Thursday, January 28, 2010

President Obama: Words and Deeds

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The President's State of The Union Speech last night will be discussed for the next couple of days. Those who support his policies will probably say it was a great speech, while those who oppose his policies will point out the flaws---and some of the facts that are not facts.

I believe all will understand he does not plan to reconsider his agenda.

As I watched it, I felt as though we were all in a classroom, especially the Supreme Court of the United States, who sat in front of him while he scolded them for a ruling they made last week. I am not aware of any President---ever--doing something like that. Was he trying to politicize the Court?

Sarah Palin summed up my feelings when she was asked to describe the speech in a word:


The President has taught us over the past year or so, that there is a vast difference between words, regardless of how well crafted they may be, and deeds.


The President is addicted to utilizing language that he has carefully tailored and crafted. Often it is used to obfuscate the truth.

Ben Shapiro has written a very interesting column titled, "President Obama's Lexicon of Rhetorical Devices," in which he says the President uses double talk on a regular basis.

He says to really understand what the President is saying you must decipher what he means when he uses certain words. Some of the words Shapiro deciphers are, "Hope and Change," "False Choice," "Deficit Reduction," "Let me be clear," "Cynics," "Teachable Moment" and many others.

Please follow the link below and read his entertaining and informative column.


Words are one thing, deeds are something else.

There is no better way to know what someone believes and wants to accomplish as a leader, than to look closely at the people he surrounds himself with.

Matt Staver, founder and chairman of the law firm Liberty Counsel, has taken a closer look at the President's appointees and nominees. When you take a look at the various personal profiles and what each person really believes, you will discover there is a disconnect between words and deeds, in this case, appointees and nominees, charged to do the "deeds" and what the President leads one to think he believes.

You will find that the beliefs of those whom he has chosen, transcends any words in any speech.

Please click below for links.

Ben Shapiro's column, "President Obama's Lexicon of Rhetorical Devices".

Matt Staver's report on President Obama's Appointees and Nominees.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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