Thursday, February 05, 2009

Homosexual Marriage - What Really Drives the Issue

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Today there are hearings in Olympia on bills that have to do with the expansion of homosexual benefits under the domestic partnership legislation passed last year. The hearings are open to the public and we have encouraged anyone who can do so, to attend.

HB 1727: scheduled hearing 10:00 a.m. House Committee on Judiciary--House Hearing Room A --John L. O'Brien Building.

SB 5688: scheduled hearing 3:30 p.m. Senate Committee on Government Operations& Elections--Senate Hearing Room 2. J. A. Cherberg Building.

While the press often characterizes the debate over so-called "gay marriage" as a political debate, it is not. It is merely played out through the vehicle of politics.

Neither is it about "hate," bigotry or even the desire to deny anyone anything.

Here's what is driving the issue.

It is about the defense of the sanctity of natural, traditional marriage. The cornerstone of society. A biblical model.

Within minutes of the swearing in of President Obama, he had completely changed and updated the White House website. Prominently displayed was his unconditional support for a long list of gay rights demands.

The official website refers to those who do not support the gay agenda as, "Those who seek to divide us."

J. Matt Barber has written an article, "Homosexuality and the Laws of Moral Physics," that correctly defines what really drives this issue.

He says, "That amid the heated national debate over both religious liberty versus new fangled 'gay rights' and the sanctity of natural marriage versus so-called 'gay marriage' something occurred to me. Either homosexual behavior is sexual immorality or there is simply no such thing as sexual immorality---period."

Barber's article gives clarity and insight to what is really driving the issue of gay marriage.

I strongly recommend you read his article.

Sometimes people of faith are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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