Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"Smelling Victory"---"Being Approved"

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It's interesting how Seattle's two newspapers, well, one is only online now, are reporting last night's results on R-71. The Times says homosexuals are "smelling victory," while the PI says the gay rights bill, SB 5688, is "Being approved."

Danny Westneat at the Times says the election is a "tipping point, of sorts"---"a bellwether of public acceptance" of the homosexual lifestyle.

Whatever the narrative, celebration reigns---especially in the press.

As of this morning; 1,002,599 votes have been counted. We trail by 20,703.

I have some further thoughts.

The Seattle PI correctly quoted the statement we put out yesterday:

"The Faith and Freedom Network, which opposed the new gay rights law, said in a statement earlier Tuesday that the effort had been worth it."

"People of faith and social conservatives have been revived as a political force in Washington," the statement said. "R-71 has identified upwards of 200,000 people who are willing to take action to protect marriage, the family and children. It has also identified a legal team that has won victory after victory, a team that will now defend R-71 petition signers and their right to anonymous political speech before the United States Supreme Court."

Pastor Ken Hutcherson expanded on this thought last night. He pointed out that half the churches in the state did not participate in R-71. He also said, "R-71 is a victory regardless of the vote," pointing to a series of impossible victories during the R-71 campaign.

He said, "We're praying that the vote comes through for us. If the vote doesn't come through for us tonight, we'll try again."


Be assured we will try again. And we are already looking at our options.

But for the moment, let's wait until all the votes are counted.

Be strong. Be vigilant. Be prayerful.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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