Monday, June 29, 2009

People Pushing Back on Homosexual Marriage

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R-71 UPDATE: We are receiving some very good reports from people who are gathering signatures. If you have had a good experience, please share it with us so we can pass it on to others who are in the trenches.

We received the following message:

"From Whidbey Island...The first three pastors I approached...said, "yes, we will stand on the Truth" (E.V.Free3, Coupeville Community Bible, and Living Hope,Foursquare) I actually attended Living Hope last week and you had to stand in line to get out of the church because the sign up table was at the door.As to the first comment above,,,anyone wanting to sign a petition...find a Godly church!"

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People Pushing Back on Homosexual Marriage

A recent CBS/New York Times poll shows that support for same-sex marriage has declined by 9 percentage points within the past 60 days.

CBS is, of course, trying to minimize the decline in support by saying, "Support for same-sex marriage has declined slightly from two months ago."

Is 9 percentage points a slight decline? In 60 days? I think that is more than "slight".

We have been saying that the more people get to know the nature and tone of the homosexual marriage agenda and it's effect on the culture, the more they will begin to push back and reevaluate what they really believe about natural marriage. I believe that is reflected in these numbers.

The poll found only 33% favor homosexual marriage, down from 42% in April.

Jenny Tyree from Focus on the Family, told ONENEWSNOW she thinks these numbers reflect a bit of a backlash against the 5 states whose legislative bodies have redefined marriage recently.

She also said she thinks, "Americans really saw the intolerance that occurred after the Proposition 8 vote back in November."

I agree. The intolerance continues. You should see the content of some of the messages sent to myself and others leading Referendum 71. It's so vile, it's stunning.

Faith and Freedom hired Elway polls to take a survey of Washington voters regarding homosexual marriage at the beginning of this year. While Washington State does not reflect the national polls, Elway still found that Washington rejects homosexual marriage.

The State Legislature has given homosexual marriage to the state by passing SB 5688, refusing both Senator Swecker's appeal to refer the matter to the voters and the same appeal from Representative Matt Shea.

Referendum 71 will allow the people of the state to express their will regarding marriage. The fight to keep it from a vote of the people is fierce, however there is an army of people circulating petitions in churches and communities across the state.

If you have not yet signed a petition, please contact us. We will send you one. If you can circulate one or more in your church and community, please do so.

Thank you and God bless you. Thank you for your financial support.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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