Friday, June 02, 2017

Right Begins To Fight

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The federal agency that issued a permit for a "Pro-Trump Free Speech Rally" in Portland, Ore., scheduled for this Sunday (June 4) says they will not revoke the permit---even though Portland's Mayor Ted Wheeler is demanding they do so.

The escalating attack on free speech and freedom of religion by the Left---targeting both high profile people like Sean Hannity and ordinary citizens like those organizing Sunday's free speech rally---has pushed Media Research Center and other conservative groups to declare this is the time to fight back.

And they are willing to lead with their considerable influence---regardless of the consequences.

The federal agency that issued a permit for a pro-Trump free speech rally scheduled for Sunday in Portland, has told Mayor Ted Wheeler "No." They will not revoke it.

They told the Oregonian, "Since the permit was lawfully obtained to assemble at this federal location, GSA has no basis to revoke the permit."

The location is a plaza across the street from Portland City Hall.

Wheeler had called on the GSA to "immediately revoke" the previously scheduled rally following what the media and the Left has labeled an anti-Muslim murder on the city's public transportation.

The murders were horrendous. Unthinkable.

The incident has now become a national news story.

The Washington Post is reporting that Mayor Wheeler wrote on Facebook, "Our city is in mourning, our community's anger is real, and the timing and subject [of the rally] can only exacerbate an already difficult situation."

He refers to the leaders of the rally as an "alt-right demonstration." And proclaims, "There is never a place for bigotry or hatred in our community."

Certainly most all agree---including conservatives.

However, many, including our Founding Fathers, do not feel freedom of speech and freedom to assemble is an "alt-right demonstration."

"The situation" he refers to is the tragic stabbing and murder of 2 men who challenged a man on city transportation last week who was yelling hateful comments at 2 girls who appeared to be Muslim.

One of the girls was, in fact, Muslim.

What happened is unthinkable, intolerable and unacceptable in any society.

And it stands against everything Christianity and conservatism stands for.

What the media has been tepid about at best, is reporting that the alleged killer hated everyone---not only Muslims. In fact, video from the day before caught him expressing his hate for Christians, Jews, and others as well.

Awhile back he had attempted to express himself at a pro-Trump rally, and the leaders of that event had him removed. He has a history of hate toward most everybody and is well known in the community.

This man clearly has mental issues.

Much of this information does not support the agenda of the Left-- media and activists-- so it is slightly referenced, if at all, in most media coverage.

The media, in many ways, is agitating an already raw community by the way in which they are covering this story.

No doubt the press will be at least partially responsible for bringing out some of the most violent and mentally challenged to Sunday's rally.

In April, Portland canceled one of its several parades associated with its annual Rose Festival for similar reasons.

A county Republican Party was scheduled to march in the parade and the city decided their presence "could incite demonstrations and violence," so they canceled the parade that had existed for more than 80 years.

This time even the ACLU disagrees with the mayor's attempt to cancel the pro-Trump event. They told the Washington Post, "It may be tempting to shut down speech we disagree with, but once we allow the government to decide what we can see, or hear, or who we can gather with, history shows us that the most marginalized will be disproportionately censored and punished for unpopular speech."

For decades the far Left progressives have marginalized Christians and conservatives. We are now at a point where it is almost a given that one complaint or one threatening letter can change the course of events in the classroom, the courtroom, city hall, and the community.

"Fed-up" would be an understatement.

Laura Ingram's organization "LifeZette" published an article yesterday titled, "Right Begins To Fight: Conservatives Launch Offensive Against 'Hate TV'."

They say, "Conservative groups are going on the offensive...and are pledging to use an 'army' of activists to stop the left-wing media's attempts at character assassination."

The tipping point for many is the all out attempt by the Left to take down Sean Hannity with threats of boycotting his sponsors.

Conservative Media Research Center put out a statement this week that "Every network and cable news channel is today on notice that MRC will be closely monitoring their leftist opinion programs and informing their advertisers and the American public when these programs and hosts go beyond political commentary and engage in smear, hate, and political extremism."

