Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Why Did President Trump Rescind DACA?

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Yesterday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced, "The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is being rescinded."

While most were not surprised---most everyone has an opinion.

Some think DACA is an act of Christian compassion, while others believe it is an act of lawlessness perpetrated by Barack Obama abusing his authority as president to advance his far Left agenda.

Why did President Trump rescind DACA?

A/G Sessions said in his press conference, "President Obama's 'unconstitutional' executive action cannot stand."

In enacting DACA, Obama "deliberately sought to achieve" what Congress repeatedly rejected," Sessions explained.

And he said the 44th President engaged in an "open ended circumvention of immigration laws."

He also said, "We cannot admit everyone who would like to come here."

Sessions also said, "This does not mean they are bad people. It simply means we are 'properly enforcing our laws'."

Some leaders in Congress, the press, and the public seem to disagree---they apparently believe we should not enforce our laws.

Is not enforcing the laws in America an act of compassion? Or chaos?

Far Left Progressives and other highly motivated politicians from both political parties have cleverly exchanged the word "fairness" for "compassion" while refusing to do what they were elected to do. Represent the people. Make decisions. Create laws that are to be enforced.

Compassion is a virtue---biblically based virtue, but "fairness" is an opinion. Subjective.

The redistribution of wealth seems fair to many. Obamacare is one of several attempts at redistribution.

President Trump is now being accused of rescinding DACA merely for political purposes. But many who support it do so for purely political purposes as well.

A/G Sessions, a devout Christian himself, says the reason for rescinding DACA is to properly enforce our laws.

Can a nation even exist with enforcing their laws?

DACA will not be a news story that evaporates tomorrow or the next day. It will linger and it will polarize.

The Seattle Times began their march yesterday with a feature story titled, "End of Life as we Know It: With DACA ending, Washington state Dreamer prepares for fight."

The main character of the Times story is Paul Figueroa, a DACA recipient who lives in Seattle and works as a legal assistant for state Representative Shelly Kloba, a Democrat from Kirkland.

Figueroa says he and his friends plan to press Congress to pass a new Dream Act this year.

"However," he says, "we're not going to be used as bargaining chips to put down our parents, to put down our friends."

He and his friends want their parents to have the same protection that they have had under DACA.

And he doesn't want to be called a "Dreamer" any longer. He says, "We've moved far beyond that."

Figueroa says for a long time he was angry about being brought to the US---being uprooted from his home in a small town in the Mexican state of Colima, about 500 miles due west of Mexico City.

He was 7 when he came. He is now 22.

He says he remembers the time when a legal resident drove he and his brother across the California border, while he tried to keep his younger brother quiet. His mother came later. Eventually, they made their way to Eastern Washington where they had extended family.

He has been educated at Gonzaga University through financial aid. He got a fellowship grant to attend a summer session at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs.

After school, he worked as an Eastern Washington field director for Sen. Patty Murray's re-election campaign.

He now "does every thing from running Rep. Kloba's office budget to helping arrange town-hall meetings."

He says only in recent years did he come to realize how bad things are in his home town in Mexico, and how good things are here in America.

Indeed, America is a great country.

Newspapers across the country will find people like Figueroa and tell their stories. Or they will publish pictures of very young children preparing themselves to be deported by "Trump."

This is not a true and honest portrayal of who these 800,000 DACA recipients really are.

Yesterday, Breitbart News published an article titled, "14 Things The MSM [ mainstream media]Won't Tell You About DACA."

I'll be talking about these 14 things today on our live radio program. You can join me from anywhere in the world at 9 AM PDT. Here's how.

While President Trump will certainly be characterized as mean spirited, purely politically motivated, etc., for rescinding DACA, there is another reason why I believe he did what he did, the way he did.

President Obama, by all accounts, overreached his presidential authority on a number of issues like the definition of marriage. His overreach included immigration.

He wanted to be a law unto himself. He was a law unto himself in too many cases.

For the past several years, Republicans have been able to hide behind the excuse that Obama overreached and there was nothing they could do about---thus avoiding making the decision.

It's one thing to denounce Obamacare and call for repeal and replacement. It has been quite another matter now that we have a Republican Congress, with a Republican president. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have miserably failed in my opinion.

I suspect DACA will also be as challenging for these public servants.

Congress, not the president, is to make law. President Trump has put the issue in the hands of those elected to make them.

Only 9% of Americans believe they are doing a good job, so it isn't likely they will have the ability to shed their political ambitions and actually serve the American people and their country on this issue.

We'll see.

I also think President Trump actually believes that laws are important to the sustainability of this nation.

History agrees with him.

So does former President Dwight Eisenhower, who said, "The clearest way to show what the rule of law means to us in everyday life is to recall what has happened when there is no rule of law."

Romans, chapter 13:1-7, gives the Christian a profile of the importance of authorities and laws.

We Americans are blessed. We have the opportunity to participate in electing the governing "authorities" and in influencing them once in office. And if we believe they are not serving we the people, we have the opportunity to elect someone else and replace them.

There are many examples in history that reminds us of what happens when we have no rule of law.

Be informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Bold.


  1. Sessions is backwards. It was Obama's doing that was unconstitutional, and President Trump is putting it on congress to fix it.

