Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Is Beyond Gay Marriage?

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The Sunday evening broadcast of the Academy Awards was the third least watched Academy Awards show in history. Most of America apparently didn't bother to watch actors testify as to how their life was changed by Harvey Milk.

What is Beyond Gay Marriage?

As the gay rights movement continues to push hard for so-called equality, there are those asking what will be next for the gay activists.

It's a fair question, given the history. Only a few years ago the homosexuals were assuring the citizens that they just wanted benefits---like everyone else. Last year elected officials gave them "benefits" and the day the "benefits" became law, the homosexual activists proclaimed that was not the goal. "We will not be happy until we have 'marriage' ," they told the media.

Many of your elected leaders are once again leading the parade---with a straight face.

As the gay rights activists have become more emboldened, they are now looking beyond gay marriage.

Stanley Kurtz , writing for the Weekly Standard back in 2003, said he was concerned about the real goals of the gay activists. He said it was likely that gay marriage would take us down the slippery slope to legalized polygamy and polyamory (group marriage).

Again in 2006, Ryan Anderson, also writing for the Weekly Standard, expressed even greater concern and validated his concerns with a statement that gay activist leaders had released to the public.

Anderson explains that scholars Hadley Arkes and Robert P. George were already warning Congress and pointing out that, "By rejecting the grounding foundation of marriage---the unique psychosomatic unity possible only between one man and one woman in conjugal sex--- the state would lose its principled basis for refusing to recognize polygamous (one man to multiple women) or even polyamorous (multiple men to multiple women) i.e., group marriages.

For this they were slandered, called bigots and scaremongers. Much like the fate of those today who oppose so-called gay "marriage".

However, their predictions were prophetic. And they were confirmed when gay activist leaders released to the public, their statement," Beyond Same-Sex Marriage".

In the release, published in the New York Times and elsewhere, they listed several variations of marriage that they supported, including so-called marriages of, "Queer couples who decide to jointly create and raise a child with another queer person or couple in two households."

What about the child? Do they care?

There is much more in the "Statement" regarding how they see marriage in the future.

The stated goal of the gay activists is to no longer merely live as they want. It is to force you and your family and the state to recognize, legalize and affirm their myriad of group choices.

Anderson warns his readers to not take this lightly, because many of the leaders who signed this document are main stream voices in our culture.

I strongly recommend you read Anderson's article and I have linked the "Beyond Same-Sex Marriage" statement for your convenience.

Since this article was written, we have moved even closer to the edge.

Washington State is moving toward so-called "benefits" so the homosexuals can litigate for "marriage" so the homosexual activists can move beyond gay marriage and the polygamists can have their day in court. And many of your elected leaders are leading the parade. With a straight face.

God help us.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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