Monday, January 09, 2017

Presbyterian Church To College Youth: "Babel Was God's Holy Nudge Toward Diversity"

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Over 1,000 college students attended the 2017 Presbyterian Church USA annual college conference last week.

The conference theme, "Beyond Babel," was designed to help college students and future Presbyterian pastors and leaders see in the ancient text of Genesis, "How God gave an ancient people a holy nudge towards diversity"---conference leaders told the students the Tower of Babel story, although "myth," is similar to the "Day of Pentecost."

In shaping the worldview of future Presbyterian pastors and leaders, this current leadership is not only misleading those who will lead but millions who will be led by these future leaders.

The PCUSA college conference described the message of the 3-day annual event as "helping participants see in the ancient text how God gave an ancient people a holy nudge toward diversity," and "how they are challenged to consider how God is similarly leading His people today."

While cautioning that he was not saying that "the Bible is a bunch of made-up stuff," the Rev. Paul Roberts, Sr., president of Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary in Atlanta, told the students, "We use the word 'myth' in the best possible sense of the word."

He said, "This particular type of literature is not aimed at presenting history" rather it's just "about God and how God's people function in the world."

What he is telling these college students is that these Bible stories are "myths," but they are "good myths" with good intentions.

They are teaching these young leaders to be that God's punishment of scattering the people of Babel, by giving them different languages, was meant to advance diversity and inclusiveness.

The materials given to the participants sets this message as the point of the conference:

"One people with one language become scattered and multilingual. A united community finds itself confused and scattered. Clarity becomes babble. Construction on a tower stops."

In his sermon to the conference, Dr. Roberts contrasted the Tower of Babel with the first Pentecost.

He said they moved around the globe, "each speaking their own language. By contrast, the passage from Acts of the Apostles gives us the story of Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit showed up and suddenly there was a commonality in speech. They have the power to understand one another."

Roberts said, "If you take one thing from the sermons, it is this, where true unity exists: If there is diversity of ideas, background, age, class, gender, sexual orientation, all these working together toward a unified community, that's when the potential of achievement is at its highest."

He added, "And in the natural order of creation, there is diversity; you can't get around it---It is what it is. We can build our own little like-minded communities if we want to, but the world is a mighty diverse and mighty fine place."

This is the typical argument made by the religious Left regarding the authenticity and unchangeable aspect of God's Word. In an attempt to "relate" to the world, they are becoming indistinguishable with the people they claim to be trying to "reach."

When one comes to believe that some of the Bible may be accurate, but some is merely allegorical---that the Bible is not necessarily "the Word of God" but rather teaches us "how God's people should function in the world"---we are slipping down the proverbial slippery slope to disaster. In this case, the religious Left slippery slope.

While Roberts says he is not saying that the Bible is "a bunch of made up stuff"---that's exactly what he's saying.

This kind of relative, progressive belief has caused Tony Campolo, Jim Wallis, Rob Bell and other religious Left leaders to come to the "biblical" conclusion that same-sex "marriage," abortion and other sins are acceptable in our changing culture.

This misinformed view of Scripture is not only destroying the original foundations of the Presbyterian Church but many other churches as well.

This is a time when biblical Christians must be informed and discerning.

Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina, frequent speaker and columnist, has a very different interpretation of the lessons offered by the Tower of Babel story.

I agree.

He says the Genesis account "is" a historical account and it has multiple lessons.

Among the lessons, Creech says these 3 are evident:

  1. Beware of charismatic leadership that unifies the masses in rebellion against God. 
  2. Beware of government concentrations of power in rebellion to God. 
  3. Beware of false religious or moral premise that influences government in rebellion toward God.

He also points out that "Genesis also says the Lord descended in judgment upon the scene. God is long suffering and reluctant to supernaturally interfere in wrath, but will never indefinitely stand for His purposes being thwarted."

The book of Acts is clear on what God's purposes were---and are in regard to His actions at Babel.

Acts 17: 26, 27:

And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings, so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us.

This is an example of how and when God ordained nations and borders---and why He ordained them.

While we must be informed, discerning and vigilant concerning the false teaching by the religious Left, we must be equally aware that God is beginning to move in our culture. Among our youth, there is the beginning of a spiritual awakening in this country.

The further to the Left religious leaders try to lead, the more some, not all, but some of our youth are questioning their message and focusing more on what the Bible actually says.

The Left, both the political Left and the religious Left, have become so self-assured during the Obama years, that they have ceased to veil their message as they once did.

At Pentecost, God did the reverse of what He did at the Tower of Babel. At Pentecost, He poured out His Spirit. At Babel, the people did not have the Spirit of God.

It's a mythical, mental stretch to believe that Babel was about God nudging people toward diversity and inclusiveness by dispersing them.

