external influences that shape attitudes about gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation."

Continuing through high school: Students will be taught how to "Evaluate culture, media, society, and how other people influence our perceptions of gender roles, sexuality, relationships, and sexual orientation."

When the Daily Caller pressed him on the notion that the state is intending to force a set of beliefs on the student, Nathan Olson said, "Standards help students become familiar with concepts that education experts feel are essential for all students to know."

He said, "Standards are not used to impose belief systems."

But that's exactly what they do.

What if a student doesn't buy into public education's secular progressive view on all of the above, and actually stands for something like a biblical view on gender and sexual identity---believing that gender identity is distinct from biological sex?

Will he or she fail the class?

Olson admits, "We don't exactly know what a school would do if a student would fail to complete an assignment because he/she opposed the materials being taught."

Do school districts have any flexibility?

He says, "Districts can craft their own curriculum as long as they align with the state learning standards."

This is a link to Washington State's full health and fitness standards.

There are those who have initiated petitions, etc. in the name of stopping all this nonsense.

If you want to get on their lists for fund raising, etc, fine. But if you really want to make a difference, start by protecting your own child or grandchild, then inform those with whom you have contact and influence. And finally work to elect people at both the local and statewide level who share your biblical beliefs.

Andrea Lafferty, president of Traditional Values Coalition, says, "Parents need to protect their kids from this assault. Who could imagine that we would be in this position today---but we are."

Peter Spriggs with Family Research Council says, "The larger picture is that this is really an attack on nature itself---the created order.'"

He says, "Human beings are created male and female. But the current transgender ideology goes way beyond that. They're telling us you can be both genders, you can be no gender, you can be a gender that you make up for your self. And we're supposed to affirm all of it."

Public education is the fertile ground for changing the human social structure---that God Himself created.

And tragically, citizens are forced to fund it.

This new set of "standards" is a giant step toward the deconstruction of gender.

Parents, grandparents and citizens---this is not the little School House you may have attended.

Be Informed. Be Pro-Active. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.


  1. Their definition of gender is a lie and this superintendent should be immediately fired. It's child abuse. The superintendent and the teachers who teach that agenda should be put in jail. I imagine there will be law suits against the school system that will go into the millions upon millions if they go ahead with all this.

  2. So why would a school superintendent do such a thing? What's the motivation behind all that evil?

  3. I wonder if their grades are going to be not what their report card says, but rather, whatever they wish it was, or want it to be, or maybe a teacher's salary shouldn't be what their contract says it should be, but rather what some unhappy parent of one of their students thinks it should be. I wonder if they would be happy with that. And what if this got into common core? This is all craziness. Look how sick people have become. Why should tax payers pay the salaries of teachers of lies?

  4. This revisionist mindset is spreading like a cancer throughout our culture. Now, our children, are on the front line.
    Time for prayer and action

    Robert Davis
    Stanwood, WA

  5. How many Christian teachers will be able to cover this type of curriculum? This craziness is also going to eliminate GOOD teachers who do have a Biblical view.

  6. I just looked on my computer to see what it would say about the definition of "gender" and I said, "That can't be right." , so I looked in my dictionary, and it only gave one word "sex", and I thought "That's right". It's so simple, but now we are seeing changing meanings of words, like people are always doing to corrupt the plain simple meanings of things, and to get away with corrupt political agendas, and the children are going to be fooled, if they are not taught about what's been going on, by some responsible older adults.

  7. I am furious. I believe all parents should pull their children out of public school and shut all the public schools down. They only get worse and worse and parents keep letting them brainwash their children and the children have to constantly face this tragedy. Then they can get their heads together and figure out a better way to education them the way they want to.

  8. As evil, abhorrent and demonically inspired as this curriculum is, my question is, and will continue to be, "why are Christians handing their children over to be educated by Caesar?" Of the three institutions of human society - family, church and state - each has their jurisdiction. Parents have a God given jurisdiction over children and education falls in the jurisdiction of the family. The church exists to serve and strengthen the family, assisting with spiritual education education, and even assisting with academic education if or when parents may so desire and accept the help. The state exists to protect the family and the church so that they can prosper in their duties and society can flourish.

    The state has never had a proper role in education. All state education is a usurpation within the God ordained institutions of civil society. Even when government schools were operated in a Christian manner, the government mandating and regulating of education was still improper, as much so as for the state to mandate and regulate religion. Nearly all of Christendom, myself included, have been guilty of mindlessly going along with this, failing to exercising critical thinking and discernment. Perhaps that act of mental and spiritual laziness is now catching up with us. We have grown so accustom to the usurpation - so accustom to sending our children to the government schools - that now that those schools have turned into a den of wolves, we just continue to send our children like sheep to the slaughter.

    The words "Come out from among her my people" come to mind (Rev 18:4, also 2 Cor 6:17). Just because godless secularists and humanists like having the state educate their children, doesn't mean Christians should, or must, go along. Education never was the state's jurisdiction and as Christians we never should have been sucked into the trap.


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