Monday, January 25, 2010

Planned Parenthood: Injecting Children with Birth Control--- the Face of Evil

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Important Alert Concerning Pregnancy Centers In WA State.

Pregnancy centers are under attack from two companion bills in the Legislature. They are HB 2837 and SB 6452.

Pregnancy centers across the state are asking for your help. I have linked an appeal from Thurston County, however centers everywhere have joined together in an effort to derail these two bills.

SB 6452 is scheduled for public hearing in the Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee, this Wednesday, January 27, at 8 AM in the Senate hearing room 4 in the Cherberg Building on the Capitol Campus.

Those two bills target pregnancy centers with excessive regulation that would not apply if the centers provided abortions or abortion referrals.

Pregnancy Centers are the front line in the battle for life. Please follow the link to read how you can help them this week by making calls and attending the hearing.

Planned Parenthood: Injecting Children with Birth Control--- the Face of Evil

Planned Parenthood is now using teenagers, 11 to 19 years-old, to distribute and give injections of Depo-Provera, a powerful birth control drug, to kids of their own age---their peers.

In addition to the injections, the teens are distributing contraceptives including birth control pills and condoms.

CNSNEWS is reporting that Planned Parenthood, working through their Latin America surrogates, have about 30 teenagers in the program in Ecuador injecting their peers.

In a December 15, 2009 article in Global Health Magazine, the Latin American director explains the program. The link above to CNSNEWS includes a link to the article.

Steve Mosher, president of Population Research Institute, which advocates against population control through abortion and other means, said the program is "dangerous".

Jim Sedlack, vice president of the American Life League says, "It's absolutely outrageous" and is "an assault on parental authority."

He says Planned Parenthood has used peer to peer programs frequently all over the US, "but they have carried it to a horrible extreme in Ecuador where 15 year-old kids are going out and giving birth control shots to other 13, 14 ,15 year old kids."

This is the face of evil. They are able to do this in Ecuador, because the far left government does not restrain their activities.

It is a reminder of the importance to elect lawmakers, here, that will stand for life. Planned Parenthood is not evil in Latin America and loving and compassionate in the US. They are driven by the same beliefs and agenda here as there. Except here, there are those who resist because of our belief in the sanctity of life.

Pfizer, the drug company that makes Depo-Provera, has a number of warnings related to the drug posted on their web site.

Among the warnings the manufacturer says, "Women who use Depo-Provera injections may lose significant bone mineral density" and that "bone loss is greater with increasing duration of use and may not be completely reversible."

It is a powerful steroid-based drug. Is Planned Parenthood providing medical counseling with this dangerous drug injection?

And how is Planned Parenthood paying for this? It is illegal to use taxpayer funds for abortion. Are they funding it as part of the $6.9 million they report as using for "International Family Planning Programs"? My guess is, they are. However, they are not returning calls to those who are asking. Pfizer company is not returning calls either.

This is a snapshot of how far an extremist organization such as Planned Parenthood will go if left unchecked by people resisting evil through legal and legislative means.

They actively use the peer to peer method in our public school system to advance the far left social agenda and indoctrinate kids, however they are restrained from having peers give injections to peers---at least for the moment.

Please don't tell me they would not do that in the US if the law would allow. They put a pretty face on their activities here and call it compassionate health care services, while your lawmakers pour hundreds of millions of dollars into the advancement and indoctrination of a belief that attaches little value to life.

This is the face of evil. And this is one more reason why we must see that pro-life lawmakers are elected.

Thank you for standing with us to help advance the principles of life and family and marriage, and resist those forces that seek to destroy them.

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Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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