Thursday, January 30, 2020

Impeachment Effort Is Costing Lives

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On November 9, 2016, the progressive Democrat movement in America began the work of impeaching newly elected President Donald Trump.

That effort to discredit a duly elected president, and overturn the vote of more than 63 million voters who elected him, has cost our country an immeasurable amount of productivity by our "public servants."

Now, Rep. Steve Scalise says it's about to begin costing the lives of real people.

Be informed.

"Dems Have Been Impeaching President Trump Since The Election."

Last October Liz Harrington wrote a piece for "Real Clear Politics," not a conservative publication, in which she laid out the history of opposition to this president, which began day one following the 2016 election.

Harrington says,
"To impeach does not just mean our constitutional process to remove a president for high crimes and misdemeanor, or, in this case, Democrats kowtowing to a radical base to jam through proceedings before their case falls apart. To impeach also means 'to cast doubt on'."

She says,
"When Ms. Pelosi says 'the facts have changed the situation', she is really saying that now the Democrats have finally settled on an excuse to satisfy their mission---and she briefly describes their timeline in developing their "mission,": She writes, "Russia was 'so' 2016, 2017, 2018 and, well 2019 (up until July 24)."

Then the far Left, radical progressive colony of America shifted to Ukraine.

My point is, and Harrington outlines it as well, is that there was not a single event that caused America or the political community to say--"Oh, no, we can't let this happen in America, we must take action, because the president has committed this specific act of "high crimes and misdemeanors."

Instead, the impeachment movement has remained fluid, trying to divert, disparage and discredit the choice of the people. It has been a journey of salacious smears, conspiracy theories and baseless anonymous claims from the resistance---both inside and outside government.

With full assistance from the press.

Some would say, because of the distraction of impeachment for the past 3 years, the Left has not been as harmful as they might have been if they were actually going to work every day to do the job they were elected to do.

That's a good point. However---seriously---can we estimate the loss to our country this effort to remove the president has created?


But we can measure some of the costs.

Here's one cost that is looming.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) says Pelosi is about to sacrifice American lives by holding up a bill on the drug fentanyl.

Rep. Scalise told Fox's Laura Ingraham Tuesday,
"It's bad enough Democrats tried to impeach President Donald Trump for criticizing NFL players, but now they're ready to sacrifice American lives simply to deny him an achievement."

This is the transcript of that part of the interview:

Ingraham: Congressman Scalise, this has gotten way out of hand. Today they (Democrats) were so dejected that they had to reference a former chief of staff who wasn't even here when this Ukraine thing was happening, John Kelly, saying now they want John Kelly to testify. To what, his feeling about Bolton?
Scalise: “Laura, they’re like in this impeachment funk right now, because they realize how devastating it is for them. Keep in mind, though: they are the party of impeachment. Democrats own this thing now. The country has tuned it out. The country is saying, ‘Why aren't you focusing on things that are important to me?’
“When President Trump was elected, over a hundred Democrats voted to impeach him - because he criticized NFL players who kneeled for the Pledge of Allegiance That was a record vote on the House floor to impeach a president for that. That's how bad they are in this.
“But, imagine, too, this contradiction on where they are.
“Next week, Laura, next Wednesday, a whole class of fentanyl drugs that are killing Americans, fentanyl drugs that are currently illegal – President Trump is putting people in jail today, those drug dealers -- that fentanyl becomes legal next week because the legal ban on that expires.
“There was a bill that passed the Senate unanimously to keep those drugs illegal, so those drug dealers who are killing families in every community in this country, President Trump is putting the drug dealers in jail today. Next week, he can't put those drug dealers in jail because Pelosi won't bring that bill – that passed unanimously in the Senate.”
Ingraham: “Is that part of the strategy, though, to lock this town up so Trump cannot chalk up any more achievements? That might be the method to their evil madness.”
Scalise: “That damage is on their hands. Every single person who dies from those illegal drugs, when you can't put that drug dealer in jail next week that you could put in jail today, it's all on Nancy Pelosi's hands.
“She won't bring bills like that. We have a bill to lower drug prices: every Democrat supports it, President Trump would sign it - they’re not bringing that to the floor.”

It's obvious the Left is unwilling, at any cost, to accept the will of the people in regard to the 2016 election.

From what I'm seeing, the message may be louder and even more forceful in the upcoming 2020 election.

A sampling of the 20,000 plus people who filled the convention center in liberal Madison, Wisc. last week for President Trump's rally is shocking to the progressives and encouraging to conservatives.

I'll be talking a bit more about that on today's live radio program.

Here's how you may join me from anywhere in the world.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Watchful. Be Prayerful.


  1. Withholding aid to Ukraine for Trump's personal use to cheat in a election cost real lives. How does the impeachment cost lives. We accepted that Trump cheated with his best bud Putin's help and even though 3 million more people voted for Hillary. This sham election should have been overturned after the Mueller Report. It is really sad God's fallen church continues to belief the Devil Trump.

    1. Believe in Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved. Otherwise there is no hope for the ungodly, which will be led into darkness and willingly be used by it. They shall come to their end, for their end is destruction, the very way they have chosen. God bless President Trump. He is what we needed. MAGA.

