Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Twisting Jesus' Words to Advance Gun Grab Agenda

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The White House revealed on Sunday that President Trump would support a push to improve the nation's system of background checks for would-be gun buyers, days after the shooting massacre at the high school in Parkland, Florida.

Meanwhile, "Women's March" activists are rushing to organize gun control marches, sit-ins, and walkouts; progressive politicians are meeting to seize the opportunity; and the so-called politically progressive "Christians" are twisting Jesus' words to affirm their gun grab agenda.

As Pontius Pilate once said, "What is Truth?"

White House Press Secretary Sarah (Huckabee) Sanders says the president has spoken to lawmakers and supports efforts to "improve federal compliance with criminal background check legislation."

But that isn't enough. Not nearly enough for the Left. I believe their goal is confiscation above all else.

Associated Press said yesterday that Organizers behind the "Women's March," an anti-Trump, anti-gun, female empowerment group is calling for a 17-minute walkout on March 14 to "'protest Congress' inaction to do more than tweet thoughts and prayers in response to gun violence plaguing our schools and neighborhoods."

The attack on "thoughts and prayers" is becoming a mantra of the secular Left activists.

Diane Ravich, the group's president, says, "The politicians sit on their hands as our children and their teachers are murdered in their schools"---with no mention of the millions of children who are murdered in their mother's womb, while she and her colleagues advocate for more, not less abortions.

AP, in this same article, quotes Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers union, saying, "We need to make this moment a movement and to actually make changes that need to happen in this country..."

"What gives the Florida shooting more potential to spark change is that students themselves got angry really quickly and demanded it," she says with a note of satisfaction.

Students have become very active and are being assisted and led by seasoned activists in planning disruptions.

Surely no one in America is without a broken heart or a bit of anger in light of this most recent tragedy.

And yes, our "thoughts and prayers" are with the families who lost their children, those children who were wounded, the children who lived through the traumatic life-altering experience, and the general moral condition of our nation.

All biblical Christians believe in taking action. That too is clearly taught in Scripture.

However, too often while the "actions" taken by the Left line up well with the progressive agenda, they do not square with the biblical Scriptures the Left likes to use in support of their anti-gun agenda.

Yesterday Town Hall published an article written by Scott Morefield titled, "Calling Good, Evil and Evil Good: How Christian Liberals' Twist the Words of Jesus to Wage War on the Second Amendment."

Morefield says, "When it comes to the gun control debate, there is little sunlight between the most ardent Marxists and politically liberal Christians..."

"Run-of-the-mill Leftists, of course, are expected to trot out the disarmament song and dance," he says..."But how is it possible for even liberal-leaning followers of Christ to use the words attributed to Him as justification to align themselves with the most godless, totalitarian regimes and belief systems?"

"If self-defense is one of the most foundational, unalienable, God-given human rights," he asks, "why are so many of His creatures hell-bent on taking it away from the rest of us?"

This is where the "twisting" begins.

Shane Claiborne is an anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment activist. He is organizing so-called biblical protest rallies around the nation as we speak---including one at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University in opposition to Falwell and the position of Liberty University.

His banner for the protests is #DemandTheBan," which gun controllers say refers to assault rifles---for now.

In promoting his coming events he says, "If you want a concrete way to respond to the mass shooting in Florida ...join us March 21 as we beat an assault rifle into garden tools and demand #DemandTheBan."

The problem with the Leftist Christians is that they are trying to co-opt the words of Jesus Christ to do the work of Satan. It's pure deception.

It gives hurt people false hope, and it misrepresents what God's Word actually says.

Clairborne has said, "What would Jesus say to the NRA?" Making his case for pacifism, he claims Jesus came to earth to be a peaceful sacrifice, not a 'butt-kicking' conqueror."

Clairborne shares a sermon wherever he goes that incorporates the fact that Jesus taught "do unto others as you would have them do to you" and that His message was redemptive and non-violent, which is why He a cross, not a sword. This is true. Jesus was non-violent. And He indeed carried a cross.

In fact, He told Peter to "put your sword back into its place."

The religious Left--- Jim Wallis, Clairborne, and others consistently take the Words of Jesus---and other Scripture, out of context to support their pacifism or anti-Second Amendment agenda.

This practice is also used by those who refuse to submit to the authority of God's Word to justify and advocate for, abortion---a God-given right for women (Nancy Pelosi); homosexual behavior---born that way (God made me this way) even though God's Word consistently condemns the behavior (Rob Bell); same-sex "marriage"---God is love and love wins out (Rob Bell); Hell. God is love, therefore He would not send anyone to eternal hell for a moment of sin.

While Peter was never called to "defend" Jesus from those who would ultimately crucify Him, he had been "carrying" a sword while following Jesus. In dangerous times a weapon would have been a typical tool to defend against thieves and even wild animals.

Note that Jesus told Peter to put it back in "its place," not throw it away---or beat it into a garden tool.

The picture of beating weapons into garden tools---or "plowshares" as the prophet puts it, is related to the time in which Christ will rule and reign---and will be a conqueror.

Christ Himself said there will always be wars and rumors of wars.

