Friday, March 06, 2009

Urgent. It is Time to Call a Senator and Say No to SB 5688

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While calls have been being made to Washington State lawmakers, it is time to increase the number of calls to specific senators, urging them to oppose and vote no on SB 5688. They will be voting soon on this matter and it is very important they hear from as many of you as possible.

Here's why.

The citizens of Washington are being misled by the activist homosexual lawmakers and their colleagues who are also either misled or unwilling to support traditional marriage.

For example: I'm looking at Sen. Rodney Tom's letter of response to a constitute from his District 48, who asked the senator to oppose SB 5688.

Tom's letter first extols the virtues of SB 5688, then quotes John F. Kennedy on giving rights to people, then says, "To those opposed to this legislation, it would not circumvent the marriage laws of Washington. It would not change the definition of marriage in Washington. It would not require anything different from any religious group in the state. In summary, it would not affect them."

"Them," of course is us.

I will tell you why this statement is misleading and deceitful and which senators we need you to call, starting today.

First, Senator Tom's statement. I don't know if the Senator, himself, has been misled or if he is purposefully misleading his constituents.

Deceit is tricky.

Technically, most of his statement, standing alone, is true. However, this bill is a Trojan Horse. This bill and the House Companion Bill 1727, elevates domestic partnerships to the level of marriage and removes any legal difference.

Once these bills become law, homosexuals will have a basis to sue for "marriage". They will sue on the basis that they are being discriminated against because they can't use the name marriage, yet their domestic partnership contract is exactly the same as marriage. They will use this bill as basis for the suit, thus achieving "marriage" through litigation.

The Washington State Legislature has the second largest gay caucus of any state in the country. Openly gay lawmakers pushing these bills and misleading the public as to their effect are, Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, Rep. Jamie Pedersen, D-Seattle, Rep. Marko Liias, D-Mukilteo, Rep. Joe McDermott, D-Seattle, Rep. Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver and Rep. Dave Upthegrove, D-Des Moines. These men have repeatedly told the press and the public that their ultimate goal is "marriage". This is a giant step to achieve that goal. At the end of their journey is Governor Gregoire, with open arms, raised in victory, ready to sign anything they place before her. Gov. Gregoire has signed more pro-homosexual legislation than any governor in the history of this state.

I'm urging you to stand for traditional, biblical marriage. Please call the following list of senators and respectfully ask them to vote no on SB 5688. Begin today.

Would you also contact friends, family members and friends at church this weekend and ask them to join with us and make the call. Ask your pastor if he will mention it from the pulpit. His mention of this bill would not violate any tax-exempt rules.

When you call your own senator, also tell their office you live in their district.

Following is the list we need you to call. We have posted instructions in how to find which district you live in and which senator is yours.

First. There are three Republicans who we feel are not with us. They need to hear from you.

Dale Brandland, district 42 -- 360-786-7682
Curtis King, district 14 -- 360-786-7626
Cheryl Pflug, district 5 -- 360-786-7608

Secondly, these Democrats will be up for election next year. Ones with an asterisk (*) by their names have one or more Republican seat mates.

Claudia Kaufman, district 47 -- 360-786-7692
Steve Hobbs, district 44 -- 360-786-7686
*Chris Marr, district 6 -- 360-7867610
Eric Oemig, district 45 -- 360-786-7672
Rodney Tom, district 48 -- 360-786-7694
*Derek Kilmer, district 26 -- 360-786-7650
*Tracey Eide, district 30 -- 360-786-7658

The following two senators are not up for reelection next year, but have Republican seat mates.

Jim Kastama, district 25 -- 360-786-7648
Mary Margaret Haugen, district 10 -- 360-786-7618

There are others who will be voting with us that I have not listed. There are also those who will not be voting with us regardless of how many calls they would receive.

We will be posting all votes on this bill and the House bill.

This is both urgent and timely. Thank you for stepping up. I really believe your calls will influence some of these lawmakers.

Thank you and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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