Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Seattle Homosexual Coffee Shop Owner Refuses Service To Christians

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A Christian pro-life group was ejected from a Seattle coffee shop by it's homosexual owner.

The reason?

The owner, Ben Borgman, told the Christians, "I'm gay. You have to leave."

One of the Christians said, "Are you denying us service?"

Borgman said, "Yeah, I am."

An interesting message from the City of Tolerance.

The Christians are part of a pro-life group called, "Abolish Human Abortion" (AHA).

They refer to themselves as Christian abolitionists.

They are peaceful and had been out on the streets of Seattle for a couple of days passing out anti-abortion materials and sharing Christ with people on the street.

The kids decided to take a break and go into the "Bedlam Coffee" shop in downtown Seattle.

According to all I have read, the kids did not engage anyone in the coffee shop.

They say, "We had nothing on us, we weren't distributing anything. We bought coffee and went upstairs."

Within minutes of their arrival, the barista ran up the stairs and into the back room to alert the owner the pro-life kids were in the shop.

A moment later the owner, Borgman, burst into the room shouting, "You have to leave."

Caytie Davis, one of the pro-life young people, says, "We were all taken aback because we had no idea what he was talking about."

The owner then showed them a pamphlet he said he had found and demanded to know if it belonged to them.

The pamphlet, shown in this link features an image of an aborted child, as well as rainbow-colored imagery with the words, "Love Hasn't Won Yet," along with an explanation of what the rainbow means according to Scripture--a symbol of God's longsuffering mercy toward sinners.

Davis says, "None of us dropped the pamphlet in his store. But we told him, yes, it was one that we had been handing out in the city and asked where he'd found it. He told us he found it outside."

When the pro-life kids asked why they had to leave, the owner told them, "This offends me."

Jonathan Sutherland, one of the pro-lifers, says he pointed out that the piece of literature had been found outside on public property, not inside his store, but the owner repeatedly kept cutting him off saying, "Shut up! Shut up!"

Sutherland than said, "So you're not willing to tolerate our presence?"

The owner replied, "Will you tolerate my presence?" Sutherland assured him they would...adding, "We're actually in your coffee shop."

The owner responded, "Really? "If I go get my boyfriend and..."

At that point, the outrage and words of the owner became so vile and descriptive that I am not going to include them in this article. They not only include acts with his "boyfriend" but some of his remarks are directed at Jesus Himself.

By this time the pro-lifers had gotten out their phones and turned on the video.

Caleb Head, one of the pro-life group, says, "Well, we don't want to watch that," to which the owner replies, "Well then I don't have to**** tolerate this. Leave! All of you! Tell all your ****** friends, don't ***come here."

The pro-life Christians said they would leave, however as they left, Caytie Davis took the opportunity to share the gospel with the owner. She said, "Just know that Christ can save you from that lifestyle."

To which the owner replied (with profanities), "I'm not going to be saved by anything."

After they left, Davis said, "They had pretty good coffee, but the service sucked."

Sutherland commented, "Seattle has proved itself to not be tolerant."

However, they all said the treatment was hypocritical in light of recent public discrimination cases involving Christian business owners who have had to fight lawsuits over graciously declining---without all the profanities and rage, I would add--- baking a cake or arranging flowers for a so-called same-sex "wedding."

As you likely know, this incident comes as the Supreme Court is preparing to hear the case of Jack Phillips, the Christian baker who was ordered by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission to create a wedding cake for a homosexual couple.

The Court will hear the case this fall.

The video taken by the pro-life kids, as you can imagine, has gone viral.

The Bedlam coffee shop, Seattle's bastion of tolerance, has gone on defense.

They are all over social media explaining that the incident was taken out of context, claiming the pro-life kids came into the coffee shop with the intent to create a confrontation on video, and that the kids are "working for Satan," while the owner, Mr. Borgman, is reminding everyone he was raised Catholic.

Dave Ross, KIRO radio's so-called voice of tolerance in Seattle, was on the air yesterday with a commentary trying to somehow create "equity"---"both were wrong. Can't we just get along."

Sure Dave, now that the "Bedlam" owner has made a fool of himself and the other apostles of tolerance, let's just forget about all this.

