Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Al Gore on Climate Change and the Nazis

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Al Gore on Climate Change and the Nazis

It could have been called the, "Far Left Attack on Personal Freedoms Under The Guise Of Climate Change," however they are calling it the, "Smith School World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment."

Speaking at the conference held in Oxford, England, Al Gore is sounding the alarm. He says he is having a difficult time getting world leaders to put up the money for his climate change, formerly known as global warming; now changed since the globe seems to be cooling, agenda.

He told the audience the world lacked the political will to act and invoked the spirit of Winston Churchill while encouraging leaders to unite to fight climate change.

He said the fight against climate change is similar to the battle against the Nazis.

Sir David King, England's former chief scientist and now director of the Smith School, berated politicians for not following up with massive amounts of money to fund the various schemes of the climate change leaders. He said, "I tried to pull in a lot of IOUs. But where was Lord Mandelson (Business Secretary), where was Ed Miliband (Energy and Climate Change Secretary), where was David Cameron? Where was William Haque?

World leaders are not stepping up with the money Gore and his associates had counted on.
As credible evidence continues to mount that the earth is actually in a cooling trend, that there may well be natural causes for warming trends when they occur and that humans may not be influencing these trends nearly as much as Gore and others have been telling everyone, there has been a political cooling off toward the demands of the so-called "Green" movement. Except in the United States Congress.

The Liberal Lords and Ladies of our own Congress seem so bent on passing the Cap and Trade bill, which is the largest tax increase ever placed on the American public, they are trying to hurry it through Congress before elected officials who may oppose it can even read it, much less study it.

Yes we can.

The Cap and Trade bill---HR 2454 has passed the House. It has not yet passed the Senate.
The Wall Street Journal calls it, "The biggest tax in American history," and the Heritage Foundation says if passed, the bill could cost every American household $3,000 per year.
Even President Obama says electricity bills will "skyrocket".

The folks meeting with Al Gore this week at Oxford have now moved their conversation from measuring carbon emissions from companies and corporations to individuals.

If this bill becomes law it will undermine our personal freedoms in ways that we have never experienced in the history of this country, will cost millions of jobs, bankrupt more businesses and individuals and make Al Gore and his associates even more wealthy.

Human Events has sent out a message from, "The Center for Individual Freedom," that summarizes the catastrophic consequences of this legislation and how it will erode your personal freedoms. And it gives you an opportunity to respond to our elected officials. I suggest you read their message and act.

Perhaps Gore is right.

There are similarities between the encroachment of this legislation on our freedoms and the heavy handed control by the Nazis.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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