Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Nordstrom Family Responds To President Trump's Executive Order

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John W. Nordstrom came to America from Sweden.

An immigrant.

His story is America's story.

JWN opened his first store at Pike and 4th in downtown Seattle in 1901, using money from the sale of a Klondike gold claim.

In "Washingtonians: A Biographical Portrait of The State," biographer Fred Moody declares, "The Nordstrom family is the Mount Rainier of the Northwest's civic and cultural landscape."

Who among us, particularly those of us who were born and raised here, would disagree?

However, in a memo to employees signed by Pete, Blake and Erik Nordstrom, one thing is absent.

In my hometown of Yakima, WA., Nordstrom came and went, but the last 116 years has seen Nordstrom appear in cities and communities across the nation. They are a classy store.

Indeed, Fred Moody is right. The Nordstrom family has contributed to the culture and community of Seattle, Washington State, and communities across the country in exemplary ways.

The Mount Rainier metaphor is not an overstatement.

Joel Connelly, writing for the Seattle PI reports that the family memo to their 75,000 employees, signed by Pete, Blake, and Erik voices pride in its immigrant heritage and offers support to any workers affected "either directly or indirectly" by President Trump's immigration order, "widely described as a Muslim ban," Connelly says.

The memo begins with this: "Last Friday an executive order was signed by the President of the United States related to immigration. This subject is one we are watching closely---our family's heritage, the company's roots, and the diverse employees and customers we serve are top of mind."

The Nordstrom memo continues: "We know there are questions for some around how the executive order affects them specifically. We are in the process of determining which employees may be affected, either directly or indirectly, and connecting with those folks to offer support."

It also says, "We currently employ more than 75,000 people who comprise different races, ethnicities and genders. We literally have thousands of employees who are first and second generation immigrants. It's important that we reiterate our values to all of you and make it clear that we support each of our employees. We will continue to value diversity, inclusion, respect and kindness---you can count of that."

Who doubts their commitment to their values? Or their sincerity?

Almost all of our families came from somewhere else. Most of us are not native American Indians.

Connelly raises the fact that the Nordstrom memo "comes as the Seattle-based company said it will stop selling Ivanka Trump brand this season, a line that sparked boycott threats and conflict of interest claims given the first daughter's role at the White House."

The Nordstrom family says the decision not to carry the Ivanka Trump brand of clothing was based solely "on brand performance." The company had begun selling Ivanka Trump footwear ion 2011.

Nothing personal---just business.

However, here is the part the Nordstrom family seems to be missing---and journalist Joel Connelly seems to be exploiting.

Sweden is not Syria.

Nether is Finland or Germany or Ireland or Italy or Spain or Scotland or Israel or the myriad of other countries represented in the immigrants who have been coming to America since Jamestown and Plymouth.

All were looking for a better life for themselves and their family. Many seeking religious freedom. All wanting to assimilate and become an "American."

The media is obsessed with casting Trump's executive order as a "ban on Muslims" ---anti-American.

It isn't. It is a ban on Syria until the vetting process can be improved, because Syria is a hotbed of terrorist activity and a launching pad for terrorists to other parts of the world---specifically America.

It has been repeated often, but is none-the-less true. All Muslims are not terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslim, sympathetic to the cause of radical Muslim terrorists---and the "cause" is "death to America and Israel."

To the other 6 countries on the list---a list that President Obama and Congress formally identified as countries of concern---President Trump is placing a pause on immigration until America can be sure of the vetting process.

With due respect to the Nordstrom family and the millions of families, and the millions of legal immigrants the media and far Left are misleading on this issue or simply exploiting for endless news stories that trash Trump---The terrorist problem we face in America today did not exist a century of more ago as it does today.

The countries who are exporting terrorists are Middle East countries, not Scandinavian.

While Joel Connelly uses this false, misleading narrative, and one of Washington State's most prominent families to advance his case for open borders, hoping to baptize the public in mythology, Chuck Todd was attempting essentially the same thing Sunday on NBC's "Meet The Press" with his guest Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence didn't buy it. Neither do I. I pray you don't either.

In both cases the public is being misled and misinformed.

Be informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.


