Monday, January 19, 2009

George Walker Bush. A Legacy of Life

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State Representative Dan Kristiansen has given, on behalf of the Republican Party, an official response to Governor Gregoire's State of the State address. (See Response).

Representative Kristiansen can now be heard every Thursday morning in the Seattle area on KSER 90.7 fm at 8:15 AM.

George Walker Bush. A Legacy of Life

As we approach the inauguration of President Barack Obama, some will be reflecting on the legacy of President George W. Bush

Looking past the continual media assault of the man, it is clear that although you may not agree with some of his policies, he is and has been an unwavering advocate for life---both the born and the unborn.

Robert Robb, at the Arizona Republic says, "Bush has been given remarkably little credit or appreciation for the fact that there has not been a domestic terror attack since 9-11, contrary to universal expectations at the time."

He suggests that if we were to experience an attack during Obama's watch, the negatives toward Bush would change very quickly.

The National Black Republican Association is expressing today, their deep gratitude to President Bush for his commitment to a number of issues important to them, including his leadership and actions that has kept us safe since 9-11.

History has already recorded that President Bush has kept the country safe from attack by those who seek to kill us. It will also record that he was a strong advocate for the unborn in America and elsewhere.

Steven Ertelt at LIFENEWS says, "Americans may have their dispute with President Bush on other political issues and those issues may have led them to support pro-abortion Barack Obama for President. But pro-life leaders say Bush will leave behind a very strong and lasting legacy as a champion of the pro-life cause."

During the Bush administration, abortions have declined to historic lows.

President Bush made history himself by signing the first measure to ever ban a form of abortion.

Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America says, "President Bush's conviction that innocent life deserves respect in law and culture runs deep. From signing pro-life laws, instituting pro-life regulations, to promoting pro-life international policies, he faced vicious opposition, yet did not relent. Bureaucrats worked to undermine and thwart his policies, sometimes working hand-in-hand with pro-abortion groups and hostile media. But he was not deterred."

Ertelt gives an excellent overview of this legacy, quoting a number of pro-life leaders.

Wendy Wright says, "In the annals of history, George W. Bush will be remembered as a president who believed and fought to protect innocent human life."

President Bush signed every piece of pro-life legislation that came to his desk, including the partial-birth abortion ban and a bill to make sure babies who survived botched abortions receive appropriate medical care.

It does not appear that America's next chapter will provide such a champion for life.

May God help us all.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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