Monday, October 02, 2017

Some Seahawks Not "Moving Forward" With Pete Carroll

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Some of the multi-millionaire NFL player's deep convictions over "injustice," "inequity," hate for our country, ignorance, or whatever was motivating them last Sunday has apparently waned in the past 7 days.

Or have at least been hidden from public view.

Last Sunday, more than 180 professional football players publicly dishonored our country and showed disrespect for our flag during the National Anthem, by kneeling, turning away from the flag---or even doing warm-up exercises, as one did, during the anthem.

However, last night on their nationally televised home game, the Seahawks defensive line sat on the bench looking distracted during the national anthem, not exactly reflecting Coach Carroll's statement to the press that the Seahawks are moving forward now.

One week ago yesterday, about 180 NFL players "took a knee" as they say, in protest to the "injustices" and "inequality" of America, by disrespecting our flag and our country during the National Anthem.

Yesterday there were fewer sitting, however, some held their clenched fist in the air as they stood.

KING TV 5, who carried the game in Seattle last night---a game that I neither attended or watched on television---reported that "the Seahawks took the field ahead of the national anthem before Sunday's game ....Several members of the defensive line sat on the bench, including defensive end Michael Bennett."

Century Link Field, as usual, was sold out. However, there was some booing from the crowd regarding the guys who sat during the anthem, KING 5 reported.

Seahawk fans are well aware of former Seahawk Marshawn Lynch---now with the Raiders. Yesterday during the pre-game warm-up, he wore a t-shirt that said, "Everybody vs. Trump."

The Daily Caller said yesterday afternoon, "There was a massive public outrage directed at NFL players who refuse to stand during the national anthem, and President Trump has been hammering the league for allowing players to take a knee."

The Caller says, "It looks like the war between NFL players, the fans, and President Trump is nearing an end. The fans and President Trump clearly coming out on top."

Clearly, some things have changed over the past 7 days, but the protest is not settled---some have merely put on a different mask, others have not even bothered to change masks.

I think the Caller may be overly optimistic.

One thing seems to be certain. There is much deception woven into this affair.

Yahoo Finance headlined their story on the issue by saying, "America is about equally divided on the matter, based on a poll taken by the NFL."

ESPN told sports fans, "One week after President Donald Trump criticized NFL players for protesting during the national anthem, Americans say they are paying close attention to the story and are divided in their attitudes about the protests."

Both said the NFL poll found about 62% say they will watch less pro-football going forward. Yahoo says they "based the 62% on how certain questions were answered and not answered."

Newspapers and news websites across the country re-published the Yahoo story yesterday---you may have heard or saw the story.

That story is not true.

According to the raw data, the actual poll responses tell a very different story.

The raw data shows that when asked, "What has changed about your relationship with the NFL?", 80% said they will watch less football on TV because of the controversy and more than 53% said they were more supportive of President Trump since his remarks that "the protests are disrespectful to the US, its flag and the men and women in the military and law enforcement who sacrifice to protect all Americans."

In fact, 77% said they believe it is wrong for players to kneel during the National Anthem.

It's also worth noting that 79% of respondents said they are a football fan.

It's also noteworthy that, when asked if they're not watching football on TV will be a short term or long term change of heart: 74% of fans said their change of heart was permanent, and only 3% said it was temporary.

The deception has another face as well.

Football player Colin Kaepernick personifies this movement to disrespect our flag and country. He was the first player to take a knee last season.

He has now moved on to donating some of his money to his cause.

A quick look at his benefactors is revealing.

The Washington Times says Kaepernick's foundation has donated $25,000 to a foundation named for the convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur.

They say the $25,000 donation went to Assata's daughters, whose stated mission is to "develop and train young people, ages 4-19, in the Black queer feminist tradition and the spirit of Assata."

Another $2,500 went to a program called "Cop-Watch" which trains volunteers to follow and video police officers.

And $15,000 went to something called "Teen Workshops."

This is part of a $1 million dollar pledge he has made to this organization.

While Kapaepernick has made some donations to worthwhile causes in the past, his clear focus at present is toward the Shakur group. This is not surprising, in that he has publicly referred to cops as "pigs" and has compared cops to "slave catchers." Now it appears that he getting off his knees and putting his money where his mouth is.

Seattle Seahawks' coach Pete Carroll told the Seattle Times Wednesday, "This week is about moving forward. It's about making a difference."

Clearly, the Seahawk defensive line did not "move forward" this week---nor did many of their fellow football players.

Will the fans move forward?

Last night at the beginning of the Seahawks game, NBC made a great effort to inform the public that the players do not disrespect our country or those who serve it, however, there is a hollowness about the claim that they are merely trying to bring attention to the injustices.

