Sunday, September 24, 2017

Seattle Seahawks React To President Trump And Our Flag

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Yesterday, the Seahawks decided to stay in the locker room during the playing of the National Anthem prior to their game in Nashville against the Tennessee Titans.

The reason?

They were reacting to comments made by President Trump on Friday.

The Seahawks released a statement just prior to game time yesterday that said this:

“As a team, we have decided we will not participate in the national anthem. We will not stand for the injustice that has plagued people of color in this country. Out of love for our country and in honor of the sacrifices made on our behalf, we unite to oppose those that would deny our most basic freedoms. We remain committed in continuing to work towards equality and justice for all. Respectfully, the players of the Seattle Seahawks.”

The Times reports, "In an interview on CBS yesterday, Coach Pete Carroll said, 'This is not about the president, I think the players and the owners have stepped to the front and they've showed you what they think of those comments. This is about something different...this is about a time marking its a new day right now. This is a time to change. Our players are ready to activate. They're ready to be the messengers of the change that is necessary...They're the ones who can reach the young people...This is so crucial that we take this opportunity and make the most of it'."

I am a Seahawks fan. I have never met Pete Carroll, but I have liked him as a public figure and coach. I love to watch football. I'm glad so many professional athletes, including Seahawks, claim to be followers of Jesus Christ. Christians.


I am among the growing millions who are becoming disgusted with the presumption of the football players who feel it is their mission and purpose to chastise the American public by publicly refusing to acknowledge our National Anthem and flag.

And I believe Coach Carroll is wrong. It "is" about the president...and our nation.

When Colin Kapernick began kneeling or turning his back toward the flag during the anthem, Barack Obama was president---it certainly was not about the president then. Kapernick, who played for the San Francisco Forty Niners (is now unsigned and not playing in the NFL), apparently had a different agenda.

Even the Left to far Left Seattle Times, Washington Post, New York Times and others are running headlines to this story that clearly indicate yesterday "was" about the president. And America.

And they love it.

Last Friday at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama, President Trump expressed his own personal feelings about professional football players who refuse to acknowledge the flag and our National Anthem.

The president said those players are disrespecting the flag and deserve to lose their jobs.

He said, "That's a total disrespect of our heritage. That's a total disrespect of everything that we stand for," while he encouraged the owners of the teams to take action.

The action he recommended was to fire those players.

"Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, you'd say get that [expletive] off the field right now. Out! He's fired," Trump told the crowd in Huntsville who were chanting "USA, USA."

While the Seahawk statement spoke to "injustices toward people of color," the comments of other coaches and spokespeople yesterday spoke in much broader terms---about injustices in general.

If it's discrimination against blacks, perhaps it would be helpful to remember that America fought a war, even pitting family members against one another in some cases, to right the wrongs of slavery.

A president was assassinated because he believed no man can own another man. And hundreds of thousands agreed, laying their own life on the line to abolish slavery.

The Civil War alone claimed 620,000 American lives, nearly half of the 1,264,000 Americans lives lost in all our wars.

And we have continued to pass anti-discrimination laws to insure equal opportunity under our law. In 2008, America elected her first black president.

America is the only country in history to fight a national, civil war over a moral principle.

Why bash our country for "inequities" when they could be grateful and contribute to the healing?

It's difficult to see athletes, many of whom are black, who are paid tens of millions---some hundreds of millions of dollars for their contract to play football, stand against our country and our president, dismissing the interests of the fans who in fact pay their salaries.

And it's also difficult to see them essentially standing on a flag that so many gave their lives for. And that so many of us love, and are proud of.

It is about the president. And it is about disrespect for our country.

In fact, in the game yesterday between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens in London, American players kneeled during the American anthem, then stood during "God Save The Queen, Britain's national anthem.

How would McDonalds respond if the kid working at the drive through window, after taking your money, announced he was going to lecture you about his social beliefs and concerns before he would give you your burger?

If the football players are calling for acceptance of the homosexual agenda---and some are, after taking the money of tens of millions of biblical Christians, they are asking us to disavow biblical teachings on the matter, including the teachings of Jesus Christ Himself.