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has much taxpayer money?..going after a Richland grandmother---Barronnel Stutzman--the florist who graciously declined to arrange flowers for a homosexual "wedding" several years ago because of her deeply held religious beliefs.

Will he go after this guy for refusing to serve a Christian group of pro-life activists...and berating them because of their religious beliefs, while blaspheming Jesus?

Even if these young Christians file a lawsuit---and from what I hear they aren't planning to do so---I seriously doubt that Ferguson would show the same passion in prosecuting them as he has Mrs. Stutzman and other "intolerant" "bigoted" Christians.

Besides, the laws are written to honor the homosexual's behavior, not those of the Christian.

Ben Crenshaw, with Ryan T. Anderson's "Witherspoon Institute" has written an article titled, "Shut Up, Bigot!: The Intolerance of Tolerance."

His premise is "Conservatives are called bigots because those who embrace the new sexual mores are beholden to the new tolerance as a plausibility structure. Postmodern liberals cannot comprehend the idea that one could simultaneously reject a belief and accept the person who holds it."

Christians can and do hate the sin, while not hating the sinner because all of us are sinners---Christians are sinners saved by the grace of God through acceptance His Son Jesus Christ as our personal Savior.

Bigotry is defined as "intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself."

The emergent "new tolerance" of the last two generations has fostered the notion that all views are seen as equally valid and equally true---there is no absolute truth--- and to reject someone's view of, say sin, even on the basis of biblical teaching, is to reject the person and to be an intolerant bigot.

This is why the rejection of same-sex "marriage," homosexual practice, and transgenderism is said to be an attack on the dignity of the people who practice those lifestyles.

Consequently, laws are written to punish those who hold different views, including deeply held religious biblical views.

This episode at the "Bedlam Coffee" shop is a clear example.

Crenshaw says, "The larger question is what will the future of American society and culture be? Will it be a place for true tolerance, where competing ideas and visions of human flourishing are openly and respectfully debated in the public square? Or will the new tolerance create a totalitarian regime that controls both private thought and public engagement through accusations of bigotry while masquerading as enlightenment and progress?"

He says, "It's up to American citizens to decide. We must not be intimidated, and we must not be silenced, for freedom and flourishing of an entire culture and her people are at stake."

Be informed. Be Discerning. Be Bold. Be Faithful Be Prayerful. Be Free.


  1. Those who are with the homosexual agenda, are not tolerant. They are bullies, and they want to force their ways on everyone. Children are often their targets. The government has been promoting them to a level above everyone else, and this is what happens.

  2. Didn't it used to be that people were arrested for talking like that in public? Amazing how America has changed. A business owner talking like that. Who would have thought? Homosexual behavior should be illegal in America.

  3. While all of this is quite horrible, it strikes me that if Christians were to demand to be served by homosexual business owners, that the reverse would also be true. There are lots of places to get coffee, just as there are many establishments who cater weddings.

  4. "it strikes me that if Christians were to demand to be served by homosexual business owners"

    Those are labels and since no one has them emblazoned on the forehead, yet, how do you know who is who?

    What the homosexual agenda is demanding is everyone needs to provide service specially tailored for homosexuality

    So the matter before the Supreme Court is not about WHO is served but WHAT is served

    The Supreme Court opened a can of worms because the law is what is common to all, but now, thanks to the homosexual agenda perverting it, we have multiple types of marriage, man/woman, man/man, woman/woman.

    What is absurd about it and ironic at the same time, only the two individuals to be in the marriage can discriminate against all other marriage types in selecting the one best for them but no one outside the marriage can

    It is the same modus operandi being used with transgender, everyone else has to change their thinking to fit what the person confused about their gender thinks there gender is

    Which just by its mechanics makes it the complete opposite of tolerance. It is totalitarian, a select few telling everyone else what they can and cannot do, and can and cannot think.

  5. The mask has slipped. For all of the carefully controlled sound bites of tolerance, this coffee shop owner did not get the memo. I also noted that the video was no longer available on youtube. Hmmm

  6. This would appear to be a clear case of illegal discrimination and should be prosecuted as such. Protection on the basis of "sexual orientation" also includes a person's "thoughts, attitudes and practices pertaining to sex." So my belief that homosexual sex is morally wrong has the same level of legal protection as someone else's homosexuality.

