Friday, September 04, 2009

R-71: New Lawsuit Filed and Judge Rules on Signatures--Sort of

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A couple of things happened yesterday that you will want to be aware of.

A new lawsuit has been filed in Thurston County Superior Court, once again trying to block Referendum 71 from appearing on the November ballot.

In another Thurston County Court hearing yesterday, a judge heard both sides of why the names of those who signed the R-71 petition should be sealed from public disclosure.

The new lawsuit has been filed by the same group that had filed the suit last week which was denied by Judge Julie Spector earlier this week in King County.

They are alleging the same thing they alleged earlier regarding the Secretary's accepting of signatures that according to them, were not valid.

They are also alleging that we used deceptive practices to get people who actually support SB 5688 to sign the petition and that the petitions themselves include false information.

We did not. I am not aware of any attempt to mislead anyone, nor is anyone else involved in leadership in R-71.

They are challenging our statement on the petition that says SB 5688, "effectively makes same-sex marriages legal."

It does, and that is precisely one of the points we are making to the public. This suit may help to educate the broader public to what SB 5688 is really about.

They are also challenging our statement that says, "If same-sex marriage becomes law, public schools K-12, will be forced to teach that same-sex marriage and homosexuality are normal---even over the objections of parents."

This is an absolute true statement.

David Ammons, from the Secretary of State's office released a statement yesterday afternoon that said in part, "The plaintiffs lost in King County with essentially the same arguments, the same concerns. Our attorneys would expect to prevail again and we expect the voters will be voting on R-71 this fall."

If they are so certain of the state's support for the "every thing but marriage bill," why are they so relentless in trying to keep it away from the public?

You will recall that we asked for and received a Temporary Restraining Order to seal the names of those who signed the R-71 petitions. The reason for the TRO was because of legitimate threats to those who signed the petitions by at least two homosexual activist organizations, who promised to publish, on the Internet, the names of those who signed, so they could "be contacted."

As you may also know, both Larry Stickney and myself have had public death threats directed at us personally.

The judge heard both sides yesterday and said that he will have a final ruling on September 11 on a permanent restraining order.

I spoke with Steve Pidgeon, our attorney, late yesterday afternoon after he left the courtroom. He said the judge ruled that the names will continue to be sealed from the public until the final ruling on the 11th.

He said, "The disclosure law to verify the Referendum has not been thwarted and the names have not been made public."

These are times that try our soul, exhaust our strength and measure motives, but I am certain of one thing. If we do not stand for what is right in our culture, who will? I have an abiding sense that God is leading in all things. Thank you for your prayer and support.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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