Morefield says:
"As for the teachings of Paul, clearly there is a difference between personal vengeance and self-defense. The government is supposed to be our protection against evil (Romans 13), but what happens if the police are minutes away from a life-threatening attack that’s about to happen in seconds? And what happens if a government, as we’ve seen throughout history, turns evil and starts indiscriminately killing its citizens?
In truth, while Scripture clearly calls Christians to not engage in vengeance or vigilantism, the right to self-defense is as ingrained in the history of God’s people as it is in that of humanity.
From the Magna Carta to the American Revolution, from Nazi resistance to the revolts against Communism, if it weren’t for good people using arms (and other means) to defend themselves against evil people and especially evil governments, no freedom would exist on earth today.
Christian liberal pietists can argue that establishing freedom and peace is the responsibility of Christ alone, but here on earth, for now, Christ uses his people, and he gives them tools to do it.
If I Timothy 5:8 says a man who “does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household” has “denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever,” how much worse would that man be if he allowed his wife to be raped and his children to be slaughtered in front of him?

Straight Talk.

Some things to think about.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.


  1. I think all of the legislators and celebrities need to show us by their example armed guards are unnecessary and since they do not need guns to protect them, we do not need them either. I also submit that if they want to take our guns away, but think they themselves need armed security to protect them, they should pay for armed security to protect any and all of us out themselves, not at government expense.

  2. At a local restaurant for breakfast as the news was on about this school shooting, one at the counter said, "He had his own key to get in". I don't know if that is true or not. I couldn't hear the TV, but I began to wonder...Suppose the killer got in with his own key...Should we abolish all ownership of keys? I did hear that he had a gun cabinet or safe for his guns and that he turned over a key to those parents who took him in, but it turned out that he kept a key for himself.

  3. The right to self defense doesn't necessarily include high powered semi-automatic weapons any more than it includes rocket propelled grenades (which I could argue is an 'arm' one could bear).

    Remember how gay marriage and gay rights was a wedge issue that you used until it started working against you because the tide had changed? It appears that we might be reaching that tipping point with gun control and we will soon be voting people out of office if they won't restrict certain weapons. Thoughts and prayers have run their course.

  4. To Anonymous 10:29...

    To Anonymous 10:29...

    The "primary" purpose for the 2nd Amendment was to guarantee that Americans always had the right and the means to protect themselves against a tyrannical government like the one they had just fought to be free from. In the event that America's government was to come against its citizens to take our freedoms, our homes, our savings, our liberty, they would undoubtedly use weapons. They would have automatic weapons and under current law the only legal guns citizens could use to protect themselves would be "semi-automatic" weapons. Take our right to own these weapons and it accomplishes the purpose of effectively making us unable to defend against a Tyrannical Government.

    Tyrannical governments who use force to accomplish complete compliance from their citizens are replete in history. Not one of them began with Tyranny, but all of them gradually worked their way into that position and action. They begin with justifications to insidiously remove one after another liberty and freedom until finally citizens are subjected to various forms of slavery in compliance with the government. Look to every Socialistic government prior to WWII and you find they all morphed into Totalitarian Regimes subjecting their citizens to tyranny.

    Socialism is the birth child for Totalitarian Government. It begins by promising “equality for all” and “utopia” for the masses. Historically they all morph into Fascist or Communist states once they convince a citizenry indoctrinated by lies to tear down their own system of liberty and self-defense. Conservatism is the defense against tyranny, yet our children have been indoctrinated into believing the opposite, and now they are being murdered in order to gain their support to take away the one remaining freedom the founding fathers intended to allow defense against that same government.

    For all those who are genuinely concerned about protecting the lives of innocent children, let them first have the integrity and courage to demand change where it is needed most. More innocent children in America are intentionally murdered every day than the total in history that have been killed by mad gunmen. To promote and defend abortion is to admit openly that “protecting the innocent” is not the priority. Rather…protecting “me” is the priority.

    Murders are not influenced by laws. More laws will never cause murders to stop murdering others. Statistically, far more murders are prevented by law abiding citizens who have guns to protect themselves and others than the number of persons killed by law breaking mass murders.

    Take away the right of Americans to bear arms and protect themselves against murderers and/or tyranny and you will have accomplished the goal of those dedicated to a world-wide ‘new world order’ which “must” be a Totalitarian government in order to function.

    Pray for the fools who have embraced a lie fed to them by their enemies.

    Truth is a lonely warrior


    1. You know, If a tyrannical government decides to come after you, they're going to have a LOT more than just automatic weapons. Way more! And that doesn't even factor in their advanced tactical advantage. Plus their knowledge of you from your internet posts. Good luck with your assault rifle. It would probably just get you killed faster.

      These mass killings are not worth your Rambo fantasies. And no one is advocating taking away your right to protect yourself. There are plenty of effective tools for that w/o military style weapons.

    2. "They would have automatic weapons and under current law the only legal guns citizens could use to protect themselves would be "semi-automatic" weapons."

      Because we had the wisdom to make automatics illegal. They are too dangerous. Semi automatics are not that different and if we can legally outlaw automatics, we do the same for 'semi' automatics. They too are just too dangerous as these mass killings have proven.


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