Friday, December 16, 2016

Electoral College Votes Monday--Can Trump Be "Un-Elected?"

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Tens of thousands of activists are contacting the Electoral College electors seeking to "un-elect" Donald Trump by influencing the vote they will cast this coming Monday.

The Associated Press tried to reach all 538 electors who will be voting Monday, December 19.

Here's what the found.

The attempt to change the outcome of the General election is massive.

Associated Press says, "Republican electors have been hounded to abandon President-elect Donald Trump..."

Activists are trying to stage an unprecedented defection, while some Democrats are trying to get electors to peal away from Hillary and "elect" a consensus candidate.

The argument being made is that Hillary won the popular vote, and Trump is unsuited to the presidency.

Brian Westrate, a small business owner and GOP district chairman in Wisconsin, told Rachel La Corte at AP he is being inundated with people trying to get him to change his vote although Trump won the state. He said, "Let me give you the total as of right now: 48,324 emails about my role as an elector."

Hector Maldonado, a Missouri National Guardsman, says he even took time to console one of the activists who contacted him. A single mother and Air Force veteran who "is beside herself with worry about what a Trump presidency will mean."

He said I told her, "Everything's going to be OK. I know you're scared, but don't worry. Everything's going to be OK. And I know that it will be."

Carole Joyce, a 72-year-old elector in Phoenix, says, "They've [the activists] caused me great distress on my computer, that's for sure."

She says, "I average anywhere from a thousand to 3000 emails a day. And I'm getting inundated in my regular mailbox out front---anywhere from 17 to 35 letters a day coming from Washington state, Oregon, all around the country. Handwritten, some of them 5 or 6 pages long, quoting me the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, asking me again out of desperation not to vote for Donald Trump."

Edward Robson, a Phoenix home builder, told AP he "got a stack of letters from idiots."

Is the effort to deny Trump working?

AP says it isn't.

They spoke with more than 330 electors who feel duty bound to do what they agreed to do.

As you know, a candidate needs 270 electoral votes to become president.

Despite losing the popular vote, Trump won enough states to total 306 electoral votes. He would need to see 36 votes fall away from him to lose the majority electoral vote.

AP says only 1 Republican elector told them he wasn't going to vote for Trump.

"Over the sweep of history," AP says "so-called faithless electors---those who vote for someone other than their state's popular vote winner---have been exceptionally rare."

Here's why.

Maldonaldo, the Mexican immigrant and medical supply salesman, says he originally backed Ted Cruz, but will vote for Trump "with conviction."

He says, "I took an oath to become a US citizen on August 14, 1995. That was my first oath in support of the Constitution. A year later, I took the oath again to support the duties of being an officer in the US Army. This was the third oath that I've taken to execute what I promised to do."

Tom Lawless, a Nashville attorney who supported Rubio, told AP, "Hell will freeze and we will be skating on lava before I change. He won the state and I've pledged and gave my word that, that's what I would do. And I won't break it."

Even Bret Chiafalo, the leader of the anti-Trump movement up in Everett (Washington) who supported Bernie, calls this "a losing bet"---but one he says "our Founders would want him to make."

AP sums up what they believe will be the result of Monday's election with what of one of the electors---Carole Joyce says about all this: "That's their right. I've had nothing threatening, I'm happy to say. The election is over, they need to move on."

Well said.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. We should know by this, we got a good one. The world hates him. It could not have happened to Obama.

  2. Praise God the electors have the integrity to stick to their vow!
    But Satan is always busy--keep praying!

  3. In your radio broadcast you were more specific about the one known and self proclaimed "faithless" republican elector being from the state of Texas. I wonder if the state's constitution allows for an elector to be impeached before the electoral college convenes to vote and replaced because of his openly professed plan to go against his/her oath and not vote as he is bound to vote? If it is possible and the state legislature or Governor does nothing to correct the situation; then add cowardice to unfaithful to the great state of Texas' adjectives. Neither is very complimentary.

  4. So when people get involved in trying to overthrow the Electoral college, what might the charges be? I'm thinking maybe such things as sedition or treason, and who should makes such charges? Who should do the investigating? The FBI? No, I still don't feel as safe as I did 8 years ago, thank you. Let's make America safe again.

  5. what is really sad is that Putin did try and hack our politicians in order to affect the elections but it was to hack both DNC AND THE RNC however RNC had better defense. The priority for Putin was to plant doubt in the Country's election process . It seems to me that the democratic party is giving them exactly what they want. We have known about Russias attempts to affect the election since the beginning and it was discussed over and over again but never did anyone believe that Trump was in league with the Russians because he was not. He even fired his manager to avoid the perception this could look bad .This is not what effected the loss in the end . 30 counties across our country voted for Trump because we are hungry for change for patriotism hungry to feel like we have a new beginning in America and a opportunity for things too get better ad get the country back to work. Trump traveled to all 17 possible swing states that may be in play. Not once but repeatedly he made contact with people constantly reaching out to us talking to us and really listening to us. He never hid anything he answered every and all questions by anyone who asked to his peril in some cases.Trump also had personal information thrown in his face and constant attacks of his integrity from a party he belonged to most his life and who had seen him as a true leader Oprah even asked him to run for presidency. The democrats Clinton's loved Donald Trump. It was not until he ran as a republican that Trump was hated by the democrats. At the same time Trump had to endure assaults by the republican party as well day after day every pundit every news paper every radio and TV station attacked his integrity his history his intentions and his credibility. Where in there was Trump ever getting any help from anyone? No one helped him except the people who believed in him because he took the time to listen to us. Clinton in the mean time spent all her time with the rich and famous fund raising and lavish entertainment calling half of America names and admitting she can't even relate to the common man anymore.So why did she need all that money? What exactly was her message? Her message was that fly over country and Trump supporters deserved the crisis we were living in because we didn't go to school long enough or save hard enough or adjust to computer technology fast enough and we should just get with the times and collect our entitlements We don't want to collect we want to work and take care of our own. We want to feel justified in loving the lives we built not called deplorable s and irredeemable. Really? irredeemable?My God forgives all but then that was also what Clinton was pushing as a message that its is ok to abort babies from conception to full term babies. That religion is just a nuisance and only Islam is an allowed accept ion. Christmas is demonized and the bible no longer allowed in education or prayer at any educational or sporting event. That our children will be learning about transgender education from K-!@ and parents have no say on the sex education being taught.This is why she lost It is just easier to latch onto the fact that Russia has attempted to influence our elections since ww2 and use it as a way of singling out TRUMP and de-legitimizing his election though these issues are far from why we voted TRUMP in the end to begin with.

  6. nice I'm thinking maybe such things as sedition or treason, and who should makes such charges? Who should do the investigating? The FBI?


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