Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Parents Beware--"Love, Simon", Not a "Romantic" Movie

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Parents and grandparents should beware of the deceptive marketing around the movie, "Love, Simon" (PG 13) which opened in theaters this past weekend.

While billed as a trendy romance, it isn't.

It's the first "gay" romantic film with a full-throated Hollywood marketing campaign.

It's homosexual indoctrination for the straight world. Particularly impressionable kids.

The movie trailer introduces it like this: "My name's Simon. For the most part, my life is normal. I have a family that I actually like, and there's my friends. So I'm just like you, except that I have one huge secret: nobody knows I'm gay."

The Christian family oriented One News Now says, "The storyline is how Simon 'comes out' or announces to the world that he's gay. The characters are relatable, sympathetic and lovable. The producers are hopeful audiences will yearn for Simon to be accepted and find his true love..."

This is a very deceptive film based on tapping the emotions and feelings of the audience.

The Barna Group has found repeatedly that kids from biblical Christian homes can be indoctrinated by homosexual activists, first because the indoctrination is pervasive in the culture---classroom, entertainment, etc.

And secondly, because homosexual activists, after years and years of activism, have learned to appeal to the "feelings" of good kids, particularly Christian kids---and adults, as well.

The Barna Group, which I often quote in this Faith and Freedom Daily article on a number of subjects, has produced several short videos ( link 3 ) on moral relativism and the Gen Z kids, including one produced in January dealing with the moral implications of relativism in this group. Check it out. It's only 6 minutes and could help you make a difference in your child's future and relationship with God.

This "Love, Simon" film is the most aggressive in soft, emotional indoctrination I've seen from the homosexual community.

Peter Labarbera, with Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, warns young movie goers to look closely. He says, "If kids could see this is the product of years and years and years of activism [they'd understand] it's not quite as innocent as it seems."

But then much of our current culture is never "as it seems."

This is why God's ancient Proverbs were given for times such as our own. Note Proverbs 14:12--"There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death" (NKJV).

This past weekend, "Love, Simon" was third in box office income with $11.5 million. Tomb Raider ($23.5 million) and the faith based "I Can Only Imagine" ($17 million) were #1 and 2.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Beware. Be Prayerful.


  1. Perhaps we should first thank God (in prayer) that "I can only Imaging" was the top rated movie for this period.

    Sometimes what we tell our children is most effective if it is short and memorable.

    "The God of the Bible is true, He is real, and He is a person offering eternal love to those who accept Jesus."

    "The enemy of God is also true, real, and is offering pleasure and "feel good" rewards to separate us from God's truth and God's love.

    "All lies are build on a least a small amount of truth"

    "Most lies promise immediate pleasure or gratification in a trade-off for spiritual health and a future with the only one who truly loves us perfectly. The one who gave his life so we could become children of God". (John 1:10-13 / I John 5:18-21)

    "God tells us to stay away from things that destroy us spiritually, especially when they seem to be "OK". "

    "God encourages us to love everyone, but He cautions us against sexual intercourse between same-sex partners because of it's spiritual destructive force. Because of this destructive force, He tells us in no uncertain terms that that it is an "abomination" in his eyes.'

    "Life is a spiritual battle, not a physical one.
    - To do what our spiritual enemy tells us to choose is like taking a loan from the bank. We get an immediate yet short lasting reward, but we have to pay it back long term with very high spiritual interest.
    - To do what God tells us to do often requires some sacrifice or at least denying ourselves the pleasures of the Sin God warns us against. The result is we have a cost up front that is like making a deposit in the spiritual bank, for which we are paid high interest for eternity."

    Truth has it's way of finding a home in the mind. Once there, the Holy Spirit uses it at key moments to remind us when we need it most.

    Truth is a lonely warrior...


  2. Almost every novel I pick up these days has its soft sell of homosexuality--to the point that I find the sameness of it disgusting. I usually read things a year or two (or ten) after they are popular, so I can request them from the library, which means this is (at least) a decade long endeavor of the "art" set to help us poor mortals accept what they, in their avant garde sophistication, have embraced. My last 3 books, KAVELIER AND CLAY, AHAB'S WIFE, AND CUTTING FOR STONE all have their little "gay" tale immersed somewhere in the novel. I can only imagine that the gay community is targeting the youth through their reading, also. Certainly, more young people will experiment with gender fluidity when it has such pervasive public acceptance. Pray for your kids and grand kids.

  3. How many things in this world are edifying, edifying by God's standard? The FCC or whatever shouldn't allow this sort of garbage.

  4. Excellent. Thankyou.


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