Tuesday, February 03, 2009

God Bless You, Joel Connelly

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Joel Connelly, columnist for the Seattle PI, is most often on the other side of social issues. I might add, he is most often on the wrong side of those issues, in my opinion.

But, sometimes miracles happen.

In his own words Mr. Connelly admits, "A contrarian idea took hold of my mind. Show for once, that a Seattle newspaper scribe can write a column sympathetic to the pro-life view-point."

Connelly, in his column, "Liberals Need Own 'Plan B' On Pharmacies" says, "The state's liberal, peace and feminist activists have a lengthy record of standing with those who take stands on conscience."

He points out the inconsistencies in the case concerning the Storemans family and their refusal to stock or sell the abortion pill "plan B" in their pharmacies and the subsequent lawsuit over their conscientious objection. Although the legal costs in this matter has had a devastating financial impact on their business, they have merely refused to sell the pill, offering to refer customers to pharmacies that do.

Connelly says, "Liberals should recognize and defend individual acts of conscientious objection, even by those of different political faiths."

I recommend you read his column.

God bless you, Joel Connelly. At least this time.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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