Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seattle Hosts "Freedom From Religion" National Convention

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"Praise Darwin, Evolve Beyond Belief," "I Don't Believe In God, Because I Don't Believe In Mother Goose," are only a couple of signs and banners that are associated with the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

They consider themselves "free thinkers" and Seattle a good place to hold their national convention. They're coming to the Seattle Red Lion next week.

Their founder actually visited the Capitol in Olympia last Christmas. Based in Wisconsin, they've chosen Seattle and are promoting one of Seattle's own as a keynote speaker.

I have linked to images of several of their signs that are often placed in public, high profile places, places where people can think about their message.

Who are these folks and what do they believe?

The founder and co-president, Dan Barker, a self described former evangelical, is the guy who placed the atheist placard next to the Nativity in the Capitol in Olympia last Christmas.

It appears their emphasis is more on what they do "not" believe. I noticed in their convention promotion that they are having their "traditional non-prayer breakfast" on Saturday.

This is from some of their literature:

"Free thinkers accept the natural world and reject the unproved and primitive supernatural myths about gods, devils, angels, magic, life after death and the suspension of natural laws (miracles) through wishful thinking (prayer). We hope that someday humanity will outgrow god-ideas much as children outgrow literal belief in Santa Claus."

Although I have not seen it, I'm told they also sponsor a sign that reads, "Yes, Virginia, there is no god".

Saint Paul was considered a "free thinker" by many of his contemporaries. I'm reminded of what he once said, "Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

His focus, however, was neither on the conformity or the transformation itself, rather on the One who did the transforming.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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