    2. There is no hope for God's church, if they do not repent of their blind support of the Devil Trump. Trump is the anti-thesis of Jesus. If you continue to worship the man of lawlessness, you will be denied by Christ. Matthew 7:21 And then will I declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you ... America has always been great, we don't need a dictator to lead us, we need our Constitution and the 3 branches of government to lead us. Tomorrow the Constitution dies and Trump and his demon followers will kill democracy and the Republic.

  2. excellent, thank you...sharing on FB

  3. In Truth...

    Good News:
    President Trumps accomplishments for America and the American People have been amazing. Incredibly he has accomplished these things almost entirely "without" any assistance from the Congress. In truth, all the Democrat Party and most of Congress have effectively fought against, blocked, or undermined his efforts for the American people on nearly every front. The "Democrat" portion of Congress has clearly shown universally that their obsession with overturning the 2016 election supersedes "any and all" benefits to America, it's people, or the free peoples of the world.

    Destroyed Lives and resources:
    The lives of good Americans who were destroyed by the Muller Investigation, along with the waste of what will eventually be of 40 million dollars were wasted trying to destroy the best president the American People could have ever hoped for. The +40 million lives lost globally, and the +1,000 lives lost in America each year due to the murder of living, growing, defenseless human beings in the womb is shamelessly perpetuated the Democrat party and some Republicans. The obsession to withold the benefit of energy via fossil fuels to less developed parts of the world shortens life expectancy tenure, and increases high death rate of births, and preventable deaths. All due to manufactured false religion known as C02 caused global warming.

    Nothing good accomplished:
    Democrats are "hired" by us to "serve" the people. In the three + years they have shamelessly abandoned that responsibility, and instead elected to degrade themselves and America in the eyes of the world by displaying the most corrupt and dishonest exhibition in the history of America. Their claim they are "protecting the constitution" is an obvious and transparent hollow lie! They know it, everyone in the Congress knows it, and increasingly the American people are coming to know it.

    Embracing Evil:
    Evil feeds on the perpetuation of selfish agendas for power and control, denial of truth, hatred and the spirit of vindictiveness; all of which the Democrat Party has fully embraced. Their incessant slander, hypocritical projection of guilt and motive, demonization, mockery, and devious programs and activities to promote and conduct the same is shamefull. Evil is always destructive in nature.

    Let us pray…
    • Americans will increasingly come to understand the destructive results of secularism in their lives and for the future of their children and children’s children.
    • Christians in America and world-wide will pray for the Holy Spirit to bring the truth of the gospel of Jesus through massive “revival” to our great country.
    • Truth will become apparent to all Americans in their recognition of the deception and lies that permeate what used to be trusted news sources and trusted educational institutions / curriculums. Pray daily against this spiritual cancer; boldly speak truth to evil openly with love at every opportunity; and work to obstruct and correct these evil cancers in our culture and institutions. Become involved, replacing those who perpetuate evil with those who perpetuate Godliness.

    Many believe the President Trump is an imperfect man God has selected to give America a clear vision. Changes for good are still possible and an opportunity to recognize and deal with the evil within our government is our challenge. God gave us a bastion of freedom and liberty over 200 years ago, with the caveat that we watch over this gift and preserve it’s purpose.

    In truth…if America fails there will be no force left in the world to protect the freedom and liberty that comes from God and not from government. Government world-wide will have become God, a development we could not blame on God. It will have happened on His childrens watch as they refused to stand courageously against evil for their faith, for the truth, and for their Savior.

    He reminded His Chosen People several times…and they ignored Him!

    Truth is a lonely warrior…


    1. He has destroyed our country with his evil bullying and lawlessness. What is amazing is that people who confess to be Christians worship the Devil Trump, the exact opposite of Jesus. The Democrats are trying to save our nation, environment and preserve the Constitution, while the Republican Senate has tore it up, burned it and spit on it, with their refusal to hold Trump accountable for his multiple crimes and abuses. This will mean the next President can do anything he wants, even if he is a Democrat. A rotten precedence has been set for America. The Constitution will die today, because people like yourself, were too brainwashed to think for yourself and seek the truth. The election should be overturned! When did half of America start thinking that is is okay for cheaters to proper, but Trump did and our children and country are watching and asking why should they follow rules, if Trump doesn't have to. Trump destroyed those stupid enough to follow and there have been many good people's reputations and lives ruined, as a result of Trump. The Democrats did their Constitutional duty, the Republicans are cowards, afraid of Trump and his tweeter, instead of doing right by the people and the Constitution, they cheer on the son of perdition to greater and more dangerous heights!Your grandstanding for Trump smacks of hypocrisy, when you support a man, who takes live kids away from their mothers and puts them in cages. What about those lives? What about all the mass murders committed by Trump extremist? The Republican Party and the Cult of Christians following Trump have lost all moral standing and because you worship Trump and have marked your heart and soul with his stink of his evil, you will lose your salvation and denied your place in Heaven by Jesus. Matthew 7:21 And then will I declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you ...Redeem yourself before it's too late. Walk away from worshiping the evil and turn back to Jesus.


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