Monday, July 30, 2018

NPR: "Jesus Was A Socialist"

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The taxpayer-funded, left-wing National Public Radio has joined the chorus of "news" outlets that are promoting the "Democratic Socialists of America" movement that is exploding within the Democratic Party.

Former evangelicals are giving testimony to how they have "seen the light" and joined the socialist movement, because "Jesus was a socialist."

Inside a bar in conservative West Virginia, a group of socialists gathered to spend the evening with taxpayer-funded, left-wing National Public Radio.

The motive of NPR was to inform America, and particularly the now 200 million registered US voters of the energy and momentum behind this resurrected movement.

It's primarily the anti-American message of the cold war, with a spiritual component---"Jesus was a socialist."

NPR admits "socialism is still an idea with a lot of Cold War era baggage for a lot of Americans," but goes on to praise the so-called movement and its new star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez---the woman who beat the 10-term Democrat recently in a primary in New York,

During the past 36 months, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) has grown from 6000 active members nationally to almost 45,000 members, with most of the growth coming in the past few months.

The advocates for socialism on the religious Left are not unaware that nearly 6 million self-identified "evangelicals" voted for Obama because of his socialistic interpretation of the Bible.

Some are predicting a million active members within the next 12 months. If that doesn't happen, it will not be for lack of effort on the part of the "news" media.

There is a spiritual component and a political component to the socialist movement.

The political component.

Bernie Sanders, during his presidential campaign, sort of re-launched the old Marxist/Leninist socialist narrative in America, resulting in a significant following.

Far Left Salon Magazine wrote an article last August exploring, with glee, the future possibilities of Bernie's socialistic campaign.

They reported, "Since his grassroots presidential campaign took the world by storm last year, Sen. Bernie Sanders has been widely credited with bringing socialism back into the mainstream of American politics and introducing an entire generation to left-wing politics."

They said, "As a major presidential candidate who unabashedly identified as a democratic socialist, Sanders essentially resurrected an idea that has been considered off limits in our political discourse for many decades: that there is an alternative to capitalism and the status quo."

Salon said, "Sander's political rise did not happen in a vacuum...Though the seventy-five-year-old senator played an essential role in demystifying socialism to the public and instilling a radical spirit in the progressive movement, the current resurgence of class politics on the left has been in the works for many years, going back to the 2007-08 financial crises."

The Salon says that white-haired old socialists---like Bernie, apparently, have not really been the basis of the resurgence, "but young people who grew up in the era of neoliberalism."

The magazine gives a lengthy discourse on the value and virtue of socialism and the evils of capitalism.

They explain that "Millennials came of age during the worst capitalist crises in 80 years and live in a time when income and wealth inequality has reached historic levels---as evidenced by the fact that the eight richest men in the world (seven of whom are white American) own as much wealth as the bottom 3.6 billion people."

What the Salon fails to mention is that this generation has also been taught from kindergarten through college that America is not exceptional, guilty of heinous crimes against humanity including racial discrimination, etc.

They have been taught how to hate our country. And believe, as Barack Obama believes, America must be re-made and its wealth redistributed.

One of the founding members of the West Virginia's DSA said: "You know we don't just want to improve capitalism, we will ultimately want to get rid of it."

Bernie is not only a fan of socialism but an adversary of Christianity. Several times during his presidential; campaign he was pressed about his personal religion. On at least 2 occasions he admitted he was probably more atheist than anything else.

During the confirmation hearing of President Trump's nominee for deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget, Sen. Bernie Sanders blasted nominee Russell Vought for his evangelical Christianity.

Even far Left, widely read The Atlantic reported that it is unconstitutional to place a religious test as a qualifier for public office. Bernie was relentless in his attack on Vought regarding his Christian faith and in particular, his biblical belief that Jesus is the only way to God.

However, the resurrected version of socialism has a spiritual, "Christian" piece.

