Tuesday, April 07, 2009

President Obama Names Anti-Pope, Homosexual Activist to Faith Council

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President Obama is doing a little slight of hand, much like the Wa. State House of Representatives with their hearing schedule, as he proclaims to be furthering President Bush's faith-based initiative program while developing a Council with a very different agenda under the name of his Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships program.

He has now appointed Harry Knox, a homosexual activist with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) a homosexual activist organization.

Harry Knox is the director of the religion and faith program at HRC and has recently blasted the Pope and other Catholic bishops and the Knights of Columbus for not supporting same-sex marriage.

He also leads the HRC program to help pastors with sermon material that supports the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender perspective on the Bible.

Knox has described Pope Benedict XVI and other certain Catholic Bishops as "discredited leaders" because they oppose so-called "gay marriage".

The talking points are always the same. If you don't support their agenda, they demonize you by calling you intolerant, bigoted and hateful ---trying to push your beliefs on them. This, of course, while they seek to redefine marriage and re-engineer society.

He has called the Catholic Knights of Columbus "foot soldiers of a discredited army of oppression," because they supported the successful opposition to Proposition 8 in California.

According to the HRC web site, Knox has created, " a weekly preaching resource that provides scriptural commentary to ministers and lay people interested in an ecumenical gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and trans-gender perspective on the Bible."

His goal, the site says, is to create, "faith based transgender education in 40 diverse Congressional districts across the country."

He is leading a pastors event on Capitol Hill in May to further his causes. Clearly President Obama has given a huge lift to his stated goals, by appointing him to the Presidents advisory council. Knox says," We will help the President in living up to his promise that government has no place in funding bigotry against any group of people."

I suppose that means that any faith based ministry that in any way receives government funding for ministry to children, orphans, women, the homeless, etc. who also happen to believe biblical teaching on the sin of homosexual acts, would lose their funding.

Thank you , Mr. President.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, said his appointment makes a mockery of the faith- based program.

I agree.

He said, "This is exactly the kind of bastardization of common sense that the Obama people are putting forth."

He says Knox will use this appointment to increase his political capital so he can further his own homosexual agenda.

Interestingly, former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy had been on the list to serve on this same council, however when the list came out on Monday, his name had been dropped from the list. Dungy is well known to be a pro-marriage Christian. He has stood strongly against so-called" gay-marriage".

Donohue says, "Because of the screamers in the gay community that said we can't have a man like Tony Dungy, they have decided to reach out to a man like Harry Knox---this is the way the Obama people work."

Who knows whether Dungy with drew or was taken from the list.

Tom McClusky, vice president at Family Research Council agreed that Obama's Council is certainly weighted toward the liberal left.

I agree with Donohue.

The whole thing is a sham, much like the late night decision to reschedule the last hearing on the Washington State SB 5688. Trickery may have silenced our voices on this latest hearing, but I assure you, it will be heard on this issue.

Thanks for standing with us.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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