Monday, June 11, 2018

19% Of Americans Now Believe Polygamy "Morally Acceptable"

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When President Obama and his secular "progressive" cohorts began fiddling with the definition of marriage a few years ago---the oldest human model for successful society and human sustainability---many, myself included, said publicly there would be negative consequences to the institution of marriage.

There are, and the significantly increased acceptance of polygamy is only part of the consequences.

But First: President Trump schooled the G7 members on how globalism and those who embrace it will no longer lead America down that path. He reaffirmed that America is first for him and that we will no longer be a piggy bank other countries can continue to rob. He said, "Fair deals or no deals."
Trump is now in Singapore to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un.
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Traditional marriage and family is the bedrock of human society.

James Dobson has said, "If traditional marriage [the union between one man and one woman] is not the law of the land, the institution of marriage and family will cease to exist."

Pope Francis has said of traditional marriage and family, "It is the foundation of coexistence and a remedy against social fragmentation," "it is necessary for the survival of humanity," and "it remains the essential cell of society."

In more than 5,000 years of recorded history, every major religion and every successful society has affirmed marriage as a union between one man and one woman. And they have affirmed that the traditional family---male father, female mother, living together and having children, is the cornerstone of any civilization.

As the traditional family model goes, so goes the culture.

CNS News published an article on the subject that is very revealing. And disappointing.

Referring to a new Gallup poll, CNS reported that "19% of Americans now believe polygamy is morally acceptable." This is up from 17% in 2017 and 14% in 2016.

Most polls on moral issues reveal a fairly high number of people who are unsure what they believe about the issue, however in regard to polygamy, 78% still believe it's morally wrong, but only 3% don't know what they believe.

This same survey found that 76% of Americans now believe divorce is "morally acceptable."

Rick Santorum, former Pennsylvania senator and two-time presidential candidate, warned repeatedly that acceptance of same-sex marriage could logically lead to acceptance of polygamy.

Dr. Ben Carson, now director of Housing and Development (HUD), said during his presidential candidacy, "If you change the definition of marriage for one group, what defense do you have for the next group that comes along and wants it changed?"

He said, "Polygamy is the next natural question, and it goes on from there."

Gallup noted that "moral perceptions" have shifted leftward particularly since 2001, "especially on gay/lesbian relations, having a baby outside wedlock, sex between unmarried men and women and divorce."

A New York Times op-ed 3 years ago, noted that "Polygamy is bobbing forward in social liberalism's wake."

The Times op-ed noted that the exception was within the Mormon and Muslim immigrant communities.

And the columnist says that "polygamy has already become more mainstream than even a 'slippery sloper' like myself once expected."

In addressing this issue, Pastor Robert Jeffress has said, "To Barack Obama, if you believe in traditional marriage, you are a homophobe. If you believe men shouldn't go into women's bathrooms and showers, you are a bigot. If you believe the unborn have a right to life, you must hate women."

That's at the heart of the matter. Homosexuality, marriage, abortion and a number of other social, moral issues have been politicized---actually weaponized in the war within our culture.

For example, "tolerance" has been a weapon rather than a virtue. "Tolerance" is a weapon used to destroy those who disagree with a behavior---like homosexual behavior---they become "bigots." And now they can become not only intolerant bigots but criminals for failing to affirm.

Another example: "Inclusion" is extolled as a moral virtue. However, it has been inverted to become a tool to manipulate the transfer of cultural control from a vast majority to a finite minority.

The homosexual activists have successfully created a shadow culture that not only "normalizes" their behavior, but leads the public to an "everyone must doing it " mentality. Particularly among kids.

Pacific Standard is a pro-gay agenda, social justice organization. Yet even they admit that the number of gays in America has been greatly overstated to influence public perception.

They cite a Gallup poll back in 1977 that found the public believed gays comprised 10-19% of the population. Another Gallup poll in 2012 found Americans believed 23% of the population was LGBT.

Pacific Standard admits that these kinds of misrepresentations do influence what the public thinks and how it responds. And it manipulates politics and policies.

Most recent Gallup polls and data from the CDC indicate that about only 3% of Americans say they are LGBT.

To the degree that we allow the culture to be co-opted by secular progressive social activists, we will continue to see the most important, biblical moral values bobbing forward and downward in secular progressivism's wake.

The key to changing the tide is for biblical Christians to become the salt and light our leader Jesus Christ told us to be.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Faithful. Be Discerning. Be Bold. Be Prayerful.


  1. Where does it end? There is a candidate for Virginia’s 10th congressional district who believes women should be treated as property and wants to make child marriage and incest legal.
    "Operating under the guise of 'restoring liberty' and 'personal freedom,' Nathan Larson has advocated for the legalization if [of] incest and child pornography, the elimination of child labor laws, the legalization [of] child marriage, and the classification of women as property, according to WUSA."
    Personal freedom? How about the elimination of all prisons?

  2. A man so great he can give his life multiple times for multiple women is what one is ask to believe is possible with polygamy

    It is a lie

    It is NOT what G-d holds true for each of us but that all he is is given for each of us, once

    That is what is a father of one woman

    All he gives is for you

    How we have become so blind to the love of G-d is the gauge by which we can measure where we are in all that will be

  3. President Trump's accomplishments are massive and uniquely fitted to the promises he made to the American people when he campaigned to be elected as our President. This while the entire Washington Political machine and Western Media work night and day to attack, demean, block, poison, starve his resources, and consistently twist the truth into a lie. Never in Americas history has manipulation and misinformation reached this level of expertise. Those who have surrendered their minds and hearts to hate, overcome by vindictive initiatives against our President, are openly now rooting for America's failure on every front. In truth, every success of our President is eagerly presented as a mistake or an illusion, while they eagerly look for the worst to happen to America so they can blame it on our President. This is beyond shameful and sad, it is ugly and treasonous.

    President Trump continues to accomplish what dishonest politicians in the past have told the American people “can’t be done”. As he continues to succeed in spike of their best efforts to cause him to fail, their hatred and venmous attacks will increase as President Trump makes headway for the genuine welfare of the American People and the world.

    Listen closely to the criticisms then note the hypocricy and underlying hateful and evil intent. Then pray for these loosers of the Spiritual Battle within whom evil has captured their hearts and souls.

    Pray that they will see truth and experience a shameful conviction from the Holy Spirit.

    Truth is a lonely warrior.



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