Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gov. Gregoire Headed to "Save the World Party"

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The Seattle PI is reporting that Governor Gregoire is leaving for Copenhagen tomorrow. The purpose of the trip is to participate in saving the world from sudden and sure destruction from global warming.

The Governor will be joining at least 15,000 delegates, 45,000 green activists and 5,000 journalists. I am certain the US press will present the 12-day proceedings as though they really are creating consensus and moving the gospel of Gore forward.

However, the European press is seeing the event through a different lenses and are taking a closer look.

While the US press will likely report it as a "furrowed brow" world-changing event, others are already seeing it as a "12-day green jamboree".

It's ironic that the climate change event will produce as much carbon dioxide as a town of about 140,000 people. I think Bellevue's population is 123,771.

The Telegraph-UK gives a brief overview of the transportation required for such a climate change summit:


The Telegraph says there are already more than 1,200 limos ready to go with more being brought in from Germany and Sweden.

There are more than 140 private jets set for the event with more expected, in fact the airport can't accommodate all of them, so many will be dropping off their passengers, flying to Sweden and other destinations, to park for the summit, then returning for their passengers.

Number of Electric or Hybrid Cars to be used.


That's right, 5. The country doesn't have those kinds of cars. They're too expensive.


There is already a rift between rich countries and poor countries. The poor countries feel there has been a "bait and switch".

A NASA scientist who has been a long time advocate for global warming and climate change is now saying he hopes the summit fails.

The party atmosphere seems out of character with the supposed nature of the event. Sex workers in the city are even offering their services for free to registered delegates.

While Western nations are being asked to pay into a fund worth around 100 billion (pounds) a year to help developing countries protect themselves against rising sea levels---think about how many miles of seawalls that will require, help them build their own wind turbines, clean power plants and solar panels, the developing countries are mad.

They have discovered a secret document they are calling the "Danish text" which has been leaked in advance of the summit. The document, said to have been written by people from the UK, the US and Denmark, will, according to spokespeople from developing countries, shift more power to rich nations and less to poor nations and force poor countries to reduce more emissions, sooner than had been previously agreed upon.

One diplomat described it as, "A very dangerous document for developing countries. It is a fundamental reworking of the UN balance of obligations. It is to be super imposed without discussion on the talks."

I don't know or care to know all that is behind this, however, it seems the poor countries want the money but not the level of performance that is being asked of them and that they were told one thing and got something else.

Those of us who live in America are learning a bit about being told one thing and getting something else.

Dr. Jim Hansen, a NASA scientist and long time advocate for global warming and climate change is so pessimistic about the summit, he says, "Any deal that emerges from the talks will be so flawed, it would be better if the talks end in collapse."

The cost of the event has been conservatively estimated to be 130 million (pounds)---6.3 million on flights, 20 million on hotels and 3.3 million on food.

The Telegraph says Copenhagen has created a "parallel conference" for those who deny global warming and will be coming to the city. They have also created a temporary prison in an abandoned brewery with 360 cages which can house 4,000 people.

The Telegraph also is reporting that the legal prostitution business in Copenhagen was offended by a post card put out by the government which said, "Be sustainable, don't buy sex." Now the local sex workers union has announced that it's 1400 members will be giving free sex to anyone with a delegate pass.

Matthew Sinclair with the Taxpayers Alliance says the politicians attending have already conceded that not much will come from the conference and even if they sign something, the growing skepticism of the public won't accept it. He says this will be an excellent photo opportunity for politicians.

I agree. But given the urgency of climate change, I would remind those living in parts of Washington State to remember not to light a fire in your fireplace today. They are checking chimneys.

God help us.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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