Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A State of Lawlessness

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US Attorney General Jeff Session filed a lawsuit against the state of California earlier this month because in creating their "sanctuary state," he believes they have created three new laws that "violate the supremacy clause of the US Constitution and interfere with federal immigration enforcement."

Gov. Brown says Sessions is, "initiating a reign of terror" and is basically "going to war against the state."

California personifies the state of lawlessness that exists in our most important institutions as well.

Governor Jerry Brown tweeted this:

"At a time of unprecedented political turmoil, Jeff Sessions has come to California to further divide and polarize America. Jeff, these political stunts may be the norm in Washington, but they don't work here. SAD!!!"

Brown told the press in his own version of "political stunting," "This is basically going to war against the state of California, the engine of the American economy."

Sessions accused California of creating an open borders system and trying to secede from the United States.

Brown said, "No, it's about dividing the country... trying to insert discord and division, and I might add dysfunctionality, in a state that's really working."

I still have a lot of friends in California where we served in the pastorate---no one I know thinks California is "really working."

Commonly known as the "sanctuary state" law, SB 54 restricts California enforcement officials from cooperating on federal immigration actions---and it forces the release of immigrants who have already shown a willingness to engage in criminal activity.

Brown says, "Here in California, we respect the law and the Constitution."

Sessions essentially is saying, no you don't. You respect your version of the law and the Constitution---a version that supports your personal and political view and aspirations.

The city council of Los Alamitos, in Orange County, voted Monday night to exempt itself from the so-called "sanctuary law" by a vote of 4-1.

California is an echo of a much greater condition of lawlessness in our country.

Everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes.

Far Left secular progressives claim the Constitution gives them the liberty to dismantle what our Founding Fathers created because the Constitution is a living, evolving document---which ultimately can be bent and shaped to support most any ideology.

It's been disclosed, lately, that several of our most important institutions---the FBI, DOJ, and IRS have elements of lawlessness at the highest levels.

By January of this year, we the people became aware that the FISA Court had been manipulated through trickery by the Obama Administration in 2016, to get warrants to begin an investigation of Donald Trump's campaign.

What we now know in March, is that Russia gave Hillary fake information about Trump which she paid for; the Obama administration DOJ used that fake information to spy on the Trump campaign; after more than a year, many from both parties say there is no evidence that Trump colluded with Russia in any criminal way; the FBI tricked the FISA court to achieve illegal spying; and the Obama administration "unmasked" American citizens on certain documents.

We also know that senior FBI lawyers Peter Strozk and Lisa Paige worked in harmony with FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, including leaking proprietary information to the press (and perhaps others) to help defeat Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Once Trump was elected---and they recovered from their shock, they turned their efforts on bringing down his presidency.

We know that the Department of Justice's 4th highest ranking officer, Bruce Ohr, had a massive conflict of interest and did not reveal that his wife worked for the company, Fusion GPS, that created the fake Russian dossier for Clinton in the first place.

Robert Mueller, who continues to "investigate" Trump and Russia, knows all of this---and much more, however, he continues to search for something with which he can charge Trump.

And then there is the Clinton mess, where the Clintons sold influence for cash donations to their family foundation, while Hillary helped guide and approve as Secretary of State. On her watch, 20% of America's uranium resources were passed to Russia in the Uranium One deal. And millions of dollars back to the Clintons.

The causes of the secular relativistic progressive are so noble in his or her mind that the end justifies any and all means.

Abe Lincoln said what is taught in the classroom in one generation will be practiced in government the next generation.

For decades our public education has taught our children and our children's children that there are no absolutes, causing a generation to embrace moral and cultural relativism---you have your truth---I have my truth---there is no absolute or superior truth.

Cultural Marxism

Here is how relativism destroys an individual-----and how it destroys a nation.

1. Relativism Commits Treason

Relativism is a revolt against the objective reality of God. The sheer existence of God creates the possibility of Truth. Relativism is a pervasive rebellion against the very concept of divine law---a belief upon which this country was founded.

Relativism is worse than outright revolt because it is devious, instead of saying to God's face, "Your Word is false," it says to man, "there is no such thing as a universally binding Truth," and this is treason.

2. Relativism Cultivates Duplicity

Everyone knows in their heart that believing relativism to be true is contradictory, and everyone knows intuitively that no one even tries to put it into practice consistently.

Relativism breeds hypocrisy and duplicity because the very practice of thinking in relativistic terms commits you to truths that you do not think are relative.

3. Relativism Conceals Doctrinal Defection

When objective truth vanishes in the fog of relativism, the role of language---words--- changes dramatically. Words no longer serve to display truth but seek the preferences of the user. The goal of language then becomes not the communication of reality, but the manipulation of reality.

4. Relativism Cloaks Greed With Flattery

Flattery is the use of language to make someone feel good about themselves with a view to getting what you want. Paul addressed this in the early Christian church, and it has become the norm in modern day politics in America.

5. Relativism Cloaks Pride With the Guise of Humility

Those who believe in a truth that all people must embrace---Jesus is the only way to God---you are called arrogant. However, on the other hand, relativism is put forward as the mark of humility. Relativism is not a humble stance, but a cloak of pride.

6. Relativism Enslaves People

People are not freed from sin through the fog of relativism. They stay in chains. Christian Churches that are obsessed with relating to the culture, rather than preaching the Truth of the gospel, are leading people more deeply into spiritual, moral, and even intellectual slavery.

The message of the unchanging gospel sets people free.

7. Relativism leads to Totalitarianism

When relativism has influence long enough, everyone begins to do what is right in their own eyes without any regard for truth. In this atmosphere, a society begins to break down. Virtually every structure in a free society depends on a measure of integrity---submission to the truth.

Michael Novak put it like this:

"Vulgar relativism is an invisible gas, odorless, deadly, that is now polluting every free society on earth. It is a gas that attacks the central nervous system of moral striving. The most perilous threat to a free society today is, therefore, neither political nor economic. It is the poisonous, corrupting culture of relativism..."

Those who advance relativism do the work of tyrants, preparing the jails and prisons for the next generation.

Ironically, relativism, the great advocate of free thinking and freedom without restraint---destroys freedom in the end.

Only the universal Truth of God and His Word can truly set a person free.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Free.