Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Blurred Lines Between Religion And Politics

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As our nation watches, the US Senate is deciding if President Trump should be impeached---or not.

Nancy Pelosi's House of Representatives approved the articles of impeachment---Mitch McConnell's Senate will rule on the matter.

The Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, John Roberts, is presiding.

The nation is politically divided.

So is the Christian community.

Dallas mega-church pastor Jack Graham wrote an op-ed for the Dallas Morning News, which opens with this: "I often get asked why I, as an evangelical pastor, so prominently and enthusiastically support President Donald Trump."

Be informed.

This morning on our live radio program, I will be talking about "blurred lines" and giving commentary on the latest from the Trump impeachment trial. Here's how to join me from anywhere in the world.

Here's why tens of millions of evangelicals support President Trump.

Pastor Jack Graham says, "There are many reasons [for his support of Trump] but here's one of them that's particularly key: President Trump is the most pro-life president in US history."

Graham writes,
"President Trump's unapologetic commitment to protect the sanctity of life is particularly relevant given that this weekend he became the first president ever to speak at the annual March for Life in Washington [DC]."

The pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church and its more than 45,000 members, says that as the 2020 election ramps up, the stakes for the fight for the right to life have never been higher.

He says evangelicals, who care about the sanctity of life, will have to redouble their efforts because the leading Democrat candidates ---Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, former Vice President Joe Biden, all say they support abortion rights. And Graham says, "Make no mistake, there will be no limit to their abortion policies."

"Supporting him is a no- brainier," the pastor says.

And the pastor says:
"We could also talk about his administration's staunch defense of religious liberty at home and abroad, his historical actions on criminal justice reform and his efforts to revitalize the economy to help boost disadvantaged and low income families," continuing, he adds, "The list goes on and on."

Then he says this:
"The better question is not why an evangelical would support President Trump, but how is it possible for a Bible believing evangelical to not support the most pro-life president in the history of the United States.?"

Thomas Jefferson declared that the church and the state must be kept separate.

He did, but his intent in his well-known letter to the Danbury Baptists was to assure them that the State would never be allowed to meddle in the affairs of the church because there is a wall that separates the state from the church, thus protecting the church from intrusion by the State.

Every Christian knows that in recent years, biblical Christians have come under more and more attack from the state for holding biblical beliefs. In particular, marriage, human sexuality and the sanctity of life.

For example, Barronnel Stutzman, a florist from Richland, Washington, politely declined to create the floral arrangements for a same-sex "marriage" because, as she explained, of her biblical beliefs about marriage.

The homosexuals filed a lawsuit, and because of the laws written allowing the State to "meddle" in the affairs of the church, and punish people because of their biblical beliefs, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has dragged the 70-something-year-old grandmother through the courts for the past number of years.

This happens repeatedly with florists, bakers, wedding planners and event venue owners. Pastors are challenged for preaching about homosexuality from Scripture---a couple of years ago the lesbian mayor of Houston, Texas attempted to seize pastors sermon notes to determine if they had preached "hate" messages which were determined to be sermons from Romans chapter 1.

Does religion and politics intersect?

Absolutely. Politics is an expression of what people believe. Dr. Michael Brown wrote an article this week in which he looks at the line between religion and politics. I suggest you read it.

He notes that the Christian Church presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless of the political environment.

Jesus saves regardless of who's in political office. The Gospel transcends politics.

Yet, Brown makes the point we often make in this blog. There is a way in which politics and religion do intersect.

When there are gross abuses in our culture, like human trafficking, abortion, the perversion of marriage as God intended it, assault on religious liberties, are Christians to remain silent to protect the so-called separation of church and state that isn't that at all?

Recently we celebrated the life of Martin Luther King Jr. who said,
"The church must be reminded that it is not the master or the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state. It must be the guide and the critic of the state, and never its tool. If the church does not capture its prophetic zeal, it will become an irrelevant social club without moral or spiritual authority."

The great revivalist and Presbyterian preacher Charles Finney said this:

"If you ever wondered who is responsible for the moral decay, corruption and lack of discrimination in our day, it belongs firmly---FIRMLY---to those who are called to preach. The preachers are wholly responsible for the moral decline in our society,"

And he said, "If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it."

While the 2020 election is about Donald Trump, it is to an even greater measure about the Christian Church.

Will we become that irrelevant social club, or will we rise to the level of the crucified and risen Jesus Christ?

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Faithful. Be Bold. Be Prayerful.


