Friday, April 21, 2017

Seattle Times: "Tens Of Thousands May March Tomorrow On Earth Day"

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The Seattle Times says "tens of thousands may turn out to "March for Science" tomorrow on Earth Day.

The Times says, "Another dozen marches are planned around the state from Kennewick to Coupeville."

While the story behind the Earth Day march of tens of thousands will likely be lost to the celebrants--- it isn't lost to the leaders of the marches.

The Times says, "Some want more diversity in science, some want to humanize the research enterprise, some are alarmed by President Trump"-- and some want more diversity in science.

Professor emeritus John Machlin of the University of Washington says he is not "the marching type," but he's doing it this time, because there's a need for "scientists to get out and take a stand."

Professor Ed Lazowska, the Bill and Melinda Gates Chair in Computer science and engineering at UW---a self-described progressive---says he isn't marching because he prides himself in keeping policy and politics separate.

Professor Tracie Delgado, 32, grew up in East Los Angles where half her high school class dropped out of school.

The Times says Delgado is now "a biology professor at Northwest University, a small Christian college in Kirkland."

She is marching "for diversity in STEM fields" on behalf of the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science-- and to show "that a scientist can also believe in God."

And of course, many are marching because of President Trump's policies on a wide range of things, including his skepticism toward some of the so-called "science" that is driving the so-called "Green" movement.

TIME said in February that Earth Day would be a march against President Trump and his policies, and even then was touting the fact that the Earth Day Facebook page already had more than 300,000 followers agreeing "it's time to make our voice heard."

This is certainly in keeping with the origin of Earth Day.

Brian Sussman points out in his book "Eco-Tyranny: How The Left's Green Agenda will Dismantle America" that the first Earth Day was held April 22, 1970, the 100th anniversary of the birth of communist Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin, founder of the Soviet Union.

The nationwide "teach-in" as they called it, was spearheaded by Democratic Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin and college professor Paul Ehrlich.

Ehrlich had just written the book "Population Bomb" in 1968, which famously ---and falsely---predicted that "in the 1970s and 1980s hundreds of millions of people would starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now."

Building on that idea, Ehrlich went on to advocate for all kinds of population control methods that were both heartless and brutal.

Comparing "humanity to cancer," he said, "A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people...We must shift our efforts from treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions."

Ehrlich went on to add, "We must have population control at home, hopefully through changes in our value system, but by compulsion, if voluntary methods fail."

Inspired by the book, Senator Nelson met with Ehrlich, Sussman reveals, and came up with the idea of the "nationwide teach-in" with the purpose of tapping the "environmental concerns of the general public and to infuse the student anti-war energy into the environmental cause."

Get people marching and demonstrating, even if they don't know why they are doing so.

In keeping with these objectives, Nelson selected anti-war and Left-wing activist Denis Hayes to coordinate the first "Earth Day"

Sussman notes in his book, "Organized by radical student activists, built on the model of Left-wing 'teach-ins' at American universities, and created with the objective of furthering progressive activism," he says, "the movement for Earth Day took to heart Lenin's adage, 'Give us the child for eight years and it will become a Bolshevik forever'."

In his book, "Eco-Tyranny," Sussman reminds his readers that the Bolshevik influence goes beyond tactics. After implementing his tyrannical rule over Russia in the Revolution, Lenin issued a "Decree on Land" within his first year as Communist Party Chairman. The decree declared that all forests, waters, and minerals were property of the state.

This act, as it was put in place, was explained as an act of "stewardship" of the land, and an act that would allow everyone to enjoy nature, not just the rich few.

However once established, Lenin then issued a decree "On Hunting Seasons and the Right to Possess Hunting Weapons," which banned hunting moose, wild goats---then progressively banned other game animals from being hunted. And eventually, guns were banned.

Then Lenin established a policy (zapovedniki) titled, "On the Protection of Nature, Gardens and Parks" making them "human free nature preserves."

Today wealthy secular progressives in sync with secular progressive politicians have pushed to create American versions of the "zapovedniki" by creating "human free" wild life corridors, while forcing Americans, by using strict land use laws, to settle into highly regulated, heavily populated "megaregions."

When the people, most of whom lived in poverty, complained, Lenin explained his actions were in the national interests.

In conclusion of his book, Sussman summarizes: "During Lenin's reign, Russia initiated the most audacious nature conservancy program in the twentieth century. Starting with a vision created by Marx 50 years prior, Lenin had successfully implemented version one of the green agenda. His accomplishments would eventually...[be] celebrated the world over each April."

Today, Earth Day is the most widely celebrated secular holiday in the world. While it involves diverse concepts and characters from reverence toward the living "Mother Earth" to Gaia-the worship of nature, to reduction of carbon, to trying to show people scientists can be Christians too, its origins are extreme and totalitarian---anti-freedom, and anti-liberty.

Many among the thousands who march tomorrow, will likely be unaware of the origins or intent of the celebration they are participating in.

One thing for certain---those who lead this international parade are very aware of its origins---and equally aware of its true intent.

The Obama administration was an echo of Earth Day's original intent.

President Trump is trying to reverse the madness. This is why he will be the brunt of many of the marchers' anger.

Tomorrow hundreds of thousands of people will be led down the streets in cities across this land and elsewhere. They will carry diverse banners and represent diverse causes, but keep in mind-- those who lead know it is, at its heart, a "celebration of socialism" born in the heart of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.

Keep in mind it was Karl Marx who used the term "useful idiots."

And remember, "The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof"---steward His creation---don't worship it.

Be Informed. Be Free.


  1. Looks like a whole collection of bad stuff. So does the progressive left still want us to believe that a few bad apples will make the whole bunch good?

  2. It's the pied piper for sure, and the river they are marching to is socialism, communism, whatever.

  3. We 're looking at the swamp here.

  4. Yes, CAPR--Citizens'Alliance for Property Rights is presently fighting the "commune-ism" of our water in Spokane County. "Water Banking" is creeping into our lexicon. Next week our county will set up a "water trusa" with the state Dept. of Ecology (Lenin's Central Government). Our county commisars just set aside $1.2 million to buy water (one entity will get $700,000 of that money). That's is WRIA 55--does everybody in the state know what a WRIA is and what one they are assigned to? This WRIA has been declared a "closed watershed" because D.O.E. says there is not enough water running off the hillsides for the fish in the Little Spokane River. (There is no scientific proof of dead fish anywhere.) So--wells are not allowed to be drilled by anybody but the state. Citizens will buy their water from the state. The state will monitor building permaits in WRIA 55 and decide who gets to build there. Commune-ism in action. The D.O.E. says on their site they want these regulations --in stream flow limits for fish-- in every county. This includes water rationing benchmarks. Sigh.....worshipping fish an excuse for controlling water.

  5. Were it not for "Climate Change" California would still be suffering from a devastating drought.

    FACT: Since the beginning of time the Earth has been either warming, or cooling. The rate is "ALWAYS" directly related to solar activity, not green house gas. Increases in CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is proven historically (documented ice core samples) not to "precede" warming, but to "follow" warming. When looking at the % of CO2 among all "green house gasses", it shares 5% with all such gasses while water vapor is 95%. Removing 100% of all man-made CO2 would not make any difference in global temperatures. The lie is both irrational and illogical. We become susceptible to a lie when we turn our backs on God.

    Acts 7:42a} But God turned away and gave them over to the worship of the heavenly bodies.

    Surprisingly, Britain's Channel 4 has produced a devastatingly relevant documentary titled "The Great Global Warming Swindle." Available today on u-tube but likely never allowed to be shown in America.



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