Thursday, December 03, 2009

SB 5688 Became Law Today

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SB 5688 Became Law Today

SB 5688 became law at 12:01 AM today. Washington homosexuals have "everything but marriage" which is the final stepping stone to deconstructing marriage in the state.

Secretary of State Sam Reed and Governor Gregoire have made it official.

There were 951,822 votes in favor of approving SB 5688 and 838,842 who voted to reject it and preserve marriage.

My comments are directed toward the 838,842 citizens who believe in natural marriage and believe that it should be protected.

The impact of this law will be presented as socially compassionate, a major step forward for so-called equality and essentially benign culturally, by a press who led in passing it.

However, the financial impact will be significant as it becomes reality and the long term erosion of the traditional family and the historic institution of marriage will become apparent over a longer time frame.

It is the immediate impact on our children that concerns many of us today--myself included. For those of us who hold a biblical and historical worldview on natural marriage will find our children, and in my case grandchildren, being taught principles and norms that we do not embrace.

The many redefinition's of terms historically associated with marriage---such as "husband" and "wife" will now be altered and become the topic of discussion in classrooms across the state.

While many teachers will proceed with hesitation and reluctance to redefine marriage, some activist teachers and administrators will seize the opportunity mandated by law to "re-educate" our kids and grand kids. The primary class will be sex ed.

What is not normal and has been rejected by every society in human history and by every major religion, will now be normalized in classroom discussion.

In the coming months Faith and Freedom will be directing a great deal of our time and resources toward this issue. We will have an additional lobbyist in Olympia---in addition to myself and will be in constant contact with our elected officials regarding these matters and any new legislation the homosexual activists in the legislature may try to advance. We will also continue to focus on the preservation of traditional and biblical values relating to marriage, the family and our freedoms.

The R-71 campaign was brutal and was a setback for those of us who defend marriage. I know some of the 838,842 of you who voted to reject SB 5688 are disappointed and even perhaps discouraged, not only by the defeat in the election, but by some--- actually one, in the faith community, who publicly criticized us after the election---specifically me.

Don't be discouraged. While the remarks hurt, I have put it aside, decided not to respond publicly, to forgive him and move forward in what I believe God has called me to do. Your thousands of emails of support are deeply appreciated.

I ask that you do the same. Remember forgiveness is not synonymous with trust.

We are honored and blessed by the flood of emails encouraging us to rise above the criticism and move forward, promising their financial support to do so.

I thank you and am counting on that.

Most of our work, with the exception of direct lobbying, over the next months will be educational in nature and will be carried out through our Faith and Freedom Foundation, which is a non-profit, 501(c)3 educational foundation.

Your donations to the Foundation are tax deductible and your name will not be made public.

As we prepare for the next chapter, I expect the attacks to continue. I am spiritually and emotionally prepared for this. These are personal matters and I have dealt with them on a personal and spiritual basis.

The funding component is in the hands of others---like you. I am certain God will speak to hearts as He has spoken to mine and equally certain you and others will respond in appropriate ways.

If you feel what we are doing is worthy, please forward this to friends and family members whom you feel may want to join and support us.

We have no reserve. We are moving forward on the basis that we believe this to be God's leading in our life. if we are wrong we will simply be forced to go away.

You may make a donation online or you may mail a check to:

Faith and Freedom Foundation
Box 399
Bellevue, WA 98009

Thanks and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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