New Democratic Socialism now includes Jesus as one of them.

Kelly Rose, a 36-year-old who works for a nonprofit that helps young adults stay in school and then find jobs, co-founded the West Virginia chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America chapter in her state.

She says religion played a big part in her becoming a socialist.

She said, "I might be the only one in our little chapter that is a Christian, and it all just fits so perfectly together for me...things that I've always thought anyway along with my morally and religiously."

She told NPR, "Possibly my mother would want to debate me on this, but if anyone was ever a socialist it was Jesus."

Socialist and founder of the far Left Sojourners ministry, Rev. Jim Wallis, also advances this idea that Jesus was a socialist.

Of course, Wallis also advocates for same-sex "marriage" and tries to remain silent on abortion because he privately advocates for "women's rights"--- "choice," in the matter of abortion.

Wallis often uses the 2500 verses in the Bible about poverty and helping the poor to push socialism as the biblical response.

In particular, he and other religious Left, socialism advocates, often refer to Acts 4:32-37 as proof that the Bible teaches socialism.

This, of course, is the story of how the church "had everything in common" and that there "was not a needy person among them, for as many as were owners of lands and houses sold them and brought the proceeds of what was sold and laid it at the apostles' feet and it was distributed to each as any had need."

What Wallis and his allies say over hundreds of pulpits and in media interviews is that the fact that those who did not put all their money in the collective fund were struck down and died for not participating, reveals how strongly God teaches socialism.

That is not true, but the religious Left continue to make the point.

The fact is, the early Christians themselves had made the decision to practice the common fund. They were not compelled to do so by the government or God.

That is a very different matter.

If the government takes from me and gives to the poor, I am not fulfilling the commandment of Jesus to be charitable. If I'm in a position of power in government, and I use the force of law to take from certain citizens and redistribute to other citizens, I am not fulfilling the command of Jesus to be personally charitable.

Wallis teaches and many of his followers repeat, that support for socialist redistribution policies is synonymous with obedience to the call of Christ to "care for the least of these."

Recently I wrote an article about Rev. Wallis and Bishop Curry and how they're working together on the "Reclaiming Jesus" project. The fact that Curry performed the wedding ceremony for England's Price Harry and Meghan Markle recently has given much more attention to what these and other religious Left leaders are teaching.

In the conclusion of that Faith and Freedom Daily article, I quoted the Apostle Paul: "From such, turn away."

I would repeat: "From such, turn away."

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.


  1. Their view of socialism is not them giving of their life for another but forcing another to give theirs for them

    The complete opposite of Jesus

  2. I asked the Lord about this very question years ago because I struggled with it, having been raised in a church influenced by the liberation theology. The answer the Lord gave me was "Thou shalt not covet they neighbors goods". So simple. They Lord blessed Abraham and made him rich. He loved Abraham. He also loves the poor. Our financial status in not a requirement for salvation. But coveting someone else"s goods (be in money, housing, or anything else) is a sin. You cannot justify it by saying you are giving it to someone else. When you look at what happened in the early church, which is the basis on which Christian Socialist or Democrats justify their taking other people's goods, the people gave everything on their own. It was their own to give or not give. Ananias and Saphira were struck down not because they gave it all but because they lied about giving what they had. They were not required, They lied. That is a big difference. No one came to them and said you have to give it to belong to the Church. It is the duty of the Christian to be known by their own works, not what they force others to do and lay a guilt trip on them if they don't do it.
    God works in us through our circumstances. Sometimes it's difficult but He does not leave us nor forsake us. Turning people to lean on the government makes them a dependent of the government. The role of Christians is to turn people to God. Not create an alternate god of government and do it by taking from everyone else. The Democrats try to buy your vote by guaranteeing you something. Christians who participate in this deception are not doing their duty to love their neighbor. They are letting someone else pay for their charity and then taking the credit as if they had personal sacrificed to help others.

  3. Jesus never asked the government for help.


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