    The difference here with the Christian baker who won't do a gay wedding cake is that his beliefs are animated by sincere religious beliefs and also his is a free speech issue. In the case here the proprietor has no such defense.

  7. I was able to find the video, and while it was highly offensive to listen to, the attack was on Christ, not the people. The Christian mandate is to suffer for Him, and that is such a small thing to have to go somewhere else to have coffee. The whole "rights" fight is contrary to our Christian mandate to take up our cross and follow Him. Our rights are to be persecuted for His Name's sake, and to be a servant of all. I will say that though the victims were clear in that their fundamental rights being violated, they responded with love. This is the flag of peace and love they should be carrying. However, I do not know what the flyer represented. It may have been very offensive in it's speech about homosexuality. Clearly the owner was angry, but also clear was the focus of his anger was God Almighty, and the people who sponsored the flyer whatever it was were targeted for that reason. Clearly persecution, but not random or without a reason. We don't know what that flyer said, but clearly it is inciting some strong emotions in the owner. Basically, we don't have the whole picture, but we can assume persecution on some level, rights violation, and the appearance of a godly response on the part of the victims. I believe that our nation could not get any further from godly, and that it is our responsibility as Christians to show we live in Christ at every opportunity. I am not certain about our responsibility to defend our rights, Some won't agree with me, but this is just my take on the whole thing.

    1. Kathy Kerber
      You stretch the truth when you say the owners anger was pointed at Christ only.
      He clearly said all your friends are not welcome here or some such.
      He was totally offensive and out of control.

  8. Let's keep in mind the young people did not demand service, they just went in and ordered. It was their presence in the shop that caused the owner to react. They did not resist. They left. This is different than gays demanding services and suing when they are denied.

  9. Wow, what a jerk. But it sure sounds like he's just exercising his religious freedom.

    1. You're kidding right?
      He clearly threatened the people in his shop, who assembled peaceably, bought coffee from him, were not intruding upon anyone else... His physical demeanor was threatening. His vulgar language was offensive.
      Clearly he was overcome by the devil.

  10. File a human rights violation with the city based upon religious discrimination and hate speech towards their religion. It needs to be done because our laws are set up to address it against gays and religious views. File. Make the executive appointed agency work on this blatant rejection.

  11. "This video is unavailable" - do you have another link?

  12. This utube link worked yesterday..


  13. The owner clearly was refusing to serve these folks and asked them to leave based entirely on something they had done outside of his business in public. He was not asked to sacrifice his beliefs by serving them; he clearly said he refused to serve them because he was offended by something they did outside his business.

    There is no basis for his refusal to serve outside of the above true facts. This is by definition bigotry and there may well be city ordinances against the language he was using in a public place. Prejudicial harassment was part of the blend, and there was also physical intimidation (battery) based on this friends trying to charge forward toward these folks with the owner "holding them at bay".

    It would be interesting to know if the owner thinks Mohammed is "hot" as well, and if the "offenders" had been Muslims he may well have behaved differently.

    Throughout history Christian persecution has always been unchecked when it raised it's ugly head when there was no accountability by any ruling/governing power and when the Christians could be counted upon not to defend themselves.

    After Wycliffe started the challenge to papal Christianity by translating the Bible and encouraging people to read it the persecution of him and his followers by the Roman church was increasingly deadly and vicious. The papal roman church formed an army in the late 15th century to attack Bohemia and failed numerous times even though they had massive advantage in numbers, because the defenders stood up for their rights and defended themselves. It appeared that God intervened as He has multiple times in Israel.

    As Christians we need to pray, and we need to stand boldly for truth and defend ourselves. Acting otherwise is to encourage the progression and growth of sin on the part of the persecutors via positive reinforcement.

    Truth is a lonely warrior

  14. The disgusting language of the owner of the coffee shop is horrific. Regardless of any person's viewpoint, this is not the way to treat a person. And the young people maintained their composure which was commendable. I noticed the coffee shop has a "Gay Pride" flag flying outside. It's not politically correct, but maybe folks shouldn't frequent this shops. Especially if this type of harassment is "acceptable" in Seattle.

  15. As much as you folks want to make this guy the poster child of progressive gay rights supporters - he's not - and all but the extreme fringe know it. But enjoy this moment for all it's worth.


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