Monday, April 13, 2009

Day Of Silence: Will Congress Endorse It?

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There is a resolution before Congress, asking the federal government and all public schools to officially recognize and celebrate the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education's Day of Silence goals, which extend far beyond the elimination of bullying.

Laurie Higgins, director of the Illinois Family Institute says, HCon 92 is, "One more insidious, incremental step on the march to wide spread cultural approbation of sexual deviance."

The Day of Silence is scheduled for this coming Thursday, the 1st. Congress has promised a vote on Res. 92 before Thursday.

To participate, students take a vow of silence for the day to protect the "injustices" against students who are homosexual, self-identify as homosexual, bi-sexual and transgender. The very classrooms that have confused these kids as to their sexuality are now honoring their confusion and asking those who are not confused to remain silent for the day.

The day of silence requires that teachers either create activities around or exempt silent students from any activity that involves speaking. Can you imagine any other cause that would so disrupt the classroom with the blessing of public education?

They have politicized the class room around the homosexual agenda. This is but one example from many.

This event is sponsored by a partisan political action group with the implicit purpose of undermining the belief that homosexuality is immoral--that it is some how normal behavior.

Not only are some students taking the vow of silence, some pastors and Christian leaders seem to doing so as well.

I'm asking you to do two specific things regarding breaking the silence.

First call your Congressman or woman and tell them you strongly oppose the Day of Silence Resolution 92 and ask them to vote no on the resolution. You may find contact information on this website.

Secondly, I'm asking you to consider keeping your child out of school on Thursday--the Day of Silence.

If your child attends public school call your school today and ask if they are allowing the Day of Silence this Thursday. Do not ask if they are sponsoring or cooperating, they will tell you no, because it is technically a "student" sponsored event---but in reality, the schools and homosexual activist groups are deeply involved with holding, facilitating and expanding the event.

If the school says yes--in any form, tell them you do not agree with the homosexual agenda and you feel the Day of Silence is indoctrination---not just an attempt to reduce bullying. They will disagree, but don't bother to argue. It won't help at this point. Simply tell them you disagree with the homosexual agenda and your child will not be attending classes that day for that reason.

There is a nationwide effort to encourage parents to take a position against the effort. In some cases public schools lose federal funding when students are absent. If enough parents and students decided to not attend that day, it could be felt economically.

I'm giving you a couple of links you should check out.

The Illinois Family Institute are one of several organizations who are leading in taking a stand against the Day of Silence. There is good information on their site.

Secondly, there is a student response to the Day of Silence, called Day of Truth. There is information about the Day of Truth on their website. This year's Day of Truth is scheduled for next Monday, April 20th.

Don't forget to call your Congressional Representative regarding Resolution 92.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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