Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Welcome to the "No Press" Zone

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I'm continuing to receive emails from you regarding your concern over the lack of press coverage of last Thursday's rally.

I know, the reality is shocking, but that's where we are in regard to the press and these matters. The same day the press could not fit in a story about 2,400 citizens standing on the Capitol steps in defense of traditional marriage, they were able to cover a half dozen protestors in front of AIG downtown.

The Seattle PI could not cover the rally, but can cover an alleged "hate crimes" charge on a metro bus by an 18-year-old kid.

KIRO 7 TV, who had a reporter in Olympia during the rally, couldn't cover it, but can run a story about country artist Martina McBride telling OUT magazine that she would welcome an openly gay country artist, even though the country music audience is, "Very middle America, very Bible belt."

KOMO 4 TV didn't respond to a number of you who asked about their no coverage of the rally, but they do have space and time to run a story about an "Oregon Teen Charged With Tanning Salon Peeping."

Welcome to the "no press" zone.

As we move forward in our defense of marriage---again, please know they will likely not adequately cover those things that could help and will cover the controversies that will surely emerge over the next few months.

It is imperative that we sign up as many as possible to receive this blog and commentary. This will be our best and likely only way to properly communicate as we move forward. Encourage friends and family to join with us. They need only to subscribe here.

This won't surprise you and you will believe it. Guess what CNN did yesterday morning.

It isn't just local. The press is hard at work everyday in every way "serving" local communities across America.

Yesterday morning, CNN's Jim Acosta, covered the weekend canvass, which was sponsored by the Democratic Party's "Organizing for America".

He reported that, "Once volunteers for the Obama campaign...a vast grassroots network of supporters is back on the trail."

Michael Bates from NEWSBUSTERS, added a touch of truth to CNN's "Vast grass roots network."

Using other news sources, reporting actual numbers of people turning out in various locations around the country, he points out that the "vast grassroots network" is actually hundreds--maybe a thousand or twelve hundred. Keep in mind, this a nation wide call to action to help the President push his agenda. Made to those who elected him.

Read the story --smile, and know that we are not alone in the "no press zone."

Talk this up among friends, family, friends at church, your pastor and help expand this network.

Together, with God's help, we can do this. Each day we write for the purpose of informing people of the attacks on marriage, life, and freedoms, with the intent to inspire you to have the will to resist and stand for traditional principles and values.

This is action time.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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