Tuesday, January 02, 2018

"Make America Gay Again"--Greets Pence Family In Aspen

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While most of America, and the world, was celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the neighbors to a house Vice President Mike Pence and his family was using to get away for a few days during Christmas break, became the target of homosexual activists.

The neighbors placed a large banner on the stone pillar that sits at the entrance to the shared driveway.

The message?

"Make America Gay Again."

This episode, in isolation, is probably not a big deal, but it symbolizes the impact the homosexual movement is having on the American culture. And the sophisticated way in which it is being administered to manipulate and convert the public.

Neighbors to the house the Pence family was using in Aspen, Colorado this past week, put out the "Make America Gay Again" banner to greet the Vice President and his family as they arrived in Colorado to get away for a few days.

The press said, "Neighbors who were responsible for putting up the banner said they were a little fearful of how the secret service people might respond, but did it anyway."

According to the Aspen Times, the secret service was okay with the sign and told the homosexual activists they [the secret service] "were not there to control your free speech rights."

The Aspen newspaper also is reporting that the activists then brought out chili and began feeding the secret service guys. Apparently, a good time was had by all. Great party.

The press says, "LGBTQ people have peacefully expressed their disdain for Pence's views previously, throwing a 'queer dance party' outside his house in Washington DC." And the Aspen Times says this was really a rather normal response by LGBTQ activists.

The newspaper concluded its article with, "Keep it up, y'all."

It is true that Mike Pence holds a biblical worldview. And that his view includes what the Bible teaches about human sexuality and marriage.

According to biblical teaching, same-sex sexual relations are an "abomination" and so-called "same-sex marriage" is not marriage.

Marriage is a union created by God Himself at Creation, long before any organized human society existed, and only exists between one man and one woman.

This model for marriage has been affirmed by every successful society in the history of the human race, and by every major religion in human history.

Until the past few decades.

The Pence family will be fine. They've been harassed and bullied by homosexual activists before.

But if we continue stumbling toward Sodom, will we as a country be OK? History says we won't.

How did we get to this point of acceptance and affirming of a behavior the Bible so strongly condemns? And offers healing and deliverance from.

If you look at the many legal cases in our courts today that are related to homosexual advocacy and behavior---including the US Supreme Court--you will note that the cases involve not only forcing people of differing views to be tolerant and accepting of homosexual behavior but more recently forcing people to "affirm" the behavior in their speech and creative work, i.e. bakers, florists, photographers, etc.

This transformation of America's mind has not been accidental. It has been deliberate.

In 1989, a book titled, "After The Ball--How America Will Conquer its Fear and Hatred of Gays In The 90's," immediately became a beacon for the then emerging homosexual movement.

This book was built on the basic strategies outlined in a 1987 article by Marshall Kirk titled, "The Overhauling of Straight America."

In the book, Kirk, along with Hunter Madson who held a doctorate in Politics from Harvard and an expert on public persuasion tactics and social marketing, advocated a three-part strategy to change the minds of Americans regarding homosexual behavior.

The article's 3 part strategy involved:

  1. Desensitization
  2. Jamming
  3. Conversion 

There is a great deal of information about these tactics in the link above.

The book, "After The Ball, How America will conquer its fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90's" outlines these 6 steps to radically changing the mind of America regarding homosexual behavior.

The following are the 6 steps in quotations, with a few of my own observations which are not in quotations.

1. Talk about Gays and Gayness as Loudly and as Often as Possible

They say the principle here is simple; "almost any behavior begins to look normal if you are exposed to enough of it at close quarters and among your acquaintances. The acceptability of the new behavior will ultimately hinge on the number of one's fellows doing it or accepting it."

2. Portray Gays as Victims, Not as Aggressive Changers

"In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be cast as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to assume the role of protector."

3. Give Protectors a Just Cause

"A media campaign that casts gays as society's victims and encourages straights to be their protectors must make it easier for those who respond to assert and explain their new protectiveness."

This is why the homosexual movement has tried to equate ethnicity with sexual behavior. And many have bought the lie.

"The homophobes clothe their emotional revulsion in the daunting robes of religious dogma, so defenders of gay rights must be ready to counter dogma with principle."

4. Make Gays Look Good

"In order to make a gay victim sympathetic to straights you have to portray him as Everyman."

This section of the book teaches homosexuals how to use the press to feature favorable stories about gays who have done good or notable things, how to use straights who have "converted" to advocate for gays and how to use celebrities to endorse homosexual behavior as a civil rights issue.

5. Make the Victimizers Look Bad

"After other gay ads have become commonplace, it will be time to get tough with remaining opponents. To be blunt, they must be vilified...Our goal here is two-fold. First, we must seek to replace the mainstream's self-righteous pride about its homophobia with shame and guilt. Second, we intend to make the anti-gays look so nasty that average Americans will want to dissociate themselves from such types."

"The public should be shown images of ranting homophobes" such as "Klu Klux Klan demanding gays be burned alive or castrated; bigoted southern ministers drooling with hysterical hatred to a degree that looks both comical and deranged..."

6. Solicit Funds: The Buck Stops Here

"Without access to TV, radio, and the mainstream press, there will be no campaign."

So how does the Pence poster fit into this scheme?

Again, I'm quoting the homosexual plan from the section on "Conversion."

"In conversion, the bigot, who holds a very negative stereotypical picture, is repeatedly exposed to literal picture/label pairs, in magazines, and on billboards and TV---explicitly labeled as such!"

Kirk's article concludes with this: "We've now outlined three major modes by which we can alter the itinerary of the engine of prejudice in our favor. Desensitization lets the engine run out of steam, causing it to halt on the tracks indefinitely. Jamming, in essence derails it. Conversion---our ambitious long-range goal---puts the engine in reverse gear and sends it back where it came from."

Thus--"Make America Gay Again."

But that is not where America came from. We have drifted from our religious moorings. We have been deceived, not only by the homosexual movement but by other "campaigns" that stand in opposition to the Truth of the Bible as well.

I believe 2018 is a great year of opportunity for the evangelical church, but we must be informed, vigilant, discerning, and most of all prayerful.

As Paul wrote to the Christians in Corinth: "But I will tarry in Ephesus until Pentecost. For a great and effective door of opportunity has opened to me, and there are many adversaries" (I Cor. 16:8,9).

2018 is indeed an open door of great opportunity---and there are many adversaries.

Be Informed. Be Aware. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.