The same would apply to abortion.

If the players are truly advocating for women's rights, they could encourage the millions who watch them play to become a Christian. Christianity has done more to elevate the value of women than any other belief system in the history of the world.

Whatever these "causes" may be, yesterday the NFL team owners and the NFL itself said, "Thanks for your money---now shut up and listen."

Not all football team owners agree.

Fox Business published an article yesterday in which Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboy's owner, weighed in with a different perspective than his colleagues.

He said, "I do not think this is the place to express yourself in society as we recognize the American flag. So that's not the place to do anything other than honor the flag and everybody that's given up a little bit for it."

KING 5 TV in Seattle was asking people on Facebook Live during half time of the Seahawk's game yesterday how they felt about the game.

King 5 says they were shocked when people began telling them they were not watching the game because they had turned it off after the "statement" the team made during the anthem.

Carmen Behnke told KING 5, "Leaving the Seahawks behind."

Beth Fehr told 5, "Turned TV off when they stayed in the locker room for the national anthem, bye, bye Seahawks. Final insult."

Tiffanie Rind said, "People gave their lives to protect and honor this we have silly football players thinking they can disrespect it???? Some nerve!"

Curtis Martin told KING 5, "BYE, BYE hawks, burning the 12 flag tonight. You don't respect my flag."

Chris Egan, who was hosting the Facebook Live session for KING 5, said there were some fans that didn't mind the protest but said, "I've never seen anything like this from Seahawk fans in all my 17 years covering the team."

Abraham Lincoln once said, " My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth."

It is, Mr. Lincoln. Many of us recognize this. And it is because of people like you and others of like mind who have given their all for their country.

Were he with us today, Lincoln might add his hope is that these overpaid, under informed athletes grow up and get a clue.

Professional football viewership has been in decline since Kapernick began his protest against the anthem last year.

This weekend may be a tipping point that the NFL and television did not anticipate.

No viewers--no money.

Be Informed. Be Thankful for our country.


  1. It started out with football players wearing pink to support a cause. My opinion is that all this should be left off the field. Let them do all that after the game. If the whole team wants to rally for some cause, let them do it outside the stadium or wherever, after the game. It shouldn't have any place on the field, and respect for our national anthem should not be sacrificed for any cause. This divides the nation. It weakens America. The NFL needs to wake up. They are being used.

  2. I have no interest in this year's football season.

  3. I too am totally disgusted with all those over paid football players that think they can take our money to watch them disrespect my flag and country and then expect me to watch them play a game. I would wish that all football fans would stay home for the next game their kneeling team plays and see how long those players keep their jobs and millions of dollars they get paid. When the owners find out how many AMERICANS really feel about this stupidity (kneeling when the anthem is played) maybe they will do something about it? These men take millions of dollars and then dis-respect our country and expect us to cheer them on? No thank you Russell. I won't watch another seahawks game til they honor the country that enables them to take home all that money!!

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  5. Here's my message: Stay in the locker room.

  6. Want more of a behavior reward it
    Want less of a behavior ignore it or punish it

    As long as we keep saying we died for them, we scarified for them they are going to milk it for all it is worth

    As hard as it is to believe, especially when we have been telling ourselves it for 150 years, the Civil War NEVER was about freeing the slaves.

    Think about it. If it was why didn't the North just free them?

    The Emancipation Proclamation freed only those in states in rebellion. Read it

    For the cry baby football players, life is what YOU make of it and if you cannot stand for the ideals the nation espouses, maybe the real problem is you have deluded yourself believing being against something is the same as hold ideals

    All it shows is you stand for nothing

    Which serves as proof of the brain damage football players get from playing the game

  7. so many hypocrites on the field. It's easy to sit down. It is hard to walk peacefully with love and grace like Martin Luther King. This is about rebellion and the attitude that one can do whatever they want to get whatever they want. Shame , shame, shame.....

  8. 8:55 Tell Abraham Lincoln it was not about abolition. You are deceived by revisionists. Of course there were other interests involved in the Civil War, but it was about slavery.

