Thursday, October 08, 2009

Another Clinton Confession---Another Obama Promise

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REJECT R-71 / SB 5688 Sidewalk Rally This Saturday.

Our friends in the Russian/Slavic community are leading a, "REJECT R-71/SB 5688 Side Walk Rally" this weekend in Lynnwood.

The pastor is asking people to join with them and publicly stand for marriage this Saturday. We expect a great turnout. If you can attend, please do so.

Your donation is needed today. Thank you.

The following is his invitation:


The city of Lynnwood will allow us to carry out a rally on the city sidewalks, provided we do not interfere with pedestrian and vehicular traffic and stay only on the sidewalks.

TIME: 11:00AM (rally will go for several hours)
PLACE: Please be at the Lynnwood Transit Center at 11:00AM!

Additional info: We will park at "Lynnwood Transit Center" and walk north on 44th ave towards 196th st. We will take our time and walk slow and in single file as to not cause a traffic disturbance.

Our goal is to have people with "REJECT" signs covering both sides of 196th st from the Lynnwood convention center to past the Fred Meyer and have parts of 44th st covered as well. This will go on for a few hours.People should be standing at a few feet away from each other.

Signs will be provided... but if you can, please make some of your own. Only include "Ref71 REJECT" and "Preserve Marriage" "Protect Children."

Please avoid negative comments. Act civil. And have fun.

All ages and groups are invited. Even children with proper adult supervision. See you in Lynnwood. Our future depends on it.


Another Clinton Confession---Another Obama Promise

Former President Clinton makes yet another confession, while President Obama is making yet another promise. Both are talking about the homosexual agenda. Both claim to be a Christian and yet both are taking a position that stands in stark denial of fundamental Christian teaching.

How does that work?

Former President Clinton confesses he has, "been hung up about it."

"It" is homosexual marriage. A few weeks ago he told Anderson Cooper on CNN that he has had a change of heart on the issue.

He said, "I realized that I was over 60 years old. I grew up in a different time---I was hung up about it, I decided I was wrong."

President Obama's Security Advisor, James Jones, said last Sunday, that the President, "will focus 'At the right time' on how to overturn the 'don't ask--don't tell' military ban against homosexuals serving openly in the military. This coming Saturday evening President Obama will deliver the keynote address at the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) 13th Annual National Dinner. He will reaffirm his promise to abolish the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

Both Clinton and Obama claim to be Christians--believers. But what do they believe? How can their positions stand in such stark contrast to the teachings of the faith they claim to hold? And how do the absolute, eternal truths taught in the Bible, the "Book" that most Christians believe to be "God's Word," keep changing? Governor Bill Clinton once wrote a letter to Right to Life affirming that he opposed abortion and was pro-life, not pro-choice. Senator Al Gore wrote a similar letter. I have copies of both. Both changed their beliefs. During the presidential campaign, Senator Joe Biden explained why he left the teaching of his church in regard to abortion and embraced a pro-choice belief. He said he changed his belief because he felt it would be more politically effective to be pro-choice in public office.

Obama and Oprah have both claimed they are Christians, yet both have said they believe there are many ways to God---Jesus is not the only way. Yet, Jesus said that He is indeed the only way to the Father.

How do people change fundamental beliefs based on God's eternal truth, while publicly proclaiming to be devout Christians?

It's called Post Modernism or Relativism. In their world there are no absolutes---no eternal truths.

In an interview from several years ago, a Chicago reporter ask Senator Obama how he would define sin. The Senator's reply? "Sin is being out of alignment with my values."

Analyze that for a moment. Senator Obama's remarks in the interview defines what is wrong in our culture.

( source. Jonah Goldberg. USA Today. Aug. 2008)

Post modern relativism believes there is no such thing as Truth, with a capital T. There are only lower case truths. Our traditional understanding of right and wrong, true and false, are really just outdated ways to oppress and control people.

Postmodern relativism believes that reality and truth is socially constructed, so they constantly work to tear down "old" truths under the guise of liberating the oppressed, while creating new truth that is more to their liking.

Post modernism is deeply dishonest. It claims to liberate society from fixed meanings and rigid categories, but it is invariably used to impose new ones, usually in the form of political correctness. Free speech is okay if it is speech that agrees with their agenda. Tolerance is king, as long as it is practiced within the boundaries of the secular progressive's agenda.

Post modernism is about one's self. It is about me---what I want. It's relationship to reality is theoretical.

This is why, with a straight face, a postmodernist can revise the Bible-- God's word, history, the Constitution of the United States or any other established Truth, to fit and affirm their particular truth of the moment. They can claim a Christian faith, while denying the very essence of the faith they proclaim.

St. Paul described this condition. He wrote that perilous times would come and those times would be defined by a number of self centered, self serving attitudes. He said people would be, "Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." He said they would actually "resist" truth. He said, they would be defined as, "Having a form of godliness (or religion) but denying it's power, which is God's truth."

This state of mind creates confusion for the individual and for a culture and nation that is led by those who embrace relativism. St. Paul instructs followers of Christ to turn away from such people and ideas, saying their folly will be made clear to all. (2 Timothy, chapter 3)

We are living in defining times. Be prayerful. Be vigilant. Be discerning. Be active.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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