  1. There's only one of two ways I can see to improve vetting, either torture or polygraph.

    1. Trump seems willing to order torture. Military doesn't seem willing to comply. Anyway, "extreme vetting" is a joke since it's an extreme process already. It's all a dog and pony show for the hard right xenophobes.

    2. Neal, torture is not something that comes easily, and I am not condoning, nor is President Trump. But look up the definition of torture. It is not just physical. Our military tortured the Panamanian dictator Noriega by blasting loud music non stop to his residence.

      torture |ˈtôrCHər|
      the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or to force them to do or say something, or for the pleasure of the person inflicting the pain.
      • great physical or mental suffering or anxiety: the torture I've gone through because of loving you so.
      • a cause of suffering or anxiety: dances were absolute torture because I was so small.
      verb [ with obj. ]
      inflict severe pain on: most of the victims had been brutally tortured.
      • cause great mental suffering or anxiety to: he was tortured by grief.
      torturer |ˈtôrCH(ə)rər| noun
      late Middle English (in the sense ‘distortion, twisting,’ or a physical disorder characterized by this): via French from late Latin tortura ‘twisting, torment,’ from Latin torquere ‘to twist.

      If the origin of the word is twisting, then we the people have been undergoing the torture of those that are twisting everything Trump says.

      The mental anguish that Islamic terrorists have placed on the world falls into the definition of torture.

      Neal, how about the dog and pony show the left has for everybody that does not think like them. Hard right xenophobes? Where is the evidence.

    3. I don't where you're getting your (mis)information, but Trump has emphatically and explicitly endorsed torture! He even used the word torture when making said endorsement.

    4. Thank you, Vern Peterson, I do think we on the right have been (most often silently) enduring torture. Any stand that does not follow the constitution and common sense falls into that category.

  2. Ton" with this article. Thank you for pointing out the huge difference of between Truth and Propaganda with the later being at the forefront. I love the high quality choice of shopping at Nordstroms but I am having a problem with this political stance. I think they may regret making this move. Keep writing the truth, a lot of us really appreciate your efforts in getting the facts out there.

  3. Reply to first anonymous above.... there are not just two ways to increase the vetting process. The first way to improve it is to not let the United Nations be the primary source upon which all other vetting is based. I do not trust the U.N., especially since they have so clearly demonstrated their pro-Muslim bias and anti-Israel prejudice.

  4. Neal, you act as if the fact that thousands of acts of violent terror and murder have been enacted on the Muslim kafirs (unbelievers) of the world is somehow not true. That doesn't make those of us who face such facts and want to protect our children "hard right xenophobes". You present no plan to protect our children and families other than shouting names at us. Yes, fear is no way to live, and we're called to love all peoples. But neither is basing policy on name calling and avoiding reality any way to live. People are practical sir, and love their families, and until you give deference to that, no amount of name calling rhetoric will make up the evident gap in your thinking.

  5. How did torture enter the conversation on vetting? I've never heard in any conversation that Trump wants to torture refugees or immigrants in the vetting process. These comments are typical of the hysteria and misleading information by people who don't know what's going on. What is a fact is that FBI Director Comey has stated that there are serious gaps in our national security because we cannot vet refugees or immigrants when there is no intelligence capability in the countries where some immigrants and refugees come from. And Europe has indeed experienced violence and terrorist activities from unvetted refugee/immigrants. Added to that is the fact that ISIS has said they use the refugee situation to infiltrate countries. Then there are the thousands of people who come on a VWP (visa wavier program - 90 day stay in US) and have overstayed. And those with visas that have overstayed. Then there is the lack of border control with the Mexican government admitting that there are signs in Arabic along the smugglers routes in Mexico. To think that we don't need to tighten our borders and vetting is ridiculous. Also, we do have a reasonably good vetting process if we can get records and the information we need (which war torn countries cannot provide) but for a period in 2016 Obama decreased the time from 18-24 months vetting to 3 months for thousands of refugees. So the system needs work. And Trump is not advocating torture. His comments on that were confined for gathering intelligence from war prisoners. That is another subject. PLUS THE TRAVEL BAN IS TEMPORARY!!!

  6. How dId torture enter the conversation? If one stops terrorists from what they want, that's torture to the liberals.


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