Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Hey Obama, let Mama marry Mama"

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The hearing in the 9th Circuit Court in Pasadena, Ca., will be held tomorrow. We will let you know what is happening as soon as we hear from our legal council. Please know that we are doing everything humanly possible---believing that God will bless our efforts. Please be in prayer.

Your donation would be most helpful today.

I received this most interesting and insightful email yesterday:

"We went to this great rally against state support of homosexual addiction and sin. (Don't forget: Homosexual acts, and abortion, were felonies in this state only forty years ago.) The atmosphere was like a high school football pep rally! It was fun! Most there were young adults who were well-dressed, polite, and cheerful. But they also didn't take any disrespect from the very few homosexual supporters who strayed into our gauntlet along the Lynnwood streets. We saw no police during our three hours there. The weather was great. Notably absent were many local pastors from large churches, which is understandable given the heights of the ivory towers they'd have to descend. The Russian-Americans are great citizens. They know what is at stake here. They've slid down the slippery slope into dictatorship, and won't do it again. Are you sliding?"

"Reach out to your "sliding" friends and help them get on board."


"Hey Obama, let Mama marry Mama"

The assault on marriage continued on the grounds of the capitol in Washington DC this past Sunday, as it did in the streets of Washington State.

Thousands marched in DC chanting, "Hey Obama, let Mama marry Mama." Others screamed, "We're out, we're proud, we won't back down."

Why would someone be "proud" of their sexual behavior? Why would one assume that the well deserved and long overdue civil rights afforded to African Americans would be equal to that demanded by homosexuals on the basis of their sexual inclination?

Is there a reason to be proud of one's sexual behavior? There is an interesting article that appeared a while back in, of all places, the Duke University daily newspaper asking these same questions.

The Chronicle article, "I Don't Hate Gays (and neither does God) says, " 'Gay pride' like 'white pride' is a mockery of real pride." The writer believes pride must be based on merit---achievement, not inclinations or behaviors.

He says, "Rather than seeking respect on account of one's merits, it demands respect on account of one's sexual lifestyle. This is simple arrogance. It says that we cannot judge the actions of others, but demands that we respect them. No one has any right to place that puerile demand on you, because these are precisely the judgements required to lead a moral life."

He also says, "As a human being, you have every obligation to judge right from wrong, and every right to judge gay "sex" wrong."

The article continues--"To treat a homosexual union as marriage---even just in terms of rights and privileges---is to fake equality between two fundamentally unequal relationships. It would demand that we remain utterly indiscriminate and utterly ignorant of the reasons why the rights and privileges of marriage exist."

This is, of course, precisely what Senator Ed Murray, Representative Jamie Pederson and other sponsors of SB 5688 are demanding of the public.

It is a deceptive bill. They confused and convinced a majority of your elected officials in the Legislature to vote for the deception, but will they fool the public?

We shall see.

The writer ponders the question of same-sex marriage or the "everything but marriage" equivalent. And concludes, "Proponents of gay marriage disregard thousands of years of cultural and legal development on a whim, opening the door wide to other disasters, like polygamy. This is something our society, the rebellious child of human industry that it is, despite its lack of education and decency, and thinking itself too enlightened to bother with the wisdom of the past, might just be willing to do. But it may not and will not command our respect."

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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