Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Homosexual Activists Very Active

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Focus on the Family is reporting that one year after the Connecticut Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, half of all homosexual couples who have "married" there are from out of state or out of the country.

Focus is also reporting that homosexual activists in Maine are advocating that people report the churches that supported the campaign to preserve natural marriage and report them to the IRS requesting their tax exempt status be revoked.

The Maine Marriage Equality website is providing links to forms for filing complaints against churches that supported marriage. The site also provides addresses and fax numbers to assist in filing the complaint.

I have linked their website so you can see their attack on churches and read a letter from the IRS responding to a complaint filed by Adam Flanders of Belfast Maine against the Searsport Full Gospel Church.

What does this mean to us?

First, the matter in Connecticut. While each state has it's own organized assault on marriage, there is clearly a national and international effort that is working in sync with the state organizations.

Many are predicting that having won the R-71 campaign in Washington State, homosexual activists will wait several years to go for "the word" marriage. Senator Ed Murray has been telling the press he is not going to make a move in that direction for at least some time.

I don't believe they will exercise that kind of restraint. That is contrary to the nature of the homosexual movement. We'll see.

I am not surprised at the actions in Maine. That is consistent with the follow up actions in California and Florida.

Faith and Freedom has already experienced that kind of attack. The IRS found us to be in full compliance---exemplary. The process cost us several thousands of dollars. I'm certain that is part of their strategy.

We were both open and helpful toward the IRS during the audit process. In the end we received some very good counsel as to how to accomplish certain goals and remain in full compliance.

The pastors in Maine who supported the effort are not intimidated. Pastor Ken Graves, senior pastor at Calvary Chapel in Bangor, said they welcome the challenge. He said, "We know what the law is, what we're allowed to do, we've acted within the context of the law. We've consulted with the ethics commission here in Maine with regard to our political involvement."

Graves said, "We refuse to be held hostage and held silent with the threat of the removal of our tax-exempt status."

It's refreshing to hear those words from a pastor.

Alliance Defense Fund has offered free legal counsel to all churches who are attacked.

Graves said there are more important things than fretting about the IRS issue. Indeed. I pray God will give courage to pastors to take their rightful stand. For us, a battle is finished, but the war rages on.

The attempt to deconstruct marriage and "give them the name" will return to Washington State. I think it will be sooner than later.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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