  9. Don't let them fool you. It is about politics and the left wing agenda. If not why then did the league trash a man (Tim Tebow) for his religious beliefs while kneeling on the field, threatens to fine players attempting to honor 911 with decorated cleats, will not let the Cowboys honor 5 fallen police officers with a small decal on their helmets while letting the behavior against our flag and county go on! The answer is obvious and I hope it hits them all in the pocket book like Kapernick! No NFL in my house for the foreseeable future. Go NASCAR!

  10. As a Christian I wear Jesus wherever I go. I do not like it when people tell me I have to keep my thoughts and beliefs at home or church. These athletes as well do not have to leave their thoughts at home. I have no problem with them making a statement. I do not like the statement but, that does not give me the right to ask them to stop their behavior. This is their fundamental right as Americans.

    Having said that, I must say my thoughts. Athletes and the team and league owners have a responsibility to the fans, (of which I have never been, nor plan to be). That responsibility can be taken away by those fans by simply looking to fill their time with something more mind and soul filling. Go on a camping trip with your family and worship your creator instead of a team of people that believe you have wronged them or their friends 100 years ago or yesterday.

    Don't like camping. Go to a hospital with your family pray for those who need strength. If you don't pray sit and talk with another human. Help their life.

    All this and more could be done in that time people spend preparing for and watching just one game.

    The result our children will have a better view of human life and a respect for it as well. No longer will they watch players hitting, yelling, and yes even cheating at a game most call fun to watch.

  11. Isn't this a free speech issue? Let's look at it.

    A cake maker has sincere religious objections to making a cake for a gay wedding and is prosecuted by the state for discrimination. His is a freedom of religion and free speech issue.

    Did these clowns have sincere religious objections to saying the national anthem? No. The sole reason they have suddenly en mass walked out is in protest. Nobody has the right to hijack your employer's venue to stage a political protest without consequences.

  12. I believe the President has authority, as Commander in Chief, to establish the rules for the display of the US flag. This is evident when the POTUS issues a proclamation for the flying of the flag at half mast. Under the current atmosphere of flagrant disrespect, President Trump should proclaim that the US flag not be displayed at sporting events.

    1. Anonymous -- You must be an ex Navy man. The President did not issue a proclamation to fly the flag at half mast. He made a proclamation to fly the flag at Half Staff. Only aboard ship do you fly the flag at half mast. On land, you fly the flag at half staff.

  13. I 100% agree with their right to protest in whatever peaceful way they desire, but I also 100% believe that disrespecting our flag, our anthem, our constitution, and our nation, is the wrong way to go about it.

    Their protests are an ignorant display of disrespect for the very set of beliefs that protects their rights to do so. How ironic...

    I have no interest in support the NFL by watching their games, supporting their advertisers, attending games, buying their merchandise, etc. They need to get their heads screwed on straight; They need to realize they're entertainers and I have no interest in funding the paychecks of entertainers that want to ram their politics down my throat, and especially not when their method of doing so is to disrespect our country, our flag, and all the men and women who have fought and sometimes given their lives to protect our rights. The NFL is just turning into another Hollywood. You want to protest, then do it on your own time and in a manner that doesn't further attempt to divide our country even more that it already is.

    Regardless of your political slant, if you don't believe in the values of our country, then why should anyone care about your opinion on issues related to this country any more than anyone from some other country. If you DO care about the values of this country and the freedoms you enjoy, then show it, and find other ways to protest things that believe to be injustices.

    Between the influences of public schools (which unfortunately, my kids picked up plenty of bad influence from), the agenda pushed in many colleges these days, and the constant exposure to the clearly agenda driven media these days, it's no wonder you end up with NFL teams full of a immature, but highly paid, tow-the-line agenda pushers. So sad. I continue to fear for the future of our nation, and my only hope is in God. We're NOT going to reverse all this without His help. Be prayerful for our nation.

