Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Homosexuals Kissing in Front of Mormon Temple--- In Protest

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Matt and his partner Derek, stopped while walking home from a concert last week in Salt Lake City, on the Main Street Plaza, owned by the Mormon Church, to give each other a hug and kiss.

A security guard told them that was inappropriate and against the church's policy. The couple was asked to stop. When they didn't, they were ask to leave. The homosexual couple became angry and argumentative and began using profanity. The security guard called the police, the couple was charged with trespassing.

I saw the first report this last Friday and decided not to comment on it, however, the story has now taken on a new turn, the press has slightly changed the account of what was originally reported and some in the homosexual community are reacting toward the Mormon Church out of disagreement with what the church believes and apparently their right to make policy on their own property.

Sunday morning more than a hundred homosexuals and their advocates gathered in front of the Mormon Temple, on the Plaza, to demonstrate against the LDS church with a gay "kiss-in". Essentially, this was a demonstration against the church's beliefs regarding marriage.

The Salt Lake City Tribune, on Monday, painted a placid picture of love, discrimination and people walking their dogs.

However, there is another side to this. A much darker side.

The Mormon Church owns the property where the two men were kissing. The church feels it was inappropriate behavior on their property and now people are demonstrating against the church, because of what it believes, calling it discrimination.

I am not a Mormon, however, I know that they, as we biblical evangelicals believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Why do they not have the right to follow their beliefs with affirming policies on property they own?

When an evangelical pastor preaches that the Bible condemns homosexual behavior---and it does, in church property owned by the congregation, will homosexuals demonstrate against that church?

That has already happened in California and elsewhere as a result of California's Proposition 8.

At what point will litigation begin based on the so-called "hate crimes" legislation that has already become law and more such legislation that is moving forward?

There is a major push from the White House down to normalize this lifestyle, marginalize biblical teaching on the subject and demonize those who do not agree.

I sincerely believe freedom of religious expression is in jeopardy.

Scripture often admonishes God's people to "awaken".

This is a time for people of faith and conservatives to "Wake-Up".

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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