Friday, May 01, 2009

Congress Passes More "Hate-Crimes" Legislation

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U.S. Congress has passed a new and expanded "hate-crimes" bill (HR 1913) that federally protects all "sexual orientations" and "gender identities."

Some say it will also protect pedophiles.

Congress rushed this bill through, refusing to even properly define those orientations and identities they are protecting.

Rep. Steve King R-IA. repeatedly asked lesbian activist and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin to define "sexual orientation." Each time she refused until finally she became visibly shaken at the notion that this bill will likely protect pedophiles.

With promises and assurances from the gay activists who led and sponsored the bill, that it would have no effect on religious freedoms and freedom of speech, Congress passed the bill.

It is very troubling to see which two Northwest Republican lawmakers voted in favor of this new law.

Lou Sheldon and Andrea Lafferty of The Traditional Values Coalition have followed this legislation very closely and in fact provided research for some lawmakers who worked to defeat it.

Please note on the 24-175 vote that Washington State Republican Rep. Dave Reichert voted in favor of this bill. Greg Walden R-Ore. voted in favor as well.

That is very disappointing.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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