Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Christian Left Responds To The "Nashville Statement"

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Recently I wrote that a number of Christian evangelical leaders drafted, signed and published a statement clarifying the biblical position on human sexuality and the role of male and female as God created us.

The Christian Left has responded with their own so-called "biblical statement" titled, "Christians United In Support of LGBT+ Inclusion In The Church."

They are twisting Scripture to affirm an agenda that stands in absolute contradiction of Scripture.

And calling it a Christian "reformation" of sorts referring it to Martin Luther and John Calvin.

The deception that has been perpetrated by entertainment and public education, is now being advanced in the church.

The so-called Christian Left is aggressively recruiting biblically uninformed Christians---and those who have spiritual needs or inclinations but are unaware of what the Bible actually teaches on some of our most pressing moral issues today, including human sexuality and the sanctity of life.

In fact, the "Christian Left" has created a welcoming web site that lays out their deceptive use of scripture with this: "Welcome home. You have found your tribe. Conservative Christians are wrong, and you've been right about Jesus all along."

They label the Pharisees and Sadducees the conservatives of their time, and Jesus the liberal, claiming that's why they killed Him.

Jim Wallis, a banner carrier for the so-called Christian Left with his "Sojourners" social justice movement has been twisting scripture and misleading many for a long time.

Now, a response has been created to the evangelical "Nashville Statement" on biblical teaching on human sexuality.

I wrote about it recently, because I have personally signed the Nashville Statement.

The response---"Christians United in Support of LGBT+ Inclusion in The Church" says, "As followers of Jesus Christ, we are compelled to bear witness to the love, grace, and truth of God in every generation.

Then this follows:

In every generation there are those who resist the Spirit's leading in various ways and cling to the dogmas and traditions that God is calling us to rethink and reform. Throughout our history, those who have been on the leading edge of the Holy Spirit's sanctifying work have often found themselves initially excluded, marginalized, and demonized by some of those within established Christian institutions. In the twenty-first century, we believe that the Church finds itself once again on the brink of a new reformation, one in which the Holy Spirit is calling us to return to the Scriptures and our traditions in order to re-examine our teachings on human sexuality and gender identity. 
For decades, many pastors, theologians, and reformers have boldly responded to the Holy Spirit's call and have stepped forward to call the Church to a renewed understanding of Christian teaching on sexuality and gender identity that includes, affirms, and embraces the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and non-binary, queer community as created and fully blessed by God and welcomed in to the life of the Church and society just as they are, without a need to conform to the heteronormative, patriarchal, binary sexuality and gender paradigm that Christianity has come to promote and embrace. As these prophetic voices have stepped forward, some within traditional Christian institutions have gone great lengths to demonize, exclude, and marginalize those who have faithfully followed the Holy Spirit's leading to reexamine Scripture and the tradition, claiming that these reformers were false teachers or heretics, and represented only a small percentage of Christians worldwide.
Over the past twenty years in particular, hundreds of thousands of followers of Christ around the globe have begun to respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and have come to understand the teachings of Scripture and our tradition to fully affirm, embrace, and celebrate the LGBT+ community and its relationships. Whilst some within the traditional Christian establishment have sought to minimize the growing wave of prominent Christian voices that have reformed their perspectives on LGBT+ inclusion, the undeniable truth remains that the so-called "traditional" Christian teaching on sexuality and gender identity is being abandoned for a more faithful, Christ-centered, and, we believe, more biblical understanding of sexuality and gender identity that magnifies the creativity of God and celebrates the wide diversity in God's creation of humanity.
A new day is dawning in the Church, and all Christians are being called to step out boldly and unapologetically in affirmation and celebration of our LGBT+ siblings as equal participants in the Kingdom of God. Therefore, in the hope of serving the Church of Jesus Christ and promoting greater reformation and reconciliation between the Church and the LGBT+ community, this coalition of Christian leaders offer the following affirmations and denials.

Following the above statement, they have published 10 affirmations and denials.

You need to read them because it is likely some pastors who did not sign their statement will integrate some or all of their "new theology" into their sermons.

You will note there are leaders and pastors from Washington State, Oregon, and Idaho who have joined others from across our country, and in Europe, in signing this statement.

You will also note that in their perversion of Scripture, twisting it to affirm homosexual behavior, they are also identifying with historical Christian Reformation such as that of Martin Luther and John Calvin.

And claiming their efforts are the leading of the Holy Spirit in our day.

This is the most destructive kind of deception. Appearing to agree with God, while shaking a rebellious, questioning fist in His face.

It happened in Genesis, and it's happening now.

In II Corinthians 11:14 Paul writes, "And no wonder! For Satan, himself transforms himself into an angel of light."

This is an illustration of that transformation.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.


  1. So many things going backwards these days because of catering to the homosexual agenda. Government did it, and we see the effects. One would think that churches would know better. Time for every congregant to speak up against the darkness, and leave if they do not change.

  2. Is that what the cross was about, so people could change their sexual identity, or whatever, so they could live however they want? Is that the message of the cross? I would rather not see God angry at America.

  3. In essence, they deny they have fell short of the glory of G-d, in this area of their life, and would have him be the maker of deception because your body, heart, mind, soul do not have to be one, they can all say something different.

    All of which would make a heaven with such a being hell, so as to be eternally tortured and tormented to never know peace.

    Which really tells us who is the source of this, the Father of all lies

  4. Thank you Gary for keeping the light on.

  5. How long will it take for that group to promote interspecies relationships?

  6. Matthew 24:24. 'Nuf said.

  7. Not long. Why wouldn't they?


  8. Thousands of words can be thrown against truth in an effort to compromise, re-direct, or insidiously adjust that truth. Most often in our current culture, truth has become synonymous with "desire". What "I want" to be "true" is increasingly seen as both valid and sacrosanct from challenges. When such challenges arise the challenge is not answered with a rational approach, but instead the challenger is attacked and discredited using uncharitable and unfounded accusations.

    The salient question here is, "What is God's truth", not "What do I think should be true". If I want to make God's truth harmonize with my "desired" truth, all I have to do is to intimidate or mislead God's family to embrace "my" truth. That will make me "feel" righteous and help me to quiet the voice of the Holy Spirit warning me not to condone sin and cause others to do the same. If I destroy His church in the process the self-righteous person will see this as a price worth paying.

    God hates sin. In 'truth', the Father cannot tolerate sin, which is why Adam and Eve had to learn to face death outside the Garden God had created for them to have an eternal relationship with Him. They refused God's 'single prohibition' and wanted to be "like God" by re-defining what was right. Our eternal Father allowed His innocent and only begotten son to die the most horrible death in order to provide a way to enable an eternal relationship with his children absent their un-justified sin.

    What God made is what God wanted, and once again man is deciding that God was in error and it should be different. God made a girl, but man decided He should have made a boy. God declared clearly that the Homosexual lifestyle is an abhorrent sin in His eyes, yet man is has decided instead that it is ‘love’.

    If I “do not” love the LBGT justifiers then I can do the easy thing, … affirm and encourage them. If I truly love them then I must do the difficult thing, chastise their sin, tell them the truth, and encourage them to turn back to the salvation Jesus died to enable them to receive in a loving and obedient love relationship.

    He was clear…”go and sin no more”.

    John 8:11 } "Then neither do I condemn you," Jesus declared. "Go now and leave your life of sin."

    Note He did not say, “leave and justify your life of sin”.

    Truth is a lonely warrior,

  9. The Word of God gives easy to understand and follow instructions for believers to observe when finding themselves in a church or setting where these kinds of things are taught and presented..."from such TURN AWAY." End of discussion. Thank you Lord.


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