Monday, June 22, 2009

The Great Obama Sugar High

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BLOG UPDATE: Latest in the Philip Irvin vs. City of Seattle story. As you will recall, Philip Irvin, a City of Seattle employee, requested the names of those participating in a gay, lesbian, bi-sexual transgender organization within the employee structure of the City of Seattle. He said they were likely using city funds and resources and their names should be made public. The homosexuals got a restraining order against Irvin's request. Last week Irvin was told that he will now be investigated by the City. That is in process and Irvin has prepared his brief and declaration. I have linked both.

The Great Obama Sugar High

Robert Zoellick, World Bank President, has called the Obama stimulus or "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" a spending spree that amounts to a "sugar high".

Vice-President Joe Biden, the man charged to head up the implementation of the spending has said, "Six months from now, if the verdict on the effort is that we've wasted the money...built things that are legal but made no sense, then folks, don't look for any help from the federal government for a long while."

All around the country there is a pattern developing.

Andrew Garber wrote an article in The Seattle Times yesterday describing a mild form of dilemma resulting in misplaced stimulus money in the Lake Washington school district.

However, it is US Senator Tom Coburn M.D. that is identifying and diagnosing the symptoms of the great Obama sugar high.

He released a report over the weekend that could not be ignored by the media and should not go unread by anyone who cares about the future of this country.

Vice-President Biden's words, "wasted money" and "no common sense" are taking on new meaning.

The report details actual spending or planned spending that indeed reminds one of a kid who has had too much red dye candy.

His report, titled "A Second Opinion," is extensive, yet concise. It is well-documented and would be entertaining, if it were not fact. I strongly recommend you take a little time and read it.

His "Top Ten Projects" personify "wasted money" and "no common sense."

While the Northwest is not in his top ten list, both Washington and Oregon have their hand in the candy jar.

On page 35, Dr. Coburn points out that Washington State University (Vancouver) is receiving $148,438 to "analyze the use of marijuana in conjunction with medications like morphine." In their request WSU says the project will stimulate the economy. Sure it will. Who needs red dye candy.

Microsoft has $20 billion in cash reserves, but will be the recipient of an $11 million stimulus bridge across the road between their two campuses in Redmond. The bridge will be an "unusual diagonally shaped bridge." That too will be stimulating.

Portland will spend $1 million stimulus dollars to upgrade 100 bike lockers and build a parking garage for 250 bicycles. Oregon has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the country. This should really get things moving.

Tualatin, Oregon, is spending $2.5 million on a "train-horn-free"-zone. $939,000 of that is stimulus money.

Eugene, Oregon is spending $2.25 million stimulus dollars to construct a 1000 foot long bike path.

A border crossing between Canada and Montana that sees an average of less than 2 passenger cars per day and only 2 to 3 trucks a month is receiving $15 million stimulus dollars for upgrades. Five tiny border crossings in Montana are receiving $77 million stimulus dollars.

"Wasted money." "No common sense."

While the Obama administration continues to blame Bush for every ill our country is facing, this case of financial influenza is quickly becoming his own.

Tracking polls released today are showing the lowest approval rating for the President since he took office. He and his far left supporters are finding that the blame-Bush-era is quickly ending and the economy is becoming the Obama economy.

Many highly qualified people have predicted negative results from the great Obama spending spree. Dr. Coburn has correctly identified and diagnosed the condition. There is definitely a developing pattern.

The great question before us then, would be, what is the cure?

Is there a conservative leader who can rise to leadership, who will not forsake his or her conservative and traditional values once elected?

Is there a leader who will lead in "restoring" rather than "remaking" America?

I believe there is. And I believe we can find that person.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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