  2. Correction. Seems I misread what was written. Yes, it was Obama's actions that were unconstitutional as Sessions said, and that I misread. Sessions is on track.


    1. Correct, thank you, AG Jeff Sessions is correct and doing a great job for America!!!

    2. Correct, AG Jeff Sessions is doing a great job for America!!!DACA IS ILLEGAL AND AGAINST OUR CONWSTITUTION AND MUST BE SHUT DOWN!!!

    3. Correct AG Jeff Sessions is doing a great job to protect our Beloved America!!! DACA is totally Illegal
      and against our Constitution and must end!!!

  3. The law first brings peace for our orderly existence, so we are not bumping into each other and stepping on each others toes.

    Then forms a dome around us so that we are free to do all that does not harm another and keeps all those who do not live by the rule outside from harming us.

    Until we allow those who would enter without submitting to the law

    This is not about some poor illegal alien but our very existence

    You cannot undermine the law and still have it, and all that is outside the law is violence

    It changes nothing to forgive a crime if the one who committed it still has not submitted to the law

    This like a permissive parent who excuses their children their every misbehavior until they are such little tyrants their parents do everything they want to avoid setting them off on a tirade.

    And anyone who things they have seen the end of the demands which will be made upon them by those who have no respect for your laws, thus you, is fooling themselves in the extreme. It is a threat to your life.

  4. The way things were going, it's like anybody who showed up on American soil were apparently supposed to be treated as if they are full blown American citizens or something. But that's not right, and it's not capricious to say so. We do and should have laws to protect this nation from whatever kind of infiltration, kids, baby anchors, whatever.

  5. I keep saying it....Mexico for one example, is not a "poor nation" without resources. It has many resources and companies there who can provide jobs, food, housing, infrastructures like universal education, sewage and garbage disposal, help for those in need. Unfortunately, it also has one of the most corrupt, selfish, self centered, do nothing for the people governments on earth! Giving this nasty situation aid and comfort is not right. American foreign aid dollars and the billions of dollars "dreamers" send back to family members in these countries, float these corrupt governments. It is not helping the many Mexican or Saudi or Filipino citizens left behind for America to allow tyrants to continue to abuse their people and suck our nation dryof tax dollars. Where is the U.N. when we need them???

  6. To argue that we should not enforce "all" our laws is essentially an act of treason. If citizens do not like the Constitution and the laws passed by the Congress, then they have a vehicle provided by the Constitution to change it. Demeaning our laws with subjective attacks using words like "fairness" and "equality", then assuming that the use of these words justifies actions in violation of the law is in truth a criminal activity. Our past President was a criminal in office. Our current President is not.

    If freedom and liberty mean anything, those individuals and nations who succeed should have a choice as to whether or not they wish to give away their successes to those who have not succeeded. God intended charity to be an individual choice, but it ceases to be meaningful when it is mandated and enforced by the power of government, and it is morally and ethically wrong to do so.

    Those who do not have will always want to take from those who do have, and will reach to any and all justifications and tools for doing so. This is why every mature Socialistic movement in history as turned into a Totalitarian State.

    Truth can be ignored, but it does not change what is true.

    Truth today is a lonely warrior

  7. Today's news on a local radio station in Portland Oregon reported that it is now up to Congress to "save" DACA.

    This is NEWS?

    The word "save" suggests that DACA is being attacked with a goal to destroy it. A truthful report would be that it is up to Congress to legally "approve", "enable", or even "authorize" DACA.

    First, the use of the word "save" indicates a clear bias, which converts "news" into "indoctrination" which may better be described as pure "propaganda". It says that DACA is under attack, and infers that DACA should be left alone. BOTH ARE UNTRUE.

    DACA was created by an illegally by single politician who ignored his duty, the law, and the Constitution he sword to defend and uphold with his hand on the Bible. (That means swearing an oath to the God of Abraham, Issac, and Joseph. Hmmm….

    President Trump swore to uphold and defend the Constitution. That means to uphold and defend the law, something our prior President repeatedly refused to do. Our current President is determined to correct the illegal and unconstitutional violations Obama created with his "desk and his pen", and which the Congress is legally and morally required to have opposed and corrected.

    President Trump put it clearly, it is time for Congress to do their job, suggesting truthfully that they have not been doing so, a message they need to hear from citizens as well.

    An American People who do not recognize this are a people who have lost their affinity for and loyalty to truth, replacing it with personal political and ideological un-truths as embraced by the “Collective” of the New World Order initiative.

    All Americans who recognize this have a moral obligation to point out the "truth" and stand tall boldly proclaiming it. Our nation was granted to us by God in response to the sacrifices of brave men and women.

    In the hands of moral cowards who either embrace or allow untruth to rule, America cannot survive.

    Truth is a lonely warrior,

  8. Gary we believe anyone that has broken our laws in being in America Illegally should be removed, America is suppose to be a Nation of Laws and the cost in breaking our Immigration Laws is taking a huge toll on American Citizens with Crime and Costing Billions of $. So glad President Trump is going after MS-13 the most violent gang in the World and over 11,000 here in America. Drug Cartels and Terrorists have been crossing our open borders for years and this must be stopped and they must all be arrested!!!


    Chuck Miller Camas WA.


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