Tuesday, August 11, 2009

R-71: Election Officials "Revising" Reporting on Signature Count

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The Washington State election officials have announced that they are, "revising and upgrading the reporting process for Referendum 71."

They say they want to provide a clearer picture of how the signature-checking process is unfolding. They also say they will be reporting each afternoon, beginning today. Their new reporting will give totals, rate and reasons for rejecting signatures. According to their statement, the results will be better understood and will essentially give "end of process results," which is supposed to eliminate much of the confusion.

We have placed a link on our home page, where you may check the state's latest R-71 report at your convenience.

Nick Handy, state Elections Director says, "We have a time-tested system we have used for years to check our initiatives and referenda, including master checkers and permitting observers from both sides to watch everything we do. We didn't alter our process for R-71. We are using great care."

Some in the state do not share Handy's confidence in the "time tested" state elections system.

As I read his remarks, I wondered why he felt it was important to assure readers that they have not changed the process for R-71. Are there circumstances under which they would alter the process?

As you know, we have observers in the room at all times during the signature verification. There are also some aspects of the verification process that have some degree of subjectivity. Our people are doing their very best to monitor those aspects with particular care.

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Be prayerful. Be vigilant. Be active.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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