  14. Holding a political view, or advocating for a cause, is one thing, but when we protest a nation's anthem, flag, or other symbol that represents the nation as a whole, we publicly declare our disrespect for that nation as a whole. I disagree with many things that my local, state or federal governments do, but I have not given up on my country to the point of disrespecting it's national emblems as a display of contempt for the nation as a whole.

    If there are injustices in America - and I'm sure there are some, though I have no idea what supposed injustices these players and teams are protesting - the proper course of action is for these millionaire athletes to donate to organizations that will hire lawyers to fight the injustices in court, or to campaign for candidates who will uphold the desired standards of justice.

    I will not be watching any Seahawks games this year, nor purchasing any Seahawks branded products. However, I may become a Cowboys fan, or a fan of any other team that will stand united in honoring our national emblems and the Constitutional republic which they represent.

  15. President Trump once again spoke a naked truth that victim-minded whiners and manipulators with a selfish political / ideological agenda don't want to face or to hear.

    Football players like basketball and others are entertainers and nothing more. They take the money of their "fans" and perform for that money. They are "privileged" to be paid millions of dollars to play a game that others enjoy watching. That privilege does NOT EXTEND to them forcing those paying to watch them play into a privilege to push their ideological racist rants at the expense of our flag and our National honor. If they want to hate America, for any reason, they should not be allowed to use their paid entrainment forum to do so.

    Our President is absolutely correct, what they are doing should precipitate their dismissal, not only from their privilege to be paid exorbitant amounts of money to entertain others, but also from the honor to be invited to the White House as "honored" guests.

    Anyone who cannot understand this basic truth is suffering from infection of politically correct psycho-babble and the delusion of vindictive and hateful racist oriented victim mentality that should be addressed as an illness.

    It is a sickness for anyone to believe they are somehow a better person because they can point the mistakes of others!

    Tearing down America has absolutely no positive or creative potential, but only the potential to generate increased hatred, racism, bigotry, and civil strife among a people of “all colors’ who should otherwise be proud to be united as “Americans”. No rational person should ever become convinced that it is a “good thing” to embrace personal “guilt” because of the color of their skin. From a mile up looking down, this is pure self-destructive stupidity!

    Don’t buy it about yourself, or about your country!

    And don’t fall into the trap of condemning your President for speaking the naked truth!

    Truth is a lonely warrior…

  16. Coaches just need to tell the team that it's time to grow up, and find a way to protest that doesn't harm, mar, or otherwise hurt others. This kneeling at the playing of the national anthem, injures the nation. It causes division. I bet you ten to one, the Devil is behind it. It's so Jezebelish.

  17. It is my understanding that the National Football League "requires" ALL PLAYERS to stand during the national anthem. This is a formal rule which the players and the coaches are required to follow. Refusing to do so should be met with heavy fines and eventual dismissal if the willful and intentional violations continue.

    Let us all pray for the delusions of those who embrace the notion that a bigoted policeman (be he white or black skinned), does not represent America.

    Truth is a lonely warrior...

  18. Truly disappointed in the Seahawks. To shame our Anthem and flag on a petty reason because of President Trump's comments (or so they say) or to stand with their colleages shows their heart.It is a betrayal and disrespect to their fans and fellow countrymen.This is not a 'stand for social injustice'-but to highjack a large podium to express someone's opinion. This all started with one man whose reasoning capacities are off. How easily swayed these rich, spoiled,indulgent athletes are. And the NFL being polluted as it is; greedy-do not even honor their rules - No conscience or convictions regarding honoring our country or being patriotic. They truly have bitten the hand that feeds them - their fans - this country. Our family is out! This has left a bad taste which cannot be taken back -It knocked the wind out of our sails. We are not watching any more football nor buying any products. There are more enjoyable, worthwhile activities to partake in- like more quality family time.

  19. Our family is out! This is betrayal,dishonor and disrespect to our country, flag and anthem. This has left a bad taste which cannot be taken back. Truly disappointed in the Seahawks. Thought they were a more patriotic team. NFL is polluted -greedy - no conscience or conviction regarding honoring our country and being patriotic. They have bitten the hand(s) that have fed them : their fans and this country.


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