Wednesday, April 01, 2009

German Family Seeks Asylum in US to Home School their Children

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It's an amazing story. Home schooling is so important to Uwe Romeike, a classically trained pianist, that he sold his grand pianos for money to move his family to the US so he could home school his kids.

He refused to comply with the government's repeated orders to put his kids in public school, until finally the police came, demanded that his children attend public school and fined the father. He has now fled the country and tomorrow in Memphis, will be asking for asylum. Michael Donnelly, an attorney with the Home School Defense Association, is representing him.

His explanation for wanting to home school his children rather than place them in a public school is chilling.

CNSNEWS quotes Romeike saying, "It's really different in public schools today than when I was in public school. They (The State) believe the children must be socialized and all kids must grow up the same and act the same, otherwise they won't fit into society."

He explained that the public schools were teaching his kids values that the Romeike family do not hold.

I would recommend that Mr. Romeike not experiment with public education in the US either regarding values.

Bernadette Meyler, a Cornell Law School professor who has studied differences in religious liberty between America and European countries said, "The idea is home schooling might lead to the emergence of separate societies that would not share the same vision of the (German) state."

I sincerely hope this is not a snapshot of how far left America is going as we stagger toward European socialism.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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