Tuesday, June 19, 2018

"Drag Tots," "Super Drags"-- Parents Beware

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Apparently, Yogi Bear and Road Runner are out. Cross-dressing and transgenderism is in---for kids television.

The days of innocent Saturday morning cartoon watching for kids has been over for some time, but this is the lowest, most abusive assault I've seen on innocent young minds.

Two new cartoon shows this summer are pushing a cross-dressing lifestyle on children, with well-known transvestite RuPaul.

The first show begins next week.

You won't believe how President Trump has been injected into this crusade by the producers.

Movieguide, a Christian family organization, is warning parents to be informed. They say, "More than ever parents need to be on top of what their children are watching on television."

"Drag" Programs will be on this summer.

The first "drag" show is called "Drag Tots," and will begin on television June 28 on the World of Wonder channel.

"Drag Tots" is a very disturbing cartoon from the production company that makes "RuPaul's Drag Race" about toddler drag queens. The cast voicing the toddlers are famous drag queens, like RuPaul himself.

Netflix is also releasing an animated series this year called "Super Drags." The popular streaming network, that is giving the Obama's a platform to advance their agenda, is also giving your children transgender superheroes.

Super Drags trailer says, "By night they tighten up their corsets and transform into the baddest SUPER DRAGS in town, ready to combat shade and rescue the world's glitter from evil villains. Get ready, because SUPER DRAGS are going deeper than you think."

You can no longer trust network programming just because it's labeled "children's programming."

The filmmakers insert whatever message they want to put in front of your children because they know that most parents don't pay close attention if it's labeled "children's programming" or simply Saturday morning type cartoons.

Once upon a time--- but this isn't it. These people are relentless in the pursuit of indoctrinating children---at the youngest ages. There is no restraint.

Movieguide says "Disney XD, a channel that numerous parents will leave on all day to distract their children, drew controversy last year for featuring a boy princess in an episode of 'Star vs. The Forces of Evil'. The Disney channel has also featured multiple LGBT stories in various children's shows."

Outreach to classrooms.

The folks at Movieguide also warn of Drag Queen reading sessions in schools and characters of classic literature being made lesbians.

I would also warn parents to check carefully the "summer reading list" many schools send home with kids for summer break.

My daughter-in-law is a public school teacher, a devout biblical Christian and committed mom to two very, very smart kids. Could I show you a few pictures?

Seriously--- she showed me a book this week that is on many school reading lists titled, "The True Adventures of Esther the Wonder Pig."

It's a charming little story that begins with: "Esther was a little piglet. She was rescued when she was six weeks old and arrived in a laundry basket...When she looked up at her dads with those eyes and that smile...it was LOVE."

Her dads?

The storyline continues to normalize her "two dads" as the reader follows the adventures of the wonder pig, with large pictures on each page that feature her "two dads" doing loving things together, including encouraging Esther as she outgrows her bed and room, and becomes different--- affirming that families "come in all shapes and sizes."

The homosexual agenda has become the most invasive, destructive, predatory social agenda in our culture. From parades that shut down cities to affirm them, to legislation that punishes people who do not affirm their behavior, to indoctrination in the classroom, to the invasion of children's entertainment to the stealing of children's innocence---they will not restrain themselves.

Parents. Be Vigilant.

WND has also written an article on this matter.

They are reporting: "Last year, the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library in Long Beach, CA., a public facility, presented to children in its young readers program a huge array of diversity and 'inclusion' programs, including a visit by a drag queen named Xochi Mochi."

"Mochi's visit," WND says, "took place during the 'Drag Queen Story Hour', a collaboration between the Long Beach Public Library, the LGBTQ Center of Long Beach, the Genders and Sexualities Alliance Network and the LGBTQ Imperial Court of Long Beach.

Reports from St. Paul, Minn., have been similar.

When pressed, the predators explain "why" they do what they do.

Chad Kampe, who organizes "queer-friendly events" in Minnesota explained it like this:

"Drag pushes people to break boundaries and explore creativity. At a very young age, we are taught to embrace our differences. Drag not only provides an opportunity to embrace who we are, it allows us to broadcast and share who we are with the world."

That's it?

Well, there's more.

Library officials told a pro-family organization that all this is a "part of an initiative that was launched last year to oppose President Trump."


They say the program, "We Belong Together," targets "Trump's restrictions on people entering the United States from known terror-fomenting regions."

A look at the "We Belong Together" website shows a heavy emphasis on drag culture---not on immigration.

Only a secular progressive can fit all the pieces together and conclude it's Trump's fault the LGBTQ activists are indoctrinating our children in the library, in the classroom, and on the screen in your home.

One mother is quoted as saying, "A very sad day has arrived when we are handing our children over with their innocence and their pure minds and filling them with such confusion."

True. But we don't have to hand them over. Trust the Lord. Take action. And...

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. And control the clicker. And check the books.


  1. The people responsible for this agenda need a "Saul on the road to Damascus" intervention. I pray for them all. Mimi from Anytown, MA

  2. It is almost unbelievable how relentless they are. So many are not careful about what their children watch, so this will be a very damaging thing for our youth.

  3. Bible says the day will come when wrong is seen as right, and right is seen as wrong. That day is here. Trust in the Lord, and teach children / grandchildren to trust in the Lord. There is no other salvation.

  4. You are all bigots10:45 AM, June 30, 2018

    It's not very "Christian" of you people to be so hateful against other groups of human beings that are different from you. Whatever happened to "love thy neighbor?" What is Christianity anyway? Seems like an excuse to be a hateful bigots.

    "The homosexual agenda has become the most invasive, destructive, predatory social agenda in our culture."

    No, that would be Christianity. You promote wars, the breaching of human rights, and the persecution of what you see as "other."

    If you can have your Veggie Tales and David and Goliath, why can't the community have Drag Tots and Super Drag? You are hypocrites. Just leave people alone and let them try to live happy lives. Isn't that what we all, as human beings, want? To live happily?

    If you can't see that, then you need to take a real hard look in the mirror and ask yourself where you went wrong.

  5. Ya'll worship a lying, cheating, adulterating President. You sold your soul to the devil to get him elected and you spread hate every chance you get. Your anti-christ is in office and you are too blind to see. You have no moral ground to stand on. Real christians preach love just as Jesus Christ did. Stop hating on love, because Jesus would gladly befriend the drag queens, just as he befriended mary magdalene, and listen to their stories.


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