Various Tea Party organizations and others are joining the new "offensive."

Much of the attempts to undermine and destroy President Trump and all conservatives is funded by big, far Left money.

Media Matters is the leader of the left-wing attack organizations. Founded by Hillary Clinton and funded by Hungarian billionaire Gerorge Soros, they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to take down Glenn Beck, Fox Business channel's Lou Dobbs and others---now they have turned their focus on Sean Hannity who consistently supports freedom of speech, freedom of religion and conservative (biblical) values.

LifeZette asked Bozell why he has launched this newly energized effort, in that they have not been this aggressive in the past: "Because I'm sick and tired of these left-wing assassination campaigns. We're going to respond once and for all."

He says, "They've got the money, but we've got the following. They don't."

A time to take a stand.

Ephesians 6:10-13:

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. Put on the whole Armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the full Armour of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.


  1. I found myself hoping that conservatives do not get support from the ACLU, since that could give them a bad name. If the ACLU ever supports anything conservatives do, I'm thinking it may be time to step back and ask, "What are we doing wrong?"

  2. I think, in theory, the ACLU should good a good group to have around; It's just that they tend to be disproportionately leaning left in the application of their influence. In this case, I think their hand has been forced: i.e. if they didn't support this one, they would easily be called out on a clear political leaning, as opposed to the generally good ideals that they're supposed to stand for.

  3. Ha ha ha
    Mayor Wheeler says,"There is never a place for bigotry or hatred in our community."
    And by asking that this be revoked, that is EXACTLY what he is practicing... Bigotry!
    These nimwits do not even know or understand the very words they speak.
    How do these lunatics get elected? Oh, that's right, by other ignorant lunatics.

  4. One must wonder how this public assembly will differ from those sponsored by the left. I am thinking it will be much more civil (by those on the right, of course, but perhaps not by those who oppose them) and I am sure those on the right will leave the premises without depositing their refuse, etc. Again this is not applicable to those who oppose them.

  5. A Fundamental Question...

    ? What is the Mayor's logic here? Or is there any?

    The actions of someone who hates, or is a bigot are manifest in their "action against" those with whom they disagree. They are "negative" actions. I.E. (you can't be allowed to gather in public in favor of something or someone I disagree with) = action "against"...or (If you gather in support of someone I disagree with I will disrupt your gathering and shower you with hateful accusations/slander and physically intimidate you) = action “against”

    The Trump rally was not "against" anything, but rather "for someone"... an elected President they honestly support for what they believe positive reasons.

    I might believe Hillary Clinton is a hateful bigoted person, but that does not mean that I automatically believe that those who support her are hateful or bigoted if they exercise their constitutional right to “rally” in support of their favored Political personage. I am not motivated to take action against the or slander the, but to educate them to truth.

    Those who "hate" President Trump are different. They want to block, degrade, blame as guilty by association, verbally attack and slander, and physically intimidate Trump supporters.

    It is crystal clear to any 12 year-old which group is hateful and bigoted.

    MR MAYOR ..“If you are truly against hatred and bigotry you should begin by not personally demonstrating bigotry and hatred, and follow up by not supporting those who do so through their actions.” Instead you use your office to attempt to transfer the blame for a recent stabbing/murder to a peaceful group of people who had nothing to do with it, hoping to somehow justify your hateful and bigoted enterprise to shame, demean, and block those with whom you disagree from their Constitutional right to legally assemble peacefully.

    Hate Defined:
    a : intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of
    b : extreme dislike or disgust : antipathy, loathing

    Bigotry Defined: obstinate or intolerant devotion to one's own opinions and prejudices: the state of mind of a bigot overcoming his own bigotry

    Based on an honest evaluation of these clear definitions, it is patently clear to any thinking person where the “hate” and “bigotry” was and is surrounding this event.

    SHAME on you Mr. Mayor and on those you promote to dispense the hate you embrace.

    Truth is a lonely warrior…



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