Thursday, September 24, 2009

Turning the Senate into the Chicago City Council

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R-71/SB 5688 UPDATE:

I am continuing to receive email about confusion on how to vote on R-71/SB 5688. We are voting against R-71/SB 5688. You will mark REJECTED on your ballot. I understand that after all the hard work in getting R-71 on the ballot, it is a little difficult to think "REJECT".

I was told a pastor reminded everyone last Sunday to vote yes on R-71. The good news is, it was a small church and was corrected before the service was concluded. The better news is that the pastor is with us.

Remember, vote "Reject". In doing so you are rejecting SB 5688, which makes domestic partnerships equal to marriage, redefines husband and wife to become gender neutral, would likely normalize homosexuality in our children's text books and gives a legal basis for marriage to be given to partners through litigation.

REJECT R-71/SB 5688

Your financial support is needed. Thank you.

Turning the Senate into the Chicago City Council

The Founding Fathers designed the Constitution and our government to guard against political power grabs, by slowing down the process of making laws.

Thomas Jefferson is said to have asked George Washington why the Framers had agreed to a second chamber in Congress at the 1787 Constitutional Convention.

"Why did you pour that coffee into your saucer?" Washington asked him. "To cool it," said Jefferson. "Even so," said Washington, "we pour legislation into the senatorial saucer to cool it."

As President Obama prepares to ram his health care plan through Congress using what is called, "Reconciliation," or a process that requires only 50 rather than the normal 60 votes, Newt Gingrich says, "Changing one-sixth of the American economy with 50 Senators voting yes would be a revolutionary act worthy of a third world country."

Even one of the Democrats that authored the process says it is wrong.

Gingrich says even Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd, who was one of the authors of the "Reconciliation" process, says it's wrong and "Reconciliation" was never intended for the purpose the President is about to use it.

Gingrich says, "This radical action may make sense to President Obama, Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel and senior strategist David Axelrod, all of whom come from Chicago and are used to seeing the Chicago City Council muscled by a strong mayor on behalf of a machine," but should not be part of the process in the United States Congress.

Newt says, "When both process and policy is wrong there is something very bad going on."

I have linked Gingrich's article titled, "Turning The Senate into the Chicago City Council".

If you love freedom and are concerned, I strongly recommend you take a couple of minutes and read it. It gives new clarity to what is about to happen with the health care legislation, and likely, the climate legislation as well.

I want my country back.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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