  1. When I think back to when church life was good, for me, I have to go back to about 1980. It was then that I first attended a meeting of Christians where I so often heard from the leadership, "Does anybody need anything?" And it was also there that I heard tongues with interpretation and prophecy by 2 or 3 every time we met.
    Have you ever driven by those signs on church property that either have an invitation, or maybe the subject of the next sermon, or maybe an encouraging word?
    Have you ever read one that said, "Does Anybody Need Anything?"

    If a church can't take care of it's own, what is that? I recently heard testimony from a man that just came out of prison who had nothing. He was in there for 17 years, and what he told me shook me. It really stirred me, and yes I found myself getting a bit angry, wondering what every happened to the Church?
    Nobody in that small home group was paid anything for their ministering. We were young, but in in different ways, it seemed that we were all about our Father's business, one way or another.

    1. The Jerry Falweels of the world came and destroyed the church, with the "moral majority. Praying the deceived evangelical "Christians" of America will see the light and not be blinded by the stardust, unrealistic promises and gold of Trump! If anyone should understand the problem with electing an ego-maniac and false Christian, it should be Christians! The Bible warns us of a person, like Trump, of becoming the anti-Christ taking over the world and destroying it. His personality, ego, speeches and personality disorders mirror that of other dictators, like Hitler and Napoleon. So, even if you don't think Trump is the anti-Christ, why would ANYONE with ANY brains and knowledge of the Bible vote for Trump. who resembles the description of the anti-Christ, Hitler or Napoleon! Chances are, things will turn out bad for America and Christians, if he is not impeached! It is sad and breaks God’s heart to see His Church supporting the Devil Trump. Matthew 7:21-23 New King James Version says: 21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22: Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ They better watch out if they are true believers. I seriously doubt God approves of anything the Devil Trump does supports, says or does. To God, he is just another sinner in need of forgiveness and salvation and by his own words, Trump tells us he is always right and never needs forgiveness. The only thing Christ requires for salvation.
      Trump is for Trump. Literally, like a demon possessed, he changes every day for every crowd. One day he has bright yellow hair, orange face and a hot, bigoted head for the younger, feistier crowd. Then, he is light blonde, skin normal and caring Donald. He is after those evangelical moms, their boring little lives and their lower middle-class, beer chugging, Bible toting Johnboy! Then, there is the Silver fox and pasty skinned Sir Donald. The savior of the super-rich! Then there is the ash brown Trump with a beige face trying to show his true color of BS, to the ignorant.
      True believers will reject Trump and be raptured. Trump supporters will find themselves rejected by Jesus at the gates of Heaven and sent to follow and serve the eternal Trump in Hell. Luke 13:28 "In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, but yourselves being thrown out. God is talking to the church when he said in Matthew 24:10 At that time many will fall away and will hate and betray each other and many false prophets will lie and mislead.
      Don’t lose your salvation over Trump’s lies to end abortion and support religious freedom. He is using these things to deceive Christians and they better wake up and quit taking bites of Trump’s poisonous apple. Shame on you, Rev. William Boykin, Bishop Aubree Shines, James Dobson and Jerry Falwell Jr. for being false prophets for the Devil Trump! Repent now to save your soul and the souls of those who follow you.

    2. President Trump is not the antichrist. He is a man with flaws as we all are sinners. If anyone could be considered the antichrist they would have to lead people away from Christ and deny him. The Pope has done that when he denied the existence of hell, the resurrection of Christ, and supports gay marriage. See: https://www.cnsnews.com/blog/michael-w-chapman/scalfari-pope-denied-jesus-bodily-resurrection-says-it-was-semblance-spirit for reference to the first two claims.

  2. Chuck Colson was very vocal in the public square about his belief in Jesus Christ as it applies to all of life. We need to be who we are in Christ no matter where we go including out in the world, being in the world but not of the world.
    Thank you for your daily insights in the public square as it relates to our lives.

  3. Trump is only the most pro-life president since Roe v Wade. Before that I would say that the average, run-of-the-mill president was just as pro-life as Trump.