Last night the Seahawk defensive line sat down during the national anthem.

The fans and the public are left to sort out how they feel about the player's protest against our flag, our country, and the president, while claiming it isn't about the president and they aren't disrespecting our country.

In sorting it out, millions of people who enjoy watching football will be asking themselves some serious questions.

I personally believe, for the most part, this "protest" is driven by those who have a hatred toward this country, but are more than willing to reap the benefits of the greatest country in the history of the world.

I believe many, not all, but many of these millionaire protesters have been so indoctrinated by the Left in education, entertainment and even some churches---remember Obama's pastor Jeremiah Wright---that they have come to embrace Pastor Wright's and others negative view of our country. While becoming champions for black reparations for slavery.

Some in that movement are demanding a payment of about $1.4 trillion---$142,000 for every black American living today.

One thing is certain. Deception is destructive. And so is greed.

This is about more than football.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.


  1. Who but BLM could take the NFL to it's knees? Too bad it's not in a godly way. If BLM actually spoke with the police, statistics would prove they would be preaching to the choir, so they take to the streets, gain a few followers, and bam!, there goes the NFL.

  2. You know? ...all this snow flaky stuff going on today, reminded me of all the talk from the howling man, from the Twilight Zone episode, The Howling Man.

  3. If the NFL chooses to side with players who openly show dis-respect for our country and flag then they should be forced to change their name. They should no longer be allowed to call themselves the National Football League since they no longer support the Nation that has allowed them to be successful in their chosen field of endeavor.

  4. The NFL is a monopoly. It'll survive this just fine, and then we'll move on to Trump's next big divisive distraction.

  5. For far too long, too many Christians have supported the gawdy, tawdry gladitorial sports like professional football, overlooking the reality of what these "sports" are really, sex traffiking, alcoholism, drug abuse, physical violence, etc. Now the NFL mask of decency and respect is slipping. Good.

  6. The social purpose of professional sports is entertainment; a distraction from all the stress around us. If that type of controversy attaches to professional sports it has failed at its objective and is no longer fun to watch.

    We will see what happens to viewership levels.

  7. What I liked about football is the rules, the fairness of it all, the regulations, the professionalism, because without all the rules, all you would have is a chaotic, and dangerous situation. The NFL should get penalized for this one. It's only fair.

  8. Professional Football and Basketball players are nothing more than overpaid entertainers. They DO NOT have any right to be promoting their racist political agendas in the face of those who paid dearly to be entertained. Imagine a movie, play, or TV actor deciding to rebel against the script and interrupt with a personal political temper tantrum. The NFL is reported to have contractual rules that require players to "stand" during the national anthem, with provisions for fines and more serious penalties for repeat offenses. Is the great NFL capable of standing tall for their own regulations, or are they weaklings who cave to political correctness as do most College Administrators in today’s unbelievable times?

    If one travels the world they will see that America is one of the "least" racist nations on the planet (although the growing numbers of black citizens who make a life-style out of blatant racism against those who have "white skin"). They will also see that “slavery” is alive and well in nearly every country as well.

    It is time for truth to be spoken...when one race condemns another because of their skink color…it is “racism”. Skin color does not make a person hate others, that is a personal choice. In America people of color at treated with kid gloves, given advantages over people with white skin, allowed to profess blatant racism without censure, and generally tolerated beyond what a normal six-year old would be entitled to when throwing a temper tantrum. Black political leaders, actors, and sports idols are ginning-up their own race to gain profit and power at the expense of their people. These antics can only bring more hate and violence.

    The concept of reparations is truly ridiculous. At least 300,000 white men gave their lives to free slaves in America. What "reparations" are their ancestors owed by those families who are no longer slaves? What about the multitude of black slave owners in the South at the time of the Civil war? Are their ancestors "guilty by skin color" and deserving to be singled out as a target for reparations? Every race in the World has experienced slavery at one point or another in history...yet only those in the most prosperous and entitled nation in the world are demanding "reparations".

    America and Britian are the only two nations in history that took action to eliminate the common world-wide practice of slavery within their own borders. This should make us all proud as Americans. It is time for truth to be spoken boldly , and for ALL AMERICANS to come TOGETHER as one.

    If "Caucasians" gather together to promote their "race", they are despised, condemned as “racists” and openly hated. When Black folks gather together to promote their race they are cheered and encouraged. How can this not be “racism” in action by any definition?

    Skin color will stop mattering when people stop using it as a weapon against each other, and not until then.

    Truth is a lonely warrior,

  9. The best thing we can do against racism, is to do something sacrificial for someone of a different race. There is so much opportunity, a good remedy, it seems to me.


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