As these 1,000 young Presbyterians leave their conference with these words lingering in their ears, I'm certain God will speak to the hearts of some, maybe many, regarding the Truth of God's Word.

I personally believe we are standing at the threshold of a significant spiritual awakening in our country.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Prepared.


  1. I was listening to some Christian music from the '70's on you tube the other day, and on the screen was a drawing someone did, and in the drawing was Moses holding the two tablets, and behind him was the burning bush, and the fire from the bush went up and there was a huge cloud that had letters drawn, full of letters, and it was difficult to read them, as they were drawn so billowy, reminding me of some graffiti I had seen, but then I noticed that I oould make out some letters, and even words, but they were upside down. One would have to be in a position of looking down from above to read them, and the bush with the fire and the cloud together, had the shape of a tree. The song started out about seeking and finding, about knocking and receiving....In Genesis 11, God divided the people. In Acts 2, God assembled people. In Gen 11, the purpose of God was to take apart what they were doing, while in Acts 2, God was building his church. In Gen 11, God brought confusion of language in, and in Acts 2, God brought clarity to what he was doing. In Acts 2, God clearly assembled and built, while in Gen 11, God was destroying the works of man, and scattering the people for their imaginations. In Acts 2, God was bringing people to him...the band that played that music from the '70's? Yeah, they spoke in tongues. They were singing the good news. The band's name was the same name as the song they were singing, called Pressed Down Shaken Together And Running Over. On you tube, it's the one that has a colored picture of a happy sun, with sun beams on a landscape on a partly cloudy day, and 5 trees, like made with crayon.

  2. Praise God! Keep speaking truth! It is too apparent that God is moving and it is exciting. We need to stay on our knees.

  3. The Tower of Babel resulted in "confusion". The people (a) had built a tower as a means of reaching God and (b) they had achieved quite an advanced state in which "nothing they planned to do seemed impossible". The Day of Pentecost, on the other hand, was God reaching down to man, bringing "enlightenment" and the power of the Spirit to do the impossible.

    Today, ironically, we once again have a universal language, English, especially in the area of computer/digital technology. (If you want technical support, you get it in English from any number of countries.)

    And because there is one "universal" language again, it seems that nothing man plans is impossible. We have indeed become again the people from the age of the Tower of Babel.

    Whether the story of Babylon is a myth or not, I cannot say. But I know emphatically the day of Pentecsost was no myth. We need that power of the Holy Spirit in our church and in our individual lives as never before.

  4. For the Church, our universal language should be worship. When it's good, we can all agree on it, and freely partake of it. Sometimes some of it is a matter of interpretation, and we are all at different stages in our development, but what really should unify us is worshiping God. However that does depend a lot on quality. What we want it to be, is in the Spirit, and in truth.

  5. "If there is diversity of ideas, background, age, class, gender, sexual orientation, all these working together..."

    Just because some fancy preacher at some fancy denominational meeting inserts the words 'sexual orientation' into his sermon, doesn't make it God's truth - we surely know. The Bereans searched the Scripture daily (Acts 17:11) to see if what Paul said was true, and if the Apostle Paul deserved such scrutiny, what about this guy?

    It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God! (Hebrews 10:31). Let us not toy with the One Great God, and the Truth.

  6. Just when you think you'd heard it all.......and the Mainliners wonder why they are clearing out their own pews? - Mimi from MA

  7. "Myth"??? Once one starts down that slippery slope of determining some part of the Bible is myth, where does it stop? For the Jesus Seminar crackpots, it ended after a couple of decades of work with the declaration that ONLY thing Jesus said for sure, was "It is better to give than to receive". In other words everything else in the Bible attributed to Jesus was a myth. The whole effort of determining what parts of the Bible are true or not is precisely what was the problem at the tower of babel, i.e. humankind trying to build itself up according to its own standards rather than God's. Humankind's history is an unbroken attempt to be self determination. To link diversity and inclusiveness as heading in the same direction is absurdity. Diversity is very much a part of what God was accomplishing at babel. Diversity says we are different, inclusiveness, says let's treat each other all the same. Inclusiveness says let's all work together to accomplish man's will. The absurdity is best illustrated by an email sent to all WA state employees by a former WA state Governor of Asian descent who said "we will have ZERO tolerance towards intolerance." The absurdity of intolerance toward intolerance is self defeating. One violates the concept at the outset. So it is to claim diversity in inclusiveness bring people to one will. In fact such a coupling can only lead to glorifying mankind in his fallen state. For the record I do not speak against any segment of humanity. I am of the firm belief that there are only two kinds of humans. Those who have chosen God's free gift of Salvation, and those who fail to do so while on this earth. Otherwise we are all fallen short of the Glory of God. In that we surely have inclusiveness.


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