    1. For 8 lovely years, America was at relative peace, except for the racist rage and hate of others, underlying the Republican and evangelical movement. In 1979, Jerry Falwell and other false prophets turned the Christian movement and Christ’s sacrifice for all on its head. “Jerry Falwell wasn’t so concerned about moral decline in America. Rather, he wanted to stop Blacks from attending Christian Schools.” The church unfortunately fell in line and have now sold their souls to the Devil Trump, in ungodly worship and submission.
      The Devil Trump offered evangelicals what they coveted deeply, a bite at Trump’s poisonous apple of deception and control over others. Like stopping abortions, even though Trump’s Cult of Christians don’t care about living children being separated from their parents, living in deplorable conditions on the border, complete with unchecked abuses and death. When a woman chooses life and relies on welfare, they degrade the woman and child for their inability to take care of themselves. When a woman is on drugs, they would rather let the child be born addicted and raised in the hell of addiction, with little help for either. In America, where all rights are protected by the Constitution and not by the hypocrisy of evangelicals, women have the right to choose and suffer the consequences. It should not be up to a bunch of male hypocrites, who support our perverted President, to decide what a woman does with her body.
      The second bite stops gay people from having the same rights as everyone else. Even though Pastors commit adultery, priests molest children and 2/3’s of “Christian” men watch porn. Who are they to judge another’s sin, as worse than their own sin?
      The third bite is religious liberty, which really means evangelicals should be able to cross the line between church and state, while expecting other religions to keep their mouths shut and stay out of “their” America. The news media gives the fallen church lots of coverage to perpetrate Trump’s lies, but remnant Christians or those who do not support Trump are forced into silence and ignored. The Red Bluff Daily News does not allow me to use scripture to support my arguments, but the acceptable Christians are allowed to voice their thoughts, with scriptures on the religious page, chosen by the Editor Chip Thompson to support his or the communities believes. A good newspaper should be a place for all to voice their opinions with proper attribution, especially God’s Word. This is a violation of my religious liberty and a violation of my 1st Amendment Right. If Rick Perry, Trump and false prophets can say Trump is the “the “chosen” one, surely I should be able to quote scripture to point out how very wrong and anti-Christian this idea is.
      The black core is greed. Money and economy are more important to evangelicals, then their commitment to Christ. His warnings to those that treasure money and Trump over Christ says believers supporting the man of lawlessness will be rejected by Christ.

  4. In Truth...

    "Speaking" pro-life and "acting" pro-life are near-polar opposites. Past Presidents largely "speak" pro-life, or conservative values, or fiscal responsibility, etc. but in nearly all cases their subsequent actions are either absent or are in conflict with their prior speech..."promises". President Trump has done the opposite.

    "Thank you" Gary for Charles Finneys words of wisdom. The "speech" of Preachers is the critical "connector" between God's word and God's children. In truth, few Christians spend time studying God's word. They depend on preachers to tell them what God has to say to them. When Preachers are taught in seminary to put a 1st priority on "building numbers of attendees and members" in their churches, they will inevietably avoid teaching on prophesy (+30% of God's Word), sin, hell, or even the "responsibilities" those who say they are Christ-followers should embrace and manifest in their lives. All these things are difficult to hear...difficult to do...and often difficult to accept. They do indeed separate those who are "committed to a love relationship with Christ" from those who are "committed to bask in the knowledge of free-salvation and all the "benefits" promised and provided to them by churches dedicated to give them what they want to hear and receive. In truth… "Spiritual growth" comes from "Spiritual hardship", but spiritual hardship causes those who are not really 'committed' to go away, and they take their money with them.

    Americas government became the source for welfare slowly over time, as Christian Churches gradually and conveniently relinquished this responsibility. Churches of the past gave to those who "need", either a hand-up or sustenance for the disabled and unable. Government gives to those who "want". Churches gave out of love as a representative of Christ. Government gives out of vested-interest to gain votes to keep themselves “the givers" in power. As government grows in this regard and as church withers, government "becomes" the god of the people and an enabler to “helplessness” and “victimhood”. “By the people and for the people” has become “By the government and for the Government”. Christians have abdicated their responsibilities to their “neighbor” by allowing government to do it for them.

    The founding fathers of America gave it's citizens everything they need in a "Democratic Republic"; but warned that it could only succeed and survive for a “moral and godly” people who assured that their leadership obeys the constitution and that God is always "first" as the sole dispenser for "liberty & freedom". Today, Government has effectively supplanted God by becoming the source for Liberty and Freedom in the minds of an increasingly “secular” “godless” society. We the people have allowed it to happen because as we grew in wealth and prosperity we also became more selfish, ambivalent, and apathetic..pursuing only the "good and easy" parts of our responsibilities to God and to our country.

    President Trump's "actions" have clearly demonstrated what "needs to be done". It is up to the American people to decide if they are willing to "commit" to that path. If the secular leftists are successful in destroying President Trump and what he stands for, we will likely never get another chance to save Godly liberty and freedom.

    Truth is a lonely warrior,



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