Monday, November 09, 2009

Will Petition Signers Be Protected?

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The matter of protecting those who signed R-71 is now in the hands of the US Supreme Court and it is on the mind of the press.

Chris Grygiel at the Seattle PI wrote an article yesterday suggesting, "US Supreme Court Could Be Next Stop For R-71".

While Grygiel gets to the point of the case by interviewing a Loyola Law School professor and referencing comments by a Columbia University Law School professor, he misses or ignores a critical point of the case.

He, as others in the press are careful to do, casts the concerns of petition signers as a speculative and hypothetical future possibility saying, "Gay rights groups have said they'll post the names online, and some petition signers fear harassment or threats if their identities are revealed."

The threats and harassment has and is happening. It is not a future possibility.

Here are the names of some who are already actively harassing those who participated in R-71.

You know about the defacement of the REJECT signs and have likely heard about the comments hurled at those holding signs in a number of the rallies. They were often verbally abused for their beliefs and participation.

Earlier in the campaign, John Bisceglia, a homosexual activist, was advocating on his web site that all government property and church property that supported R-71 be destroyed. He was also advocating that Larry Stickney and myself be killed. It was only after KIRO TV 7 in Seattle did a story about it, did he remove the advocacy of killing and property destruction text.

Dominic Holden, from a homosexual newspaper in Seattle, has harvested names and addresses from the PDC donor disclosure forms submitted by Protect Marriage Washington. He called the people at their homes demanding to know, "Why do you hate me?" He then posted their full name, where they live and some of their comments in the newspaper.

You tell me. Is that harassment? Does that have a chilling effect on their freedom to participate in the political process? Does that compromise their expression of free speech?

These are a few of the many specific examples of harassment toward people who hold a different view from the homosexual activists. While this may not reflect the position of all homosexuals, it certainly reflects the position of some of them.

As we have seen, one misguided person consumed with hate and passion, can hurt a lot of people.

While R-71 will now fade from the media interest, be assured we will continue to do everything possible to protect the names of those who signed R-71 petitions.

The US Supreme Court will now consider whether they will hear the case. This consideration will likely take place around June 2010. In the meantime, the names remain sealed from the public. We will keep you updated as this process moves forward.

We are not unaware that there will be those who will attempt to exploit the loss in the R-71 campaign, both from within and without of the faith community. However, this is a spiritual, not a political matter for us and we will continue to be faithful to what we feel God has called us to do, whether or not we fully understand certain developments.

Be discerning.

The cultural issues we face are also not political, but spiritual. We are not resisting flesh and blood in these issues, but principalities and powers. We understand that and know that you understand it as well.

Thank you for continuing to stand with us as we move forward with greater insight, a stronger grassroots base and more resolve to